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Carmilla Thanksgiving Doodle 2016

After centuries of a diet consisting of nothing but blood, Carmilla remembers how awesomely delicious food is and goes into a food coma.

the season of spring

Summary: Nichole learns she’s the only one unaffected by the springtime while Craig just wants to stop sneezing like a kitten.

Prompt: Allergies - Yuck. Lots of people have them, and lots of people hate them. Unfortunately with the beautiful weather comes the sniffles and the sore throats, if your muse is one of the unlucky souls with an aversion to fresh spring growth. Do they have a ritual that they stick to whenever they start feeling like garbage? Do their loved ones try to cheer them up or help them feel better when they’re feeling under the weather? Will one of them just not stop bringing up wacky home remedies that absolutely will not- oh, wow, would you look at that. It worked! Huh.

Words: 893

Link is in the title if you wish to read it on AO3!

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Rocko: Yeah! We go to the SolveCastle Rock Festival every year! It’s like a tradition! 

Bonnie: We’ve been doing it since Rocko was six and I was four. Not only do we get to see our favorite bands but we also get to meet a bunch of new friends! 

Rocko: They’re all really fun to hang around with and they’re super nice! Even if half of them can get kinda drunk, no ones tried to hurt us!

Bonnie: I think it’s because we have our mom’s motorcycle gang’s logo on some of our clothes and I think most people are kind of scared of her.

Rocko: Haha! That’s right! You don’t wanna hurt Harley Hyhound’s kids if you don’t wanna get the crap beat out of ya!



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