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mclancholias  asked:

👰 …someone my muse would consider marrying. 😒 …someone my muse hates. 💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires.

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👰 …someone my muse would consider marrying

    If Austin ever married someone I would literally cry. In all honesty, I can’t imagine him marrying anyone, ever. He’s not the type to want to be with someone, primarily because of his insecurities and doubts that he has about himself and who he is. He just doesn’t think long-term relationships are for him and it’d be a miracle if he ever even considered it.

😒 …someone my muse hates

     Oh boy. Austin hates Asher ( @nvrcissistic ) with a burning passion. Though they may be close in a certain way, Austin can not stand the blonde and his accent. Everything about him just puts Austin on edge. 

💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires

     So many people, but if he had to name one, it would be Lola ( @tcintedbeauty ). He dislikes the fact that she can compete and keep up with him and his harsh words, however, that very thing is also the main reason for why he likes her. It’s rare to find people who can keep up quick banter and not get too emotional over it. It’s because of these things that Austin finds it difficult and confusing to be around her.