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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ORIE SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch **huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs*, I made an arrangement for your birthday tbh, I hope you will like it/////////////// but I'm sorry I'm going to be a bit late ;v; MEANWHILE HAVE A BIG HUG FROM ME **squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze**

THANK YOU!!! AND HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOU TOO (or late but who cares haha HAHHAHA) Love ya more~~ o3o 
oAo But–but you’re making an arrangement..! BUT WHOA?? YOU ALREADY MADE ME AN ORIE THEME SONG LAST YEAR I’M—???!?!/// DOKIDOKI ‘tis never late Lola // // *HUGGLIES YOU*

Loud House Game

Step 1: Pick the first letter of your first name ⬇

A) Lincoln. B) Lisa. C) Lana. D) Luan. E) Lucy. F) Leni. G) Lily. H) Lola. I) Lori. J) Luna. K) Lynn. L) Clyde. M) Lynn Sr. N) Bobby. O) Howard. P) Rita. Q) Harold. R) Ronnie Anne. S) Liam. T) Rocky. U) Zach. V) Rusty. W) Mrs. Johnson. X) Hugh. Y) Ms. DiMartino. Z) Principal Huggins.

Step 2: Pick the month you were born ⬇

Jan: “Looks like the kind of person who”.

 Feb: “Seems like he/she would”.

 Mar: “I feel like he/she.”

 Apr: “Would totally”.

 May: “I can see”.

June: “I headcanon as someone who”.

July: “Probably doesn’t”. 

Aug: “I imagine he/she”.

 Sep: “I would dare to”.

 Oct: “Most likely”. 

Nov: “Definitely”.

Dec: “Would never in a million years”.

Step 3: Pick the date you were born ⬇

1) Writes fanfiction. 2) Watches horror movies. 3) Brush their teeth. 4) Goes to the dance club. 5) Swears. 6) Eats ketchup on hamburgers. 7) Accidentally swallows mouthwash. 8) gets haircuts on a regular basis. 9) Eats peanut butter out of the jar. 10) Skips school. 11) Twerks. 12) Tortures people. 13) Reads and writes creepypastas. 14) Drinks champagne. 15) Makes themselves vomit. 16) Laughs out of context. 17) Pretends to be gay. 18) Listens to Nicki Minaj. 19) Is addicted to spaghetti. 20) Is lactose intolerant. 21) Can’t swim. 22) Wakes up too late to eat breakfast. 23) Tries on clothes that belong to the opposite gender. 24) Can count to 20 in Italian. 25) Drinks soda at midnight. 26) Likes fat boys/girls. 27) Has severe acne. 28) Paints their bedroom weird colors. 29) binge watches The Golden Girls. 30) Has a YouTube account. 31) Try to kill themselves.

Empire : a slice of Shakespeare, a dash of Dynasty, and a whole lot of Maury Povich-style crazy !

And I am so freaking here for that ! This show is the absolute everything ! Damned.

Like this scene, THIS SCENE !

[Gifs, above and under, not mine. Found on Tumblr. Thank you, Internet]

How freaking “OMG what the TWIST !” was it ? ‘Cause, sure, there were clues. From the very moment Olivia appeared, the way Luscious reacted to seeing her with cutie pie Lola, all those 3 or 4 episodes ago. And yet again, during last episode ‘s flashbacks, the looks they exchanged and all. So, no, it wasn’t as if they had been trying to make it subtle, they had been telling from the start that something was amiss and all. And yet, it didn’t detract from the effectiveness of that scene, that moment. It was just a freaking great and enjoyable tv moment, in a fantastic Shakespearean drama, Dynasty soap opera, Maury Povich talk show way. Like, you got all the family in one place, in one room, with someone important missing and his presence looming large, some high-task multi-million signing is supposed to be happening, while some older juicy (and darker) berry+young hip son/artist love is being separated, and that white girl who came from nothing is clapping back at her assholish father-in-law and earning some look of approval and respect from her tough Cookie mother-in-law, all of it leading to a “I am the Daddy, she ain’t your daughter, she your sister” at gun point multi face-off. Like what the freaking hell ?

Beysus, I can’t with this show. I just can’t. Too much, too good.

Also, how about the overload cuteness that was Lola’s goodbyes to André ?

I mean…how…in…can…you…ARGH ! 

Also, how freaking cool is that name of hers : Lola Lyon ? Like how…in…? I mean, if this lil’ girl isn’t the Next Supreme and the heir to my queen on the Empire throne…I tell you, people, just watch.

Also, is it me or was Try Byers particularly hot in all of his scenes ? Love me some. And that musical therapist who wanted to go and pray had me (and André) like “Bish, whet?”

That was funny. And even though I am not sure about this kind of move (professionally and ethically wise), I hope we get to see more of her during André journey. And not automatically as a “replacement” for Rhonda who I still kind of like and respect. Girlfriend had just had enough of Luscious assholery and told him right! 

And the Queen approved! You go girl !

So, back to André and that therapist girl, even though they could be quite hot together, I am not sure about them hooking up, ‘cause it may be a bit too obvious. I think I’d rather have her be an actual good therapist Dre, helpful and supportive influence, who could, for instance, help him understand that he can’t just use sex (and other’s people sexual agency) to solve his problems.

Last thought : I love to despise Luscious so much. Like, Cookie is my queen, and all, but Luscious is kind of fascinating too. At some point, when he was comparing himself to God and then, after having dropped his “I am the Daddy” bomb, and that abusive fucker had been shot dead in the head, when he looked around like 

and told the sons in front of who he had just revealed himself to be a daughter-in-law fucker something like “what you looking at ? I just saved yo black asses!” I was like “Nigga whet?! NOW you’re trying to “save face”? Like what the freaking hell? How in your narcissistic selfish egomaniac mind of yours do you think you can try and talk back at anybody right the fuck NOW?” I am like…Yeah, that man is…I have no word. NO WORD. And I am so here for that ! I am here for that kind of fantastic complex and polarizing black lead character on my tv. He is despicable and I am not rooting for him but that drive, that ego, that crazy inflated self-serving and survival strength he has is fascinating to watch. Also, I still think him and Cookie have the hottest chemistry on tv right now. And not just the sexual kind. When he tried and persuade her to take her “rightful” place at his side ruling that Empire of theirs, I was here for that, THAT kind of partnership, the black Lyons ruling over the world. Fuck yeah ! 

Now of course my queen shut him down just right. And I am totally here for her to get some of that Mal young blood piece of hotness. Like, how adorably giggling and fun and kind of freaky kinky was she trying to show him the goodies right on the family table ?!

So, go and get some (1st class p’ eating), Cookie, you damned sure deserve it.

But I also want her to sign those damned papers and get her fair share of that Empire and then some more.

She the Lyonness, she the Queen, she shall rule. BOW DOWN.

All hail the freaking queen !
Birthday Special - Persiflage - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: Daisy spoils Coulson with a weekend away to celebrate his birthday.

A very belated Happy Phil Day 2 fic inspired by @becketted‘s fabulous picspam. Enjoy!



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