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Mikayuu and Ozbert similarities

I noticed thet these two adorable amazing couples : MikaYuu from Owari no Seraph and Ozbert from Pandroa Hearts have quite many in common (and it’s not only the fact that they are super mega perfect ;)) so here some of my observations about these adorable similarities:

I warn that it can have some spoilers :* To not give too maaaaaany spoilers I tried to speak in the most enigmatic way I could about of some stuff but sometimes it was quite impossible. ;) 

♥  The hair colour- in both couples we have blonde boy (Oz and Mika) and dark-haired (Gil and Yuu). 

♥  Ozbert and MikaYuu are childchood friends.

Sorry, I know it’s enough already, but i just can’t resist these cute pies >/////////<

♥ Both ships are in some way a little like Romeo and Juliet. In meaning both boys from MikaYuu and Ozbert are from different, antagionistic “worlds”. Yuu is human, Mika is vampire, and in Ozbert case it’s even more complicated but because of spoilers I will stop only at the fact that Oz is from Vessallus dukedom and Gil from Nightray ;). which both dukedoms are on very bad terms, almost enemies like. ;)  

♥ All these boys: Oz, Gil, Mika and Yuu  were abonded by their parents or was treated very bad by them.

♥ In both ships we have person who is not exactly human. ;)

♥ Both couples got separated  for many years in during which similiarly Mika and Gil made many sacrifices to meet their precious friends again. Overall both couples are like the most loyal ever who could do just everything to protect each other. so this MikaYuu’s scene with line “save you ” and this  Ozbert’s scene with protecting would fit very much to both of them. :D

Gilbert and Mika
♥ Both Gilbert and Mika are gentle, caring angels who always protect their precious friend, no matter what cost it will be. Both of them scareficed themselves for their firends.  To meet their friends again both Mikalea and Gilbert had to go in some way into “dark side”. They want to be together no matter what.:D

♥ Both can be strong, powerful and badass but on the same time they are very sensitive and they blush very easliy. And both of them aren’t too talkative too. ;)

♥ Mika and Gilbert are like the most patient people ever ;) they was waiting sooo many years to see their friends again, and never gave up.

♥ Both Mika and Gil got stabbed by swords by their beloved ones because of the horrible and unfortunate coincidences.

♥ Because of some issues ;) both Mika and Gilbert are not that easy to kill. ;)

♥ When Mika is using sword, this weapon takes his blood, also when Gil was making a contract with chain Raven (which in some way can be seen as “weapon”;))  he also had to give Raven his blood. 

♥ Mika is vampire, and in one of Pandora Hearts official arts- Halloween one Gil wears costume of vampire. :D The cutest vampires ever! :D

♥ By the time when boys were separated from their friends they had to in some ways to become “partners” with some “weirdos” (hahah i’m sorry for this :* Break, Ferid you know that i love you both) Mika with Ferid, and also Gil had his own “Ferid”, though much more friendlier and less pervy, Xerxex Break. ;) 

♥ And we also of course this wonderful character song of Gilbert which would also fits totally for Mika to sing this. :D i mean all the stuff Gil says there about protecting, for not forgiving to the all these things that would hurt Oz ;), for always living only for him and etc. ;) is like the words that Mika could totally sing for Yuu too. :D and awww I would melt then so much. ;) 

♥ Do you remember how poor Mika was injured during the runing away and fight with Ferid? Without too many spoilers let’s say that poor Gil got injured in a little simialr way. poor babies hugs :*

♥ When both Gilbert and Mika finally reunited with their friends (who both were unconscious)  they hold them in a little similiar way- very tender and affectionate:

♥ And… :D can we appreciate the fact how these cutie chibi angels…

…changed into such hotties?! :D (I’m sorry >////<)

Oz and Yuu

Both Oz and Yuu protects their precious childchood friends and treasures them a loooooooot. :D Gil for Oz and Mika for Yuu are like the first warm, loyal people in their quite lonely life.

 Both Yuu and Oz have some really mysterious and probably very dangerous being inside them. ;)

 Yuu made contract with Asuramaru, and Oz made contract with Alice. 

When Yuu and Mika finaly met each other they had “very cute reaction” full of blushing and haha I’m sure that Oz and also Gil would do similar cute face in such situation because here example how cute their blushes can be ;)

♥ Both Oz and Yuu are shorter than their boyfriends. :D 

 ♥ Both Yuu and Oz were carried by their friends, one as princess second in piggyback style. ;) And both were blushing ‘)

♥ Both Yuu and Oz make risky things quite a lot and make their boyfriends worry . ;)

 When Yuu and Oz snap… they can be quite powerful yet very dangerous too. ;)

♥ Ahhh these cuties are too precious :D So i really think they would be great friends in some Owari and Pandora crossover or something. Imagine them on double date where Gil and Mika are simply angels and their boyfriends are melting because their cuteness.  and look at these Pandora official arts, I could imagine MikaYuu like that so much. awww :D

♥ And I think that Ozbert would looks soo good in Mikayuu’s uniforms… :D

…and also Mikayuu would look so amazing in Ozbert’s uniforms from this beautiful art. :D

Thank you very much for reading. :* 

GureShin as childhood friends- Modern AU ideas

Mikayuu implied

An AU where Guren is younger brother of Yuu and Shinya is younger brother of Mika (the reason why i did Gureshin younger than Mikayuu here is very very simple ;) . world just needs many chibi Gureshin ;) they would be way too adorable as chibis :D)  . And because of the fact that Mika and Yuu are couple, Guren and Shinya spend quite many time together. That many that the presence of each other is something natural and obvious. The four of them very often eat together, go to the cinema and even spend holidays together and etc. from years like family.

  • The age difference between MikaYuu and GureShin is around 8 years. When Mikayuu are at high school then Gureshin is in primary school. 
  • Shinya and Mika are very close and very affectionate brothers. Also Yuu adores chibi Shinya lot and calls shim his “angel” and when Shinya calls him “Yuu Nii-sama” … Yuu would want just adopt him. ;) And on the same time Yuu argues a lot with his own brother (and poor Mika tries to calm them all the time) even if they care for each other a lot.
  • Because of the fact that Shinya was very small and quite girly as child some stupid bullies wanted to beat him (for which Shinya was responding with ironical jokes which bulies didn’t understand ;)), but then Guren was always appearing and was giving big beaten to these bullies and saving Shinya. Then Shinya was always yelling something in type: “awww Guren you are like my own knight in shining armour” and also was cuddling to him. For what Guren was blushing and then was choping Shinya on his head. 
  • One time Shinya was choosen to  a role of the princess in school play of Sleeping Beauty. And Guren decided to play there too. Not because he dreamt to become an actor, no, he thought this all play is a pain. But he couldn’t allow to anyone else than himself to act prince who will kiss princess Shinya.
  • Guren and Shinya were going together to the same classess in: primary school, middle school and high school. And when they were in high schools Mika and Yuu got married and on the same time Gureshin finally confessed to each other. It was something like that super mega awkward, weird Guren’s confession: “Jeez… Shinya you know that you are the most annoying shit ever, right? ….. But ah uhm damn… I don’t mind this… Understand?”  Then Guren kissed Shinya passionately and asked all blushed. and annoyed and happy on the same time: “Do you want to go to the cinema on friday or something? But if you will choose some cheesy romantic comedy i promise I will kill you”. For which happy Shinya responded of coruse with the biggest smile and blush ever and jumped at Guren for the cuddle. 
  • When Yuu got to know that his brother and Shinya started to dating… he wasn’t too happy mildly speaking. He was more in mode like this: “What?! My lil angel Shinya with my baka brother Guren?! I can’t allow for this! Shin-chan, you really deserve for someone better! Mika do something!!!”. But Mika only smiled happily, And Guren was smirking at his brother with: “Baka aniki. Are you Shinya’s doting father or what?  Shinya is mine and it will never change.”