for some reason, i want some dark! laferry.

but like not just dark! laferry tho, i want almost everyone in carmilla going ‘really-fucking-creepy-holy-crap’ dark

like in an alternate timeline/dimension, where the malevolent supernatural stuff in Silas finally took its toll to Laura and Co.

Laura being like Kevin in Welcome To Night Vale. an overly cheery and enthusiastic announcer who may or may not have gone mad and thus not being bothered at all from the mutilated corpses in Dante’s Infernal gymnasium. Laura investigating too much one time in the club room of The Cult of the Ancients  and is now the host for Lahad, also known as The Demon Voice.

Carmilla being this stoic, yet borderline ballistic being of a higher power because of overdosing in drinking the blood of The Old One. She doesn’t remember Laura anymore, but Laura pretends (or is too mad to notice) like nothing has changed between her and her Carm. Carmilla having the choice to do whatever she wants, maybe even leaving Silas and not looking back, but too out-of-herself- and too overwhelmed to actually do something

Laf going full Mad Scientist. always doing this crazy experiments and tests like infusing Gargoyle wings on a helpless victim of theirs just for the sheer curiosity of it. Them injecting so much stuff in their blood that they’ve become immune to some things, a lot of things, but they’re not even sure if they’re Human anymore. being too preoccupied and going hungry for knowledge like what would happen if i stitch 

Perry finally being infused with the Dean’s Soul, but the Dean was too weak to actually take control of her, thus only getting the Deans’ powers, thoughts, personality, etc. but she’s not actually the Dean, no, but she’s not exactly Lola Perry either. imagine Dipper in the Transcendence AU. having moments where she is like the Dean, all manipulative and skin-crawling. sometimes her eves go obsidian black, hushed whispers of the damned and all the spirits the Dean sacrificed to The Old One slithering around her body like some deformed snake.

Danny getting too much of whatever Vordenburg was making her drink/eat, and just becoming this walking zombie who dosent know what’s right or wrong anymore, all she knows how to do is to follow orders. danny getting supernatural abilities and getting all sorts of stuff tested on her because she isnt a person anymore, no, she is a puppet. Danny being Lafontaine’s lab rat and getting claws, werewolf blood, demon insignias, etc. Danny being Perry’s personal assistant do to all the dirty work for her.

idk just, really dark!carmilla.


Thanks for all the requests everyone!  Feel free to keep asking.  I’m enjoying the inspiration and reasons to doodle the HA! gang.  Also I’m considering trying to host a drawing party tomorrow?  I’d like to try out drawpile as opposed to my usual iscribble.  Anyone interested?


Carmilla vlogs about classic books and poems. Laura vlogs about fangirl life. Danny vlogs for the Summer Society channel about fitness. Perry is the queen of DIY. LaF and JP run the unofficial channel for the science side of Tumblr. Kirsch, Theo and Will (JP’s twin brother) test out weird stuff on their Zeta Omega Mu channel.

Imaginary VidCon arrangers put them all together, and as they get to know each other, secrets are unveiled. What happens?

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