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Only Slightly Tired


Bill Cipher was tired. Very tired. But of course–he was in complete denial.

As was the usual case.

The demon and his claimed human Dipper were relaxing in a hammock outside and far away from the Mystery Shack, one Dipper had put up ages ago just to get away from the house for a while.

And Bill naturally had been all about when he found it, having never seen anything like it before. The funny things humans come up with…

So there they lay, Bill in a white dress shirt and yellow brick patterned sweater vest, black trousers and black shoes–his more casual outfit, though he still had his cane resting against the gnarled tree by their head. Pinetree was in his normal outfit, the one that Bill frequently mocked for it’s casualness and yet really, actually liked it.

Besides, his sweater smelled good.

Bill had been talking…well, non-stop, about what he’d been doing in the Mindscape, what he’d seen, what nightmares he’d crafted so carefully–then moving on to chattering about the follies and amusing flaws of humans.

When suddenly–in the middle of a sentence–silence.

Bill was curled against Dipper as he had been before. And yet–his eyes were closed, his breathing was slowing.

Instantly out like a light.

WHat the fucking hell men.


Bs posting about how you people despise borusara because they are supposed to be rivals?

How they’re compared to sns (I mean why are they compared anyway? Are u ppl that gullible?)

Okay people.

If you’re anti-borusara because of something that you /want/ to be justified of like the ones from above, I can’t even say anymore.

This Naruto fandom is so shallow, finding shallow reasons to justify something so hella obvious.