30 Day League of Legends Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- A Picture of Your Favorite Skin in the Game

Arcade Sona <3 I adore this one. She’s so bright and colourful and she’s using a friggen’ gaming keyboard. The effects are awesome, the sounds are nostalgic and the in-game model matches the beauty of the splash art.

Edit: Just adding Rugged Garen to the list. Because DAMN he looks fiiiiine in that one~

LOL challenge

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Day 1: Fave champion- I would have to say Amumu. I started playing him while I leveling and his skillset gave me the courage to jump into the fray. Then laning tanks fell out of american meta. My favorite memory with him would be stacking ults with Katarina or anyone with an AOE. He will always get a hug from me.

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