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Pillows are over-rated.

“Hey Lola, looks like we may be here awhile,” James called out through a shit-eating grin, heedless of the bullets whizzing by. He was definitely up to something. “I know I have a hard body that drives you wild, but my muscles are a surprisingly soft place to lay your head. Just keep that in mind if you get tired. I’ll even keep you warm if you ask nicely.” 

Shepard chuckled despite herself. That man was a shameless flirt, all bark and no bite, but the sudden stillness to her left made it clear the other member of their party wasn’t so sure. Kaidan missed a lot in the months he spent hospitalized and in direct service to the Council, and the scant few days since his return were not enough to catch him up to speed. His mind was probably filling in the blanks with the exact wrong answer. That was the last thing Shepard wanted, especially when there was still a chance…

“Tempting, but I think I’ll pass, Vega. Pillows are over-rated, anyway.” Shepard ignored the exaggerated cry of disappointment and focused on the whiskey-colored eyes boring into hers. “Besides, I can think of a few places I’d rather rest my head.” 

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Malec! Can I have a blog rate please? :)

of course! :)

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i absolutely love your blog <3

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play | iamamiwhoami

If you’re looking for something different in all senses, then iamamiwhoami is the best place to start. In a dream-like quality, this song’s cryptic messages and repetition of elevated “la la la”’s give it that refreshing factor that is found in the rarest of songs. It’s appealing cross-genre style is both enchanting and interesting.

My rating: 8/10

Little Game

Fandom: Carmilla

Characters: LaFontaine, Lola Perry

Rating: Teen

Words: 5693


A/N: I wrote about half of this piece while listening to “Little Game” by Benny. That’s also where the title came from. I saw the video and immediately thought of LaF disregarding gender stereotypes throughout their life and just had to write it. Also, just a side note, this is technically just about LaFontaine, which is why I didn’t put a pairing for this, but LaF and Perry are so intertwined that it’s also a LaFerry fic. I hope you like it!


It started with a question.


The time when you were four, at the candy store with your aunt and brother. “Here’s Spiderman for Thomas,” she said, handing your brother a newly-bought PEZ dispenser, the hero’s likeness ingrained on the top. “And here’s Aurora for Susan.” You were handed the pink princess, your four-year-old fist, so often described as pink, pale in comparison. You glanced over to your brother, eagerly popping PEZ into his hand. You watched the head tilt back, then looked down at the princess in your hand. Her head would knock back just the same. The same PEZ would come out. You knew this. You had several PEZ dispensers at home. And yet. And yet you didn’t want that one. You didn’t want Aurora. You’d rather have Spiderman. You thrust the pink plastic at your aunt, a determined look on your face. You didn’t know why it mattered, just that you don’t want this. Your aunt looked confused. “Do you need help, Susan?” she asked.

Then you were confused. Couldn’t she see that you didn’t want the toy? You knew how to work PEZ dispensers, you were four. Then you remembered what your Mommy said about when you didn’t like something. “No thank you,” you said, somewhat uncertainly, and pushed the thing at your aunt’s hands.


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