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It's been almost TWO years since that Brits :(. I'm really hoping Harry goes this year, because Harry+Brits is one of my all-time favourite OTP's. Like in 2012: Thanks Radio 1 for a Capital sponsored award, 2013: The Brits that killed us all AKA straight-through crew, 2014: In the toilets or wherever he was with Nick. 2015: Sadness.

Literally there have been so many great 1D moments thanks to Nick.

2012 - 1D on the first week of Breakfast

2012 - Lads FM with Harry

2012 - Thanking Radio 1 instead of Capital FM (I CANT FIND THE AUDIO from when fiona was literally like ‘It’s almost like he was dared to’ and nick was like ‘that couldn’t possibly be true’ gOdDDD)

2013 - Brits and the amazing after-brits spectacle 🌚

2013 - Kesha & Harry’s speed date lol

2013 - Sponge Direction


AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN 2015 was sadness!! 

2015 - 1DONGRIMMY! + a live lounge !

2015 - The X Factor!! TWICE.

2016  -haaaaaaaaaappppppppppyyyyybuuuuuuurrrrfffffdaaaaaayyytoooyouuuuuuuuuuuuu (technically not a 1d moment, but he did force nick to abandon a work committment to come to his birthday party)

and that’s just 1d moments ! not to mention nick crashing his car while on the phone with harry making fun of him for puking, “”””””liam”””””” (harry) announcing 1d’s new single (fireproof???) with niall, harry showing nick DMD months before it was released when he went on his spring holidays to LA (froyo!), and so much more ! Plus im pretty sure nicks been to at least 10 different 1D concerts since 2011. 

Also, to be fair, 1D was touring for most of last year, and Harry lives in LA now. It’s expected that they don’t hang out very much anymore. Still, I’m sure they will be friends for a long time. I’m also SO HOPEFUL though for harry to release some solo stuff soon, and travel to the uk for some promo at radio 1 🌚. If he’s not at the BRITS, fear not bc u know that he is recording some top secret shit in LA……he is coming fam 👍