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Steve and John talk about gay marriage.


Shadowhunters meme
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Some observations about the crown too:

1. The crown literally controls the body of the user. It malfunctioning was literally like having your cpu dying, Ice King was short-circuitting so hard!

2. As some have noted already, the concioussness of all users get loaded to the crown. that clarifies how Gunther’s desire to be like Evergreen corrupted it: the deepest desires of each user get loaded permanently (alongside with their minds, suppose they act like software). I suppose this capacity to load user’s mind was what allowed Betty to implant her flying head IA Avatar constructed from her memories.

3. The crown circuits express themselves as a labrynth and can their spatial configuration can be re-arrenged, which causes damage to the crown (suppose it’s kinda alike to grabbing a soldering iron and fucking up the boards of your computer) . The circuits patters can also be analyzed in written form.

4. Betty’s reconfiguration was acting as an infection (YES! I like the theme of bio thechnologies!)

5. When operating properly, the crown will delete or corrupt the foreign data (the one that doesn’t belong to its users, seen as how Bonnie and Marcy’s image was getting distorted and how Betty’s IA ended up).

6. Wearing it a single time is enough to get one’s mind loaded.


❀ T a l i k a ‘ s  I n d o o r  G a r d en ❀

Trying to remember to take gameplay pics because I never do. Talika is care-taker of a currently empty Witch Coven in my game lol I was redoing the house with new CC and thought she looked nice today. If you didn’t guess already, her powers run with nature and plants. She makes her own strawberry tea in the Summer.❤


Alfred Hitchcock famously called film, “little pieces of time” but he could be talking about photography, as he likely was. These pieces of time can frame us in our glory and our sorrow; from light to shadow; from color to chiaroscuro.