I am honestly so emotional over Anne sharing that article and I can’t really put it into words at all. There has been so much trans+ representation in mainstream media this year and to have someone with as much reach as Anne tweet an article that just casually talks about non-binary and trans people’s existence as a thing that’s normal, with no judgement or stigma attached, it’s an amazing thing to see. I’m getting teared up actually. God what I would do to thank this family in person.

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Jay, I'm very emotional right now about what you personally just shared, and I just have no words but to give you smth, I hope you know of this piece as well? <3 <3 <3 realjunkstory*tumblr*com/post/114470711577/what-ive-learned-from-harry-styles-about-gender

I didn’t! But oh my god people need to read it immediately, I love it! 

Here’s the link.

And here’s two quotes to show everyone they should click that link:

“Then Harry Styles, one of the most famous fucking people in the world, puts on women’s skinny jeans and wears girly headbands and puts his hair in french braids and does not give two fucks. These are facts, social or not: pink is not a “masculine” color; pirouetting is not a “macho” thing to do; flitting around onstage like a goddamn fairy is not how a boy his age would be expected to perform.

And yet the world fucking loves him.”

“The bottom line is that I have no idea how Harry actually identifies, be it male, female, gay, bisexual, pansexual, or what have you (the only thing he’s made clear is that he is not straight). But his giving such public displays of gender ambiguity and alternative sexuality is one of the healthiest and most welcome examples I have seen from an A-list celeb in years. It is, in fact, one of the first times I have ever seen myself reflected in someone famous. Which, for an unlabeled former-ungirl, is a huge fucking deal. “

Baby Tattooville 2014 collaborative Art-Jam painting, featuring several artists, on view in “Carnival of Astounding Art”.

Baby Tattoo is an independent publishing company that was created in 2003 to share the unusual works of then-up and upcoming artists and counter culture. Featured here, the publisher also hosts a number of events for art lovers, such as their popular Baby Tattooville annual retreat. Co-curated by its president Bob Self, the publisher recently celebrated over 10 years with its exhibition “Baby Tattoo: Carnival of Astounding Art”. Currently on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), the exhibit highlights the pioneers of Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism, Pinup and other such works that have graced its pages (and ours). 

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“So he is why you’re up here.”

Okay, under any lighting in the world, that blush is going to show. “Shut up, Cooper.”

“No, I think it’s cute. My little brother has a crush on a superhero. He could like, rescue you, and sweep you up in his arms and possibly-fly away, apparently we’re not sure on that one -”

“I’ll hit you with the binoculars.”

“- and you can be all, Oh Ghost, thank you for saving my life and he’ll be all -” He puts on a deeper voice - “It was my pleasure, attractive male citizen, would you like to put your tongue down my heroic throat? and you can be all-”

“He doesn’t even sound like that!

I know I said I wouldn’t post a sneak peek this month but, uh, the comic will be coming out a little bit later than planned due to some problems BUT do not fear! It wont be super late or anything ^^ (this is an official apology sneak peek with my favourite scene from the first chapter)