lola and beez


Here is an original song Beez and I wrote with two friends of our, Mike and Bob of Shapes & Colors. I’m posting it here because it is for an untitled project separate from Carts Before Horses. I am so excited to share it (even though the quality isn’t the greatest and my voice was a little weak due to nerves…)

We hope you enjoy it!

Silence in the Library (working title)
Keep yourself busy, tell yourself lies-
Justify everything in your own mind.
You said “forever” in prelude to “goodbye.”
You had your reasons,
And now, I have mine.

Reason to be bitter, reason to move on,
Reason to believe that you’ll regret that I’m gone.
You couldn’t stay here and now, I know why-
I couldn’t see her in the back of your mind.

The lies and the cruelty you swear were not there-
You claimed it was for my sake-it’s really only fair.
You couldn’t stay here, and now, I know why.
So, keep me with you-a ghost on your mind.

Slow down- get worn out, but keep me with you. (Someday)

You’re the wrongdoer-the cause of the pain.
By the time it all happens, I swear I’ll be ok.
The cause of my suffering at the scene of the crime.
I should have seen it coming but, I am done crying.

So, continue your running-don’t dare to look back.
Tell yourself you’re happy, deny your regret.
When you finally get worn out, you’ll stumble and fall
Under the burden-the weight of it all.

Slow down-get worn out but, keep me with you.
Someday, I’ll be the one who got away.

I’m incredibly proud of the intelligent and eloquent woman that my younger sister has become. She posted a status commending the BSA for the changes in policy they’ve made concerning gay scouts and then received a considerable amount of grief for it from a fellow Christian.

Elizabeth and I are both strong Christians who place the importance of our faith above anything else-it is the cornerstone of who we are and affects every area of our lives. However, many people tend to misconstrue that and automatically place us into the category of misdirection that many other Christians fall into. This statement so eloquently states how we feel concerning this issue, I couldn’t help but share.

I’m so proud of my little sister for standing up for what she believes in a respectful and intelligent manner. I love you, Beez!