lol.. my mother is just like her

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Oh no! Is Bucky ok? I'm so sorry about what happened to him! I can't believe people have the audacity to scare dogs or pet without asking(this is why 'dog attacks' happen and then the dog gets blamed). Dogs are kinda like people too, in a way. I don't know how my dog would react if it would happen (she's a Bichon), but I'm sure she would jump wit her tail inbetween her legs. It honestly upsets me when I see people pet dogs without asking. I normally just look a the dog from afar and either (1/2)

ask or wait for the owner to say ‘you can pet her’. Honestly, I treat dogs like people and respect them as I would with a person. (2/2)

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@heyitssilverwolf Bucky is fine. He’s gone into that, I’m feeling sorry for myself kind of deal and is laying in his bed. It happens a lot, he’s just never been ‘this’ scared before. Honestly, I’m happy that I’m getting this kind of response and not people telling me I’m over reacting! If a lot more people were like you, walking Bucky would be easier. Sometimes, if he spots a person looking at him, he wants to go up to them first!

Bucky is my child. When people treat him like a person, not just some animal, it makes me really happy. He isn’t just a dog to me; he’s my favourite person.- Ro


Here I’ll introduce you to my autistic niece, Victoria and how a 6 year old loves Lorna Dane aka Polaris from the X-Men. She loves Lorna and the color of her hair and clothes. She already know very well who is this character. She has a Barbie doll where her mother (my sister) dyed her hair green and bought many green clothes for her doll who she named Lorna.

This video was taken in her grandma’s house who just moved in recently. My cousin was recording while babysitting her and send me this heartwarming video since he knows I love X-Men. My beautiful niece is autistic who is afraid of costumes. She don’t like wearing them for Halloween and she gets scared when she sees people wearing costumes (you know, like creepy costumes lol). I thought this was something big and emotional to me since my niece, who is so young, started to like the X-Men and her favorite is Polaris. Funny how few people out there are pretending not to know Lorna when this 6 year old girl knows who she actually is and where she’s from. Autistic children are smart and that’s what makes them different. Please share and thank you!

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I'm sorry I just don't get why you hate on Damon im a huge Damon fan and I don't see it and why did you call him a rapist like help me open my eyes lol

raped caroline, tried to kill her and fed on her without her consent
killed countless people for NO reason
killed jeremy because elena rejected him on two seperate occasions
went out of his way to ruin stefan’s live for a century
killed elena’s mother
raped andie, compelled her to be in a relationship with him for MONTHS and is the reason she died
took advantage of the sire bond - the only thing that made elena have feelings for him, so basically he raped elena too
took advantage of the sire bond with the girl his brother loved
stalked elena
stabbed stefan for ruining his shirt
tried to turn elena against stefan
tried to compel elena to kiss him while she was in a relationship with his “beloved” brother
went on a killing spree when he was broken up with
killed his uncle
left his “best friend” to die alone in a fire
willingly turned off his own humanity
celebrated the death of his ex
murdered a bunch of people including a pregnant woman because he was mad at stefan
tortured stefan for no reason
killed tyler
trapped Lexi, his brother’s best friend, who he would later kill, on a rooftop to burn to death because she was trying to help him
killed an innocent person so he could frame lexi - stefan’s best friend - and then murdered her on stefan’s birthday
turned countless people into vampires without their consent for his own entertainment
mocks people for having morals
tormented his ex on her deathbed
abuses, stalks and rapes women ALL. THE. TIME.
has NO character development at all whatsoever and is the exact same in the final episode as he was at the beginning.

Let’s start there. Let’s look behind the crystal blue eyes and sarcastic smile and witty banter and take a real hard look at the things Damon has done. 

Oh and how is he a rapist? Well, he compelled Caroline in the first season so he could feed on her, abuse her and sleep with her (he took away her free will so, that’s rape). He did this to the News Reporter Andy as well, so he also raped her. And he was sire bonded to Elena, which means she literally physically HAD to do anything he said and chose that time to have sex with her so once again, free will taken away- RAPE. 

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“This isn’t on plan,” Julia murmured, bouncing from heel to heel, words half for herself, half for the blonde woman beside her, the mother of the groom occasionally seeming like the only other human invested in this ceremony, the planned beach wedding beautiful, and excessively sandy.

“I say we start without ‘em.” Roberta shrugged.

“We can hardly start without the bride and groom.”

“It’s just the rehearsal, it’ll teach them not to be late on the big day.”

Words of almost agreement ready to stumble from Julia’s lips were cut off by the sudden slam of her backdoor, her own backyard making do for the rehearsal, and the rushed appearance of Kensi, nervously tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and stumbling out a quick, “sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff.”

And the quieter sound of the door shutting again was the only motivation to silence both mothers, terrified to delay these event any longer, even as a slightly disheveled Deeks appeared, hair sticking out in all directions when he paused on his way to the imaginary alter to press a kiss to a bride’s jaw, the tiny whisper of “I’m stuff” in her ear bringing a blush brighter than her lipstick prominently forward.

God, she hated him.

my mom just saw my angel geode texture gifset on facebook. she thought I would’ve like to see this gem a friend tagged her in from “some tumblr page” and showed me. “mom, that’s my edit, linked to MY blog. sensorys is me!” she’s amazed

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Watching Nancy and Normani on Monday makes me think Nancy will adopt her lol. She was so cute and kept holding her hand. I love a mother/daughter bond

The mutual respect is palpable. I think Mani got the awestruck of the legendary skating Olympian sickness that was going around lol One and probably the only reason I liked that Normani danced first on the premiere night was that once she was finished she had the opportunity to just hang out for the rest of the show. My future five got so much screen time because she was practically just chilling backstage. We got many glimpses into her personality Monday, it was cute for sure

one time my mum and aunt were videochatting my nan and eventually got onto the topic of me and my dolls. mum shows one to my nan saying how pretty they are, praising my faceup skills and nan likes it so much she asks if i can ‘make a doll’ for her somewhen. my aunt snorts and says no (thankfully) tellling her they’re mega expensive but i just kept quiet. i’ve never been praised like that before, being the child-free, marriage-free, uni dropout with mental issues in an asian family so it was really nice to be complimented for once (or maybe it was an excuse to brag about your child in front of your siblings thing parents do..). in the future i’ll give a doll each to my mother and grandmother in place of a human child lol


@breakdawn-avenue said: AND mama!

@hmgj-r15-stuff said: yes! and her mother! just not another mess like S3 Yusho…

Yes! We should all hope that his mother is involved. I, for one, would do anything to get another Yoko.

Unless, of course, Yusaku has a present father and a missing mom? Wow what if he’s taking on the Knight boys in an effort to find his mom


Funny moments from our favorite not so royal family: (2x04)

H: Don’t look at me like that, you little brats. You’ll harsh my buzz.

L&E: (Chuckles)

H: I was proud of you, for how you handled yourself today. The people were inspired. No one from our family’s done that since your father died.

E: Oh, wow, thank you, Mum! Please, smoke my weed and insult me.

H:Oh, shut up! I was just trying to give your brother a compliment for once.

L:Yes, shut up.

that gif represents me whenever i have to introduce myself lbr. but hello everyone!! i’m super excited to be here. i’m ashley, i’m twenty, i’m in the EST timezone, and i use she/her pronouns. i spend way too much time on the internet and could probably spend most of my life watching cat videos. i don’t have a whole lot about me so i’m just gonna go onto rory who’s slightly a mess!! also if you wanna plot just hmu or like this post and i’ll hit you up :~) (also warning: this is long as hell i’m sorry) (and i have a full bio here!!)

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Hi I'm 5'7 and 245 I'm already diabetic but do you have any like mega diet tips

Diabetes is fucking hard to diet with. You can’t just fast, or eat cabbage soup lol, you need to keep your blood sugar in check. My mother has type 2 and has been 200+lbs since I was a toddler. The diet her endocrinologist gave her was High-fat, low-carb. She’s been on this for about 3 months and at 50+ years old has lost 30lbs and is about to get off her insulin. I’m proud of that bitch( ╥ω╥ ) . SO high-fat low-carb. This is very easy if you like meat. You can eat like all the meat and cheese you want. 

Funniest Memes Set (6):

My mother does this all the time. You can’t joke about nothin’ without her lecturing you ;(

I make the same face. I hate that. Like bitch, I just said I can’t find it! LOL.

Just don’t swipe people.

The most terrifying feeling EVER. My heart usually stops. 

What is the mysterious food Chihiro’s dad eats?

So, this has nothing to do with Kikuo, but I found an interesting tweet and wanted to translate it. 

Tweet Link
“When watching Spirited Away, I remembered that a long time ago I wondered and wondered about the meat Chihiro’s dad ate and sent a letter to Studio Ghibli who in return answered it despite my forgetting about it lol. 

I have this letter framed and in safe keeping lol”
(Thank you to @donamoeba for the correction on the tweet!!) 

So, just what is it that her father eats in Spirited Away? The answer isn’t so simple. Follow the cut for a very interesting letter from Studio Ghibli with some touching quotes from director Miyazaki! 

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My guardienne <3

Hi everyone! i thin its time to actually introduce my guardienn to you. So i made a quick list thing to introduce her.

Name: Amaurus

Age: 19

Date of birth: 15-05-1997

Faery: She is a Banshee

Fave color: Pink and White

Companion: Lovigis <3

Color hair/Hairstyle: she has brown lawrence hair


Ezarel: She likes him and can laugh with him but only as friends

Valkyon: She doesn’t like him a lot but can trust him

Nevra: Bae

Kero: He is so cute and innocent  would love to see him in a relationship

Alajae: Just a friend

Ykhar: She is to serious


Miiko: Second best friend i love her a lot

Jamon: I don’t know him 

Chrome: My little brother <3

Leiftan: Secret Crush

Oracle: My mother (lol)

Merry: sweetpie

Masked Man: My Brother

About Amaurus: She is a talkative and cheerfull young women who love good gossip. She is Banshee who is trying to use her voice proparly but it isn’t easy to do this all by yourself. She and karenn are good friends and love each other deeply. They trust each other with everything.

What do people mean when they talk about their “bonus child”?

I tried to google it, but the only thing I could find said it was referencing a third child after a family already has a son and daughter.

Context clues in the posts I see talking about bonus children don’t fit that description though.

Are these like not their kids but kids they spend a lot of time with and feel like are their children as well?

I am confused because the most recent post I saw with “bonus child” mentioned was a chick who was going on a cruise with her, her husband, their 20 month old and her bonus child…if the kid isn’t really yours it would seem odd to take them on a cruise…to me at least.

Not that I have a problem with it, lol. My child hood best friends’ mothers both treated me like their own kids and often took me places with them. Never on a cruise, but once to Mexico! I am just curious. 

lol i just remembered this thing that happened yesterday while i was having ice cream with T and my mother and sister

out of nowhere, my mother suddenly goes, “there really are a lot of foreigners out here. almost everyone you see…”

and i just?? didn’t know what to say because she’s generally an open-minded person, but sometimes she’ll make these little comments that are TECHNICALLY neutral because they don’t contain a negative statement so i have no idea what she’s going for with them?? does she expect us to agree and then she’d elaborate or what???

well, neither i nor my sister reacted. there was just. this moment of extremely awkward silence lmao.

mother … you are turning into an embarrassing old person

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Dawn for the ask bc she's my fave gremlin


  • What they smell like: woodchips and just forest smells in general!
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): dawn barely gets any sleep at all lbr she has such bad under eye bags omg,, but when she does its just naps mostly!
  • What music they enjoy: hmm i feel like she’d like mostly instrumental stuff or she’d be like “mother nature is the best musician!” and not listen to any man-made music at all
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: like 2 minutes lol she just brushes her hair thats it
  • Their favorite thing to collect: probably gems and other stuff to do spells!
  • Left or right-handed: left!
  • Religion (if any): she’s definitely wiccan!
  • Favorite sport: she’s not really a sports person
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): ahhh dawn doesn’t travel much! when she does she mostly just stays away from people and explores the forests
  • Favorite kind of weather: hmm.. probably cloudy! not raining but not hot
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: dawn fears N O T H I N G
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: again, she doesn’t really do stuff like that much! i think she really just likes reading by herself a lot







look at Sasuke’s expression.

and here’s the father’s love guys. he’s protecting his daughter.

and idk- i feel kinda happy because here, finally, Sarada, she’s so close with her father face.



oh hell yeah my cherry blossom.

Sarada, she knew it was her mother. and lol Naruto’s and Sasuke’s face. they’re like “dafuq is just going on?” XD



finally, they can meet and talk. finally, Sasuke act like a real father. but idk- is he trying to protect Sakura? “you’re not the one who should be apologizing” or is he just- HAH IDK. but- i’m glad and thanks Kishi for this chapter. I am happy for the Uchiha Family reunion and moment. 



……..shit. what Sasuke? BUT.. YOU JUST.. WHAT? damnit. i’m curious. 







Sooo, i can’t wait for the next chapter! i think everything will be okay from now on SasuSakuSara fans, we can take a breath and yeah i hope we won’t deal with the “angst” anymore. because, really, i just want to relax and watch over my badass OTP and their happy ending :D