Happy birthday yuk0902!! I don’t even know how many times I’ve said this already lol. But man you’re so old…I still feel like you’re 12 though hehe. Of course I chose a orangebat one. Inaho’s pretty cute in here, so there’s that. I swear this is a good birthday present even if you can read Japanese better than me lmao.

Oh my god my iron man bias becomes hilariously obvious if you look at my file folders

I have “The Invincible Iron Man” with specific subfolders for each volume, one for annuals, one for crossover event issues (which all fit inside Iron Man because tbh I only follow the Iron Man side of things), one for 616 minis, and one for minis outside 616 continuity, all of it neatly capitalized and punctuated and shit

Then I have “Others,” now with specific folders for Avengers, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and “I’ll sort this stuff later” for the other stuff


The problem is that there isn’t enough energy, and there’ll be blackouts this winter.

It’s possible that Sean is just very good at acting and playing along, but I prefer to believe that he genuinely took that long to notice that he was getting trolled.

tfw ur just casually performing ur song then sUDDENLY THERE IT IS THE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY AMAZING OBJECT that is toothpaste and everyone in the squad be like:


Jathea Week, Day 3: ‘canon/missing moments’

loving you is too hard; we’ll be ready for this | listen  

intro: the end of all things - panic! at the disco [whether near or far i am always yours] 

JADE : i. losing you - aquilo [tell me what i could have done, looking back i have tried my best] | ii. moon shines red - jamie mcdell [show them all what we’ve become] | iii. let it go - james bay [why don’t you be you and i’ll be me] | iv. i wish (you were mine) - anders [i’ve only ideas of you and no concept of us] | v. a case of you - james blake [i could drink a case of you darling and i would still be on my feet] | vi. bravado - lorde [i can take it from here, i’ll find my own bravado] | vii. marvins room - drake [i’m just sayin you could do better] 

ALTHEA: i. indak - up dharma down [makikinig nga ba sa isipan na alam ang wasto ngunit pipigilan ang pag-ibig niya na totoo] | ii. oceans apart - secret nation [i don’t want to fight but i’m gonna fight for us] |  | iii. drive - oh wonder [loving you is too hard, all i do is not enough] | iv. bumper cars - alex & sierra [the more i try to get to you, the more we crash apart] | v. post tropical - james vincent mcmorrow [i can barely run and the walls will travel on] | vi. coloring - kevin garrett [stay for the night, tell you why nothing’s right when you’re gone] | vii. you could be happy - snow patrol [all the things that i wished i had not said are played in loops til it’s madness in my head] 

outro: mess is mine - vance joy [this mess was yours now your mess is mine]

okay so i wrote a thing for kingsman and now i need to go hide 

“Harry Hart is alive.”

Eggsy looks up from where he’s picking at his fingernails with a concerned frown (he’s only had the baby blue polish on for three days and it’s already starting to chip) and blinks, deliberately slow, at Merlin. He’s sitting on the edge of Merlin’s desk, and to be completely honest he’d been expecting a fond but exasperated reprimand. Not whatever this is. Because honestly, a woman with blades for feet and exploding heads that turn into rainbow mushroom clouds? Fine. Those he can handle. His dead sponsor actually being not-dead? Eggsy closes his eyes and does his best to hide just how beyond done he is with everything. Because this is some James Bond level bullshit, and he’s too tired to react right now. Although, to be fair, he’s not sure his reaction would change even if he hadn’t just gotten back from one of his most stressful missions yet.

He doesn’t say any of that, though, because Merlin is clutching his clipboard to his chest and his lips are pressed into a thin line, and Eggsy knows he wouldn’t take it well. Roxy is hovering near the door, looking apologetic. If he had to guess, he’d say it was for not warning him beforehand about the revelation that was just thrust upon him.

So. Okay. This is apparently something he has to deal with. It’s fine.

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I’m late in posting this selenaguardi, but I had to say that I totally agree with the idea that we should establish the phrase “Sherlolly it.” Maybe in kind of the same way we use “ship it.” As she said, we see a movie or show, hear a song, see some art, read a book…and whatever it is, if it inspires us to make something or write something for this lovely ship, we can just be like



Best part of playing league is when you play ranked and get someone like this. They lose lane because they get camped, then throw the game for everyone else. Lost game is whatever, adding me on your main to send me death threats then beg for a skin is gold though. Gg trolllegend, I can’t figure out why you unfriended me after friending me just for this. Literally the best reponse to these situations is overly kindness and turning it around on them. You want a skin?! WELL SO DO I!!!