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Some wants needs for the characters of Degrassi: Next Class in seasons five and six (don’t read this if you haven’t seen season four and don’t want any spoilers).


  • For us to see her take counselling sessions on her self esteem issues and finally dig deep within herself.
  • No boy drama. The only story line she’s had within this whole series that doesn’t revolve around her love life (off the top of my head) was when she got called out for being racist, and even that was intertwined with her Jonah plot in some ways. She needs something more to become likable.


  • Seeing her steps towards recovery.
  • Seeing her actually have a real friend for once. It’d be cool if she connected with a new student or someone we haven’t gotten to know enough (special shout outs to Rasha or Vijay) and they inspired her to work on herself and be kinder. She just needs someone in her corner.
  • Her academic life could be interesting, given her intelligence. Maybe if she joined a club of some sort and we saw her put time into that.


  • Watching how people outside of their immediate friend group react to their identity and pronouns. Family members, teachers, new students.


  • She and Saad need to stay together forever.
  • It’d be cool to see her maybe discover she’s pansexual while still with Saad. A story line like that could show how normal it is to realize different elements of your sexuality while in a relationship and how that doesn’t have to break it up.
  • Continuing to see her play the supportive role in her friendships with others. She’s amazing at that.
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to her in the future. 


  • A plot where she gets an injury that puts her track career in jeopardy would be interesting, since that seems to be her only plan and she hasn’t had many good story lines anyway.


  • She and Zoë need to stay together forever.
  • I’m satisfied seeing her play the supportive role, she just needs a new close friend or friends to take Goldi’s place (special shout outs to Lola, Saad, and Baaz). She could easily get along with almost everyone.
  • It’d be great to be properly introduced to her family or friends from back home (outside of the ex with bad breath).
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to her in the future.


  • He and Lola need to stay together forever. Yes, twice.
  • Like Rasha, more on his family life would be great.
  • Seeing him continue to recover from trauma back home in counselling sessions, how his photography evolves, those sorts of things.
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to him in the future. The boy has had enough.


  • How his friendship with Yael progresses.
  • Someone to read him for filth the way Santana did with Kurt, just for the fun of it.


  • Oh gosh.
  • Something needs to happen for this boy.
  • He has the least to work with.
  • Okay, maybe seeing him get a job or get into a relationship with a really interesting, new character.
  • It would be cool to see him more as a brother if it weren’t for Goldi being gone. So Baaz doing some babysitting work wouldn’t be terrible.


  • Aside from seeing him as a supportive friend, it could be cool to see him join student council. Maybe even as president?
  • Seeing him in a relationship that’s not pointless like the one he was in with Tristan would be nice.


  • The ideas fans have had based around her pursuing modeling are brilliant. Nothing to add.

Future Characters (not confirmed or implied; they’d just be interesting to see)

  • A main character with one of their senses lost, since that’s not too common on television.
  • A transgender character who, unlike Adam, transitions after being introduced to the show (maybe beginning it a season after we first meet them).
  • An asexual character.
  • A healthy polyamorous relationship that’s not what they did with Esme/Frankie/Zig or what they tried to do with Jack and Imogen.

I don’t know what this is or why he’s in a field or why he has puppets, but WATCH IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


It's not right.



It’s just not right now.

Dedicated to Lola

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Do you think you could do #15 with FckboyAU Hoseok? So angsty and like he blames y/n?

thank you for requesting, i really hope you like it! i made this a continuation from another fuckboy!hoseok drabble i did to make it easier for myself

15. “Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant?”


part one

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Mariane you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen I am so so so in love with you.

Here’s to finding someone that gives you butterflies on the daily, always tells you how much they love you, makes sure you know how beautiful you are, and that you’re loved and special, makes dumb fuckin jokes and is comfortable enough with you to talk about everything, even the gross stuff. Nothing is shallow or skin deep with you, you’re magical and you bring so much light into the lives of everyone you touch, you glow.

You make me feel warm and safe even thousands of miles away.

We’re kissing, at first quickly - to make up for lost time - and then slowly, because we have all the time in the world.
—  Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Degrassi Next Class as Zodiacs
  • Aries: Zoe Rivas
  • Taurus: Frankie Hollingsworth
  • Gemini: Esme Song
  • Cancer: Lola Pacini
  • Leo: Tiny Bell
  • Virgo: Shay Powers
  • Libra: Zig Novak
  • Scorpio: Tristan Milligan
  • Sagittarius: Miles Hollingsworth
  • Capricorn: Goldi Nahir
  • Aquarius: Grace Cardinal
  • Pisces: Maya Matlin
Corner of Your Heart~ Pete Dunne AU

Characters : 

Pete Dunne~ Lives with a group of his best friends : Mark, Tyler and Trent. He’s in love with my character Jay who is played by me. He swores to the guys to keep his secret  but what he doesn’t know is the other guys are in love with Jay too. He’s stubborn, confident, reliable, like challenges. What else can you say? He’s Pete Dunne. 

Tyler Bate : Lives with the other guys, has a shy crush on Jay. But also has an eye for Faith ( @eviewatcheswrestling)  when she comes into the picture. He’s really shy around Jay and other girls, he likes to go out and have fun. He’s a complete dork but knows what he wants. 

Trent Seven : Protector/ Dad in the group, lives with the other guys. Thinks that Jay is the only women for him, he is a big softie when it come to her. 

Mark Andrews : Best friend of Jay and ex boyfriend, the break up ended on good terms. His heart still belongs to Jay but once he sees Faith (@eviewatcheswrestling), he tries to fight for her with Tyler. 

Jay Simmons: Played by me! Used to date Mark, but ended things with him before moving into the building, same building as Tyler, Pete, Trent and Mark. She doesn’t really notice Pete until he dates someone, then she falls into misery. The guys try to help her out of it until well you have to wait and see..

Lola Simmons : Played by @laochbaineann. Roommates with Jay and is the older sister to Jay, always looking out for Jay and has her eye on Trent. She’s the person that get her to start dating again. Just have to wait and see..

Faith Andrews : played by @eviewatcheswrestling, moves in with Jay and Lola when she comes back from Australia. She is  childhood best friend of Jay, Lola first doesn’t like her because Faith wants Trent. 

AND BULLET CLUB  Live next door, I can’t give you much on them because they also play in the story, a big part. 

We also have Aaron Evans who is played by Sebastian Stan, he comes later in the story. He isn’t a major character. Just a minor character. 

Jay Simmons and Lola Simmons move into an apartment down the hall from some boys. Lola being Lola goes to make friends while Jay unpacks needing to get it done. When Lola comes back, she comes back with the boys. And when Jay sees Mark, it was like her world turned. The boys and Lola are confused to how the two know each other, when Mark finally tells that this was his first girlfriend and that’s when Pete’s mind turns. This was the girl he was in love with back then, he looked at you like you were out of this world. When he hopes to date you, he gets an answer that makes his heart sink. Jay is obvious to what’s going on, the other boys began to become interested in Jay. Jay is too preoccupied with her art while Lola struggles to find a job when someone stumbled into her life. Things turn around when Faith comes into the picture, Lola is disgusted with Faith moving in. When Jay finally understand that the man she wants, isn’t longer single. Her mind goes blank and she sinks to her feet, Faith and Lola finally work things out and help Jay on her feet. Lola convinces  Jay to date and explore. Jay goes out with Faith to meet guys, until Aaron stumbles in. 

New neighbors move into the next door to Pete, Trent, Mark and Tyler, and it turns out new friends they can bond with. Faith’s, Jay’s and Lola’s life turn once more as they find new friends and new love interest. Will Pete and Jay be together? Who will Faith be with? How will she help Jay? Are there going to be drama? Tears? Heartbreak? Love? Passion? Fighting? What’s going to happen to Aaron? What’s going to happen between the guys? 

@laochbaineann @oreillyskyle @imaginingwwesuperstars @wrestlingnoob @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @wwefangirl69 @eviewatcheswrestling @theelitevillian @ilovesamizaynn @imnobodiesbitch @alexahood21 @lilmisscrisis @xfirespritex @baleesi @nerdandwwegeek @mgswdw @moxleyunstable

Tune into the first chapter coming to you soon. 

i have a huge problem with reign

misogyny is:

  • shaming lola for having sex with francis while he and mary were not together 
  • not shaming francis for having sex with olivia while he was engaged to mary

misogyny is also:

  • shaming mary for having sex with a man who is not her husband
  • not shaming louis for having sex with a woman who is someone else’s wife (this doesn’t even only apply to his situation with mary, he’s done it so many times)

i haven’t seen it as much in this particular situation, but misogyny is also:

  • shaming kenna for spending time with antoine 
  • not shaming antione for pursuing someone else’s wife and using his power as king to do so while his wife is sick and dying

i am so done with the sexism in the fandom. just because it was accepted/expected in 16th century france, doesn’t mean it’s okay by today’s standards. it’s kind of just a testament to the fact that we still live in a sexist society. and it kills me to see women treat female characters this way and put male characters on a pedestal. tbh, even though narcisse blackmailed and abused francis, he was respectful enough of estelle not to have sex with her when she wasn’t ready and respectful enough of lola not to take advantage of her while she was high/drunk even though he is interested in her. 


the usage of sexist language against characters who do not deserve it and the insensitivity toward a character who was sexually assaulted sickens me. 

in short, the writing on the show is painfully shitty, but some people in this fandom are trash and i’m ashamed to be a fan sometimes. 

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Real blood dads in One Piece are worst, the adoptive dads are the best... Only blood dads that are ok are Pound and Bege... And I agree that wikia editors disrespect Sanji... Cause aside from Ace and Franky, Lola isn't named Charlotte Lola... (Unless they change it)

Kyros is a good dad too! But yeah, most blood dads are awful!