lola quincey


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Paul Marshall || Lola Quincey •period AU•

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The ambiguity in Lola is exactly the type of conflict MacEwan was going for when writing Atonement. Why? Because people are ambiguous. We cannot see into a person’s head in real life, we never know what a person is really thinking. For a novel about the dangers of jumping to conclusions, it is rather easy for us as the audience to do just that. Even in real life, we are so prone to judgements based on very little information. We try to put people in perfect little square boxes, and when they do not fit, we are thrown for a loop. Lola’s character challenges these preconceived notions that every reader has. We are always so quick to dive into a novel ready to judge a character based on how the narrator sees them, without looking at the fine print, or the narrator’s respective biases. 

- Reality of Ambiguity: A Character Study of Lola in Ian MacEwan's Atonement

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