lola being lola


I don’t know what this is or why he’s in a field or why he has puppets, but WATCH IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


It's not right.



It’s just not right now.

Dedicated to Lola

Degrassi Next Class as Zodiacs
  • Aries: Zoe Rivas
  • Taurus: Frankie Hollingsworth
  • Gemini: Esme Song
  • Cancer: Lola Pacini
  • Leo: Tiny Bell
  • Virgo: Shay Powers
  • Libra: Zig Novak
  • Scorpio: Tristan Milligan
  • Sagittarius: Miles Hollingsworth
  • Capricorn: Goldi Nahir
  • Aquarius: Grace Cardinal
  • Pisces: Maya Matlin

hoopsheartthrob replied to your post “How do you feel about Easter? Bet you get a lot of attention!”

“It’s an awful holiday where people make cookies in the shape of bunny asses. I hate it.”

“Wait, ‘Easter’ is a holiday, not a person?! What kind of a society does this?! That has to be the lewdest holiday I’ve ever heard!! Is this why I’d be getting a lot of attention?!”

We’re kissing, at first quickly - to make up for lost time - and then slowly, because we have all the time in the world.
—  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
i have a huge problem with reign

misogyny is:

  • shaming lola for having sex with francis while he and mary were not together 
  • not shaming francis for having sex with olivia while he was engaged to mary

misogyny is also:

  • shaming mary for having sex with a man who is not her husband
  • not shaming louis for having sex with a woman who is someone else’s wife (this doesn’t even only apply to his situation with mary, he’s done it so many times)

i haven’t seen it as much in this particular situation, but misogyny is also:

  • shaming kenna for spending time with antoine 
  • not shaming antione for pursuing someone else’s wife and using his power as king to do so while his wife is sick and dying

i am so done with the sexism in the fandom. just because it was accepted/expected in 16th century france, doesn’t mean it’s okay by today’s standards. it’s kind of just a testament to the fact that we still live in a sexist society. and it kills me to see women treat female characters this way and put male characters on a pedestal. tbh, even though narcisse blackmailed and abused francis, he was respectful enough of estelle not to have sex with her when she wasn’t ready and respectful enough of lola not to take advantage of her while she was high/drunk even though he is interested in her. 


the usage of sexist language against characters who do not deserve it and the insensitivity toward a character who was sexually assaulted sickens me. 

in short, the writing on the show is painfully shitty, but some people in this fandom are trash and i’m ashamed to be a fan sometimes. 

now you see me 2 was amazing but god i’ll never forgive them for not being able to bring henley back even though objectively i know they wouldn’t have created lula if they still had henley because they don’t care about having more than one woman on the team i can’t help dreaming about the two of them interacting