witchy q’s

i got tagged by @sefkhet-seshat​ to do this, so here goes!

Name: kate / rose
Nickname (if you have one): some ppl call me orri here lol
Age: 20
Height: 5 something lol
Nationality: american
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Myers-Briggs Type: intp
Sun Sign: capricorn
Moon Sign: sagittarius
Ascending Sign: capricorn
What type of witch are you?: i’m a lot lol storm / rose / coffee / stars / sea
If you feel comfortable, post a picture of your grimoire or of your shrine:

omg this is really long, more of the meme under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Hi Christina! LOVE LOVE LOVED last night's episode!! Can't tell you how many times I've watched it since last night! Can you tell me how old Sally Ann and Hasil are supposed to be? I love the way you two interact. It's almost childlike, but clearly you're both grown.

Thank You!

Our episodes have so much in them, you honestly need to re-watch them to catch everything. Lol

Ages have changed. At first Sally Ann was written as a teenage Cashier. But, when I came along it changed to late teens to 20. I mean she’s not in school to “help” out at home and is kinda in that rut just making ends meet. So, it becomes a complex of her having to grow up quickly but upon Hasil’s arrival you see her become more comfortable and act like a young woman who likes to laugh and know about this place she’s been told was off limits.

As far as Hasil’s age, I’d imagine he’s not too much older than Sally Ann, but, that would be a Kyle Twitter Question. :)