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Joseph, what's your favorite music Genre? I know you have a walkman but what do you listen to on it? Jazz? Folk music? Sweet Synth Beats? ENKA?


So I think I’ve figured something out. I think I experience cognitive empathy, but not emotional or compassionate empathy. So like, I understand why people feel the way they feel, but I don’t feel what they feel and I don’t feel compelled to help, if that makes sense? 

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Talking about Clarke, in your opinion what kind of changes we are going to see, physically and mentally?

First of all, I literally screamed when I got this because I’ve never gotten a meta ask? That’s so cool? Thank you?


We already know Clarke’s going to get a short haircut, but this will lie much more in a mental change than a physical one I think. I mean, yeah, maybe part of it will end up being it was just too long or hard to take care of or whatever, but cutting her hair is a very symbolic move. It’s stepping away from the past self–both the person who destroyed Mount Weather and then left her friends, and the ‘dreadlocked’ person who became almost more grounder than skyperson for a while. It’s a new start, the beginning of cleansing so much pain and guilt she’s held up for so long.

Very related to that will be the clothes, I think. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve confirmed Clarke will be in clothes more like season one (yeah? true?), and I am READY. First of all, I hated those grounder clothes, for so many reasons. I definitely think she will not only not wear them anymore but pointedly get rid of them, another act of turning back to her people. Also, wearing more skypeople/original!Clarke clothes will also feel like a new start, I guess? But less shedding her old self and more trying to remind herself of who she used to be, when all she cared about was keeping a ragtag team of delinquents safe. I feel like Clarke – if not thinks of that version of herself as best – thinks of that time as a better time, a better her, more hopeful, etc.

The one thing I don’t see changing is her “save everyone” mentality. That’s just who Clarke is. She doesn’t leave people behind (usually…whoops). She doesn’t do my people vs your people. Now, she might put a higher priority on her people (she almost always does), but she’s not about to abandon everyone else to sure death. Also, just this whole situation will force Clarke to change her mentality on how to win things, because they’ve never faced something of this sort and this caliber before.

From especially what I’ve seen in s3, I’m almost positive Clarke will become overly aware of her relationships with everyone. You could really see how her connections with her people were unfolding and changing, and how hard/frustrating it was for her to not have everyone trust her like they used to (especially because she understands why they don’t trust her, and in some cases she probably doesn’t blame them at all). Just think about those Clarke/Jasper scenes, how desperate she seemed to make him understand, or to just repair that relationship. This season I expect lots of carefulness with people (being unsure where she stands with them), lots of trying to repair her relationships and reconnect with her people, etc.

The person I think the above will happen most with? BELLAMY, obviously. Clarke cares about her relationship with Bellamy more than anyone else’s. If she doesn’t have Bellamy with her, things fall apart. Decisions are harder and probably made much more brashly. She loses her rock, her anchor, her solace, her confidant, her partner, her BEST FRIEND. So you can bet Clarke will be doing absolutely everything in her power to continue to heal that relationship because – news flash – “I need you.”

On top of that, Clarke will definitely start to become overly aware of certain parts of their relationship and have to realize what they mean. Come on, after “Start with Bellamy Blake,” there’s no way she can look at him the same again. In that moment she realized (or realized further) she cares about Bellamy and fears his death more than anyone else, even her own mother. THAT’S A BIG DEAL. I expect lots of moments where she’s starts to go “oh wait is this what friends do or–?” because come on. She can’t be this dense forever, can she? (Can she?) Obviously the Platonic^TM moments aren’t going to stop (and in fact I’m positive they will only increase–I mean look how much growth we got in s3 even with all the crap going on), she’s just going to notice them now. Or, rather, notice what they could mean. There’s going to be a lot of confusion and pining, guys, I’m telling you. (On both sides, lol.)

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