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I mean that blog you just promoed said that Milo wasn't a piece of shit because he's married to a black man, lol, you can be done with the shit on this website without going full trumptard.

Well, my friend, you would be a shining example as to why that blog was probably created in the first place, considering that you came here saying something completely out of context and using words that weren’t even said (”Milo isn’t a piece of shit because he’s married to a black man”) and I had to hunt down the actual post to get the full story, which was this:

And in it, they were’t claiming that Milo “wasn’t a piece of shit because he’s married to a black man”. They were discussing the “alarm fatigue” that the Tumblr SJW culture does with every horrible accusatory term, applying them to anyone and everything they don’t like or agree with, completely stripping the meaning from them, and the blog used Milo as an example of how one particular word, “Nazi”, has been ruined to have no meaning at all: How can Milo be a Nazi if he is Jewish, homosexual, and married to a black man? Three of the most despised people by Hitler?

Again, that post wasn’t arguing about whether or not Milo is a “piece of shit”. It was arguing about how negligent people are for throwing the word “Nazi” around, even at person who it can’t even be applied to because he would have been killed three times over if he had existed during the time of Nazism, when there are legitimate Neo-Nazis in the world.

If you don’t agree with the blogs we promote, then don’t follow them. If you don’t agree that we promote blogs that you don’t agree with, then either blacklist the tag we use for promotions or just unfollow us.

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I Give Up - part 27 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were putting on mascara when your phone buzzed, letting you know of an incoming text. It was probably one of the friends who were meeting up later at the small bar near campus. You swiped when you recognized Minah’s name, your best friend who you had invited along. Your exams and being so busy with your boyfriend had made you neglect your best friend lately and you made her promise to join tonight.

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Ive been in desperate need of Magnus Bane with white eyeliner for forever but couldn't do art if my life depended on it. That is legit all I require. Magnus with white eyeliner. The rest feel free to do whatever you want lol

Oh man this request… let me tell you, I got so inspired I couldn’t think of anything else until I was done with this. I never knew how much I needed Magnus with white eyeliner. So thank you!

Also since I have limited time to draw I made this my inktober day 5. It’s pretty much all digital at this point but I did the lines in ink.

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nonbinary ppl don't exist, this was created by tumblr ppl lol. you are either a man or a woman, cis or trans..

I can feel snot running down my upper lip as my vision blurs. I must look positively crazed right now.

My Victorian servants are rolling their eyes at me, as if they’d expected such a reaction and yet are exhausted by it.

“You never existed! This–” my maid waves wildly around her, at the crimson manor that housed me all these years and the dead and twisted tree under which I buried grand-papa on my sixth birthday “–isn’t real!”


“Illusions, child,” my butler says, a crooked grin growing on his face, like a crack in his parched skin. “Illusions weaved by the people of Tumblr.”

I lose my balance and fall.
As I lay there, disoriented, I notice autumn leaves rustling on the ground through my slowly fading feet.

“Tumblr?” I ask.

My servants (or were they ever even mine?) break into laughter.

“Yes, Tumblr, my child,” my butler says, his voice croaking, “a fairy realm on the left of Avalon.”

“Well,” my maid interrupts, “on the right if you’re coming from Glastonbury.”

“Either way!” My butler shouts, before exchanging a sour look with his wife. “You were never real! Your whole existence, a mere trick from Tumblr!”

I am not listening anymore. I try to wipe my face clean but my hands are gone. I look down at where my legs used to be and see empty pyjamas.

As I fade into oblivion, to the sound of my old servants bickering about traffic, my mind conjures one final thought:

fuck u i’ll keep callin myself nonbinary lol

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So many choices... 20. for Angus and Lup?

cookies! this got longer than expected, lol 

“C'mon little man, you can’t sleep at the table.”

Angus scrubs a hand over his eyes and yawns. He looks up at the person shaking his shoulder and beams.

“Sir! You’re back!”

Lup shakes her head. “Sorry kiddo, I’m not Taako.”

“Oh,” Angus says, and puts on his glasses. Vision corrected, it’s clear that it’s Taako’s twin sister and not Taako himself, despite the near-identical hair and height.

“What, too cool to hang out with me?” she teases.

“No! Not at all, ma'am, but I’m,” Angus pulls his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around them. “I’m worried about Taako. Wasn’t he supposed to be back by now?”  

“That dummy’s fine,” Lup says dismissively. Angus notices that she’s worrying at her bottom lip, and tapping her fingers on the counter. It’s very late at night, and she’s still awake. “One of the other boys would have called if anything went wrong.”

“He’ll be back soon, I bet,” Angus says, firmly. Lup smiles at him wryly.

“Thanks, Ango.” She ruffles his hair. “Hey, while we’re waiting, do you want to learn how to make cookies? We could surprise him, and I owe you for blasting yours.”

“It’s okay. I forgot to put sugar in, that time.”

“No sugar? Kid, sounds like we’ve got a lot to learn,” Lup says as she pulls out a baking sheet.

They stay up together, and Lup keeps a running commentary as she shows him how to crack an egg one-handed, how to cream butter and sugar without sugar flying everywhere, how to make perfectly sized dollops on the greased sheet. Angus is grateful that she doesn’t send him to bed. It’s harder to worry when you’re doing something with your hands.

He falls asleep at the counter again while the cookies are in the oven. Lup gently levitates him over to the couch and drapes a knit throw over him. Her stone of farspeech starts vibrating, and she scrambles over to answer it.

“Lup? Hello?”

“Taako? Where the hell are you?”

“Our transport got busted, because of somebody—” Lup hears Magnus protesting “— so we’re taking the long way back. Sorry, I forgot to call.”

“Yeah, you should be, doofus.” Lup is smiling as she says it.

“Whatever, dingus.”

“Angus was waiting up for you.”

“What? Don’t human kids need to sleep or something? Send him to bed, geez.”

“He’s asleep on the couch,” Lup says. “We made cookies.”

“That’s fuckin’ adorable. Did he remember the sugar?”

“Yeah. He’s a good kid,” Lup says. “See you soon.”

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How would Abe Sapien be with a smol s/o who's had a rough day at work? 💙

- You had a pretty hard day at the BPRD
• Some goblins were trying to get through to Canada, but could not understand why they couldn’t just go through customs
• A mother squid and her baby were found and unfortunately separated, causing the main floor to be covered in her slime and many an agent (not dead ones lol)
• And, Manning called you into his office to discuss plans to relocate, even though said plans had been turned down repeatedly

- You walked into the room you shared with Abe, who was reading a book you suggested to him, resting on a comfy couch
• As you walked in, he looked up to see you fall onto the couch beside him, rubbing your temples
* “Hard day?” He asked as he put down the book and slid over to face you.
* You groaned. “Just peachy…”
• He chuckled a bit and took your hand, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles and noting how small your hand was compared to his
* You looked at his fascination, scoffing “What?”
* “I never noticed how small your hands are compared to mine.”
* “I have people say that all the time and now you are too?”
* “I was only noticing it, not insulting you, (y/n)”
* “I know…” You smiled and kissed his forehead.
• You began to complain about your day, Abe gently massaging your arms and shoulders as you did
* When you finished he had graduated to massaging your back and hips, giving you light kisses on your neck
* You hummed and quickly rolled on top of him, causing him to lose his breath for a moment
* “Even though you are tiny, ” he paused. “You can still manage to pin me down.”
* You smiled and leaned down to hug him, falling asleep after you finally managed to laughing
Hi anon! I hope you liked these!

- Becky 💕

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I love the hatred you have for B*rchie. Lol

you have no idea, man. they repulse me. you have to have absolutely no value for betty and archie as individuals and their friendships with jughead and veronica to genuinely want them together. it is horrific that so many people ship them 

On Medicine Dream About Rick

Hospitals aren’t any fun, but when they put you on reeeeeeally good meds, the sleep is fantastic. And with that, I had a dream about Rick.

It was really dumb, like I was lying in my hospital bed and he just, kicks the door open, looking at me like a fucking idiot.

“Why the fuck didn’t y-y-you tell me you were in a goddamned hospital?”

I didn’t talk much in my dream, I was too doped up to give a shit.

“Earth doctors are shit, I don’t trust them. I could heal you in f—five seconds flat, if-if-if you weren’t such a whiny little bitch about needles.”

He just stood at the door with his back against it and arms folded across his chest, and the last thing that happened was me flipping him off with my good hand saying “Fuck you, man.”

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Can I get older max x reader prompt "why did I agree to this again?" Thanks!

“You agreed, Max, because you promised I could plan this date, and because I’m cute.”

“…Yeah, but-”

You cut him off. “But nothing. Why don’t you just try to enjoy yourself? Worried that you’ll be..” A mock gasp escaped you, “Uncool??” You teased, grinning. Max couldn’t help but smile, even if it was only for a second. 

“No. But looking at paintings all day doesn’t exactly sound very fun.”

“It doesn’t have to be an exciting, life-threatening adventure to be fun. Give it a chance. Please?” You pouted, folding your hands and staring at him. He sighed dramatically.

“Fiiine. Where do we go first, then?”

You beamed at him, grabbing his hand and taking him to the second floor. “I wanna show you my favorite room.” The trip there wasn’t necessarily eventful, but Max did seem to be getting a bit more into the whole “art museum date” thing. He actually had some insightful things to say about some of the paintings. Some of them. Sometimes he just did things like laugh at the sculpture of Cupid that looked like a chubby-bodied baby with the head and face of a chiseled grown man. Whatever, as long as he was enjoying himself.

“So, where’s that room you were talking about?” He asked, glancing over his shoulder, then back at you, a relaxed smile on his face now. 

“It’s just through this door, come on.” You led him through a large oak door, and closed it behind you, smiling at the sight of the best part of the museum (in your opinion, that is). The walls were all deep brown stained wood cabinets, full from top to bottom with assorted china and glassware. It was organized by origin, so that you could look around all the display cases and see intricate artwork from all around the world. The room was dim, save for the lights shining onto the display cases. Between each shelf of china was a mirror, adding a wistful, wandering feeling to the room. Your grin grew as you looked around to find the room empty of people except for the both of you. 

“Max, isn’t this cool?” You gushed, walking over to some of your favorite pieces with a spring in your step. He followed, hands in his pockets and a half-smirk on his face.

“Nah. It kinda sucks.” You could hear the mischief in his voice, but you ignored it. He couldn’t be planning anything too devious in a room as delicate as this. Instead, you whipped around, ready to defend your room. The second you did, you were face to face with him. You could see his smirk grow for a split second, before he closed the small gap between you and pecked you on the lips. A surprised noise escaped you, and he pulled back, laughing. You flushed for a moment, watching him. Soon enough, you were chuckling too. The two of you let your laughter die down, and stood in silence.

“You don’t actually think it sucks, do you?”

“Huh? Oh, no. I was just messing with you. It’s actually really cool.”

“Good.” More silence. That same grin grew on his face again.

“So, wanna go find a closet to make out in?”

“Yeah.” You chuckled.

  • percy: hey dude u wanna see jason naked?
  • leo: yeah like always??
  • percy: [sends picture]
  • leo: wtf dont spread my best friend's nudes
  • percy: but u said you wanted to see it
  • leo: it doesn't matter????
  • leo: oh wait
  • percy: what?
  • leo: lol jason pranked you man this isn't him
  • percy: how'd u know
  • leo: well, he has a birthmark in his hip bone that looks like a tiny moon? and depending on the angle you look at it you can see t rex's tail
  • percy: wAt
  • leo: or italy