lola the sloth


Not corg-related, but over the weekend, I went to Wildlife Learning Center and got to meet a couple of really cool animals. 

(1) Zeus, the blind owl. Depending on the lighting and angle, it looks like he has stars in his eyes.
(2) Tag, the serval wildcat.
(3-5) We got to feed Alby, Betty, and Gerty (the porcupines). 
(6-7) We met and got a chance to pet Lola, the two-toed sloth. Sloths are a lot softer than I imagined.
(8) We got to hold Newton, the tawny owl, on a glove. Actual words I said: “It’s like in Harry Potter!”
(9) The center’s resident red fox.
(10) Got to meet and hold Morocco, the fennec fox.