lola as ann

Why is Leni dressed up like Rita? What happened to the kiddie table?

I thought they got along better…I know Ronnie Ann doesn’t mean harm and they will be on good terms by the end of the episode but it scenes like this that make me ship Lincoln with the girls from “Dance Dance Revolution”.  Unless this is all an act….then I like it.

This is a new interaction.  I’m guessing this is from “Fed Up” where the kids try to cook their own meals.  Or maybe (unlikely) it’s from “Shell Shock” where Lincoln and Ronnie have to take care of an egg and one of the sisters almost eat it lol.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but Lynn Sr has been annoying during the past few episodes:  He can’t control his daughters and cowers in fear during “Brawl in the Family”, is fine with his only son sleeping outside and sells his stuff in “No Suck Luck”.  In “Fed Up” which I’m guessing these scenes are from, Rita wont cook for the family and Lynn Sr appears to have no skill…unless the Luan has something to do with the raccoons, then lol.   

Edit:  I was dead wrong.  When I read the synopsis, I thought it was Rita who was no longer going to cook.  This was a good episode for Lynn Sr and it’s what his character needed.

Okay so maybe I lied a bit in the last post but now I’ll post them!
Tiffany- “Tiffany is a college student who’s looking for a way to start paying off her student loans, but can’t seem to find a decent part time gig.”
Aiko- “Aiko is looking for a way to fill her days after recently being fired from her job as a university professor for sexual misconduct with her students.”
Kyanna- “Kyanna is a fitness buff who’s looking for a fun way to provide for her family that ideally makes a lot more money than hairdressing.”
Audrey- “Audrey started messing with hard drugs after having her heart broken by her last boyfriend and now she needs a way to feed her awesome coke habit.”
Lola- “Lola is a flight attendant who is sick of dealing with annoying passengers and is thinking it just might be time for a career change.”
Nikki- “Nikki is a shy need girl who started out streaming video games but quickly realized how much more money she could make by showing the goods”
Jessie- “Jessie is a porn star who’s looking for other opportunities in the industry now that her age is starting to show and she doesn’t get as many film offers.”
Beli- “Beli was a conservative yoga instructor until recently when she discovered her true sexual nature and frankly, she’s kind of a freak.”
Nora- “Nora is a badass birch who grew up on the streets slingin’ rock to get by. She’s out of the game now but the rent isn’t gonna pay itself”
Lillian- “Lillian is a gothed-out brat who hangs out at the mall and does pretty much anything her parents disapprove of just to piss them off.”
Candace-“Candace is kind of an airhead who just goes along with whatever people say. She’s a professional stripper with big fake tits. Deep.”
Renee- “Renee escaped her hometown and moved out west to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She’s working her way up; you gotta start somewhere”
Sarah-“Sarah is an unbearable weeaboo who thinks she’s Japanese and calls herself "Suki”. She’s the worst. But she’s still kinda hot in that weird way"
Nadia- “Nadia is a self described Russian sex goddess who used to provide sadistic and domineering escorting services to wealthy European men”
Brooke- “Brooke is a wife, mother, and business woman who seeks out attention online from young men because her boring husband leaves her drier than a desert.”
Lailani- “Lailani moved from the pacific to get away from her strict family and live by her rules. She acts shy but she knows what she’s doing.”
Zoey- “Zoey is an insufferable millennial who tries a little too hard to be unique. She sexually identifies as a cybernetic android”
Marlena- “Marlena is a Brazilian bombshell who basically coasts through life on her bang in’ good looks. She’s very confident and extremely narcissistic”

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