The Signs as Poisons
  • Aries:Hemlock; the poisonous plant that killed Socrates. It'll cause probably one of the scariest ways to die. If you ingest it, it'll cause paralysis on various parts. You'll die not knowing what to do lol oops!
  • Taurus:Curare; you know those movies where the native Americans shoot a poisonous arrow or a blowgun dart? Well the actual poison is made with curare and more poisons. It does give you paralysis, except it lets your heart beat for a while. The death is extremely slow and terrifying. Have fun with that...
  • Gemini:Polonium; it's a radioactive material. In 2006 a Soviet and Russian spy named Alexander Litvinenko died from radioactive sickness with polonium-210 found in his blood after he ingested it.
  • Cancer:Botulinum(deadly once ingested); also known as Botox, which is bacteria discovered in poorly prepared sausages during the 18th century. Eat it and u dead bro
  • Leo:Strychnine; made from seeds from a plant, it could be a performance enhancing drug for athletes or a homeopathic remedy. But it could give u paralysis too like hemlock. Oops!
  • Virgo:Mercury; if you think I mean the planet I will face palm so hard that there will be a hand print scarred on my face. (lethal once inhaled)
  • Libra:Ricin(deadly once ingested or inhaled); "a dose less than a sprinkling of salt will kill an adult." GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BECAUSE HOLY SHIZ THIS IS DEADLY
  • Scorpio:Sarin; a man made toxic which is also used for chemical warfare. You won't know when this bad boy is coming because it has no odor.
  • Sagittarius:Potassium; no a banana isn't poisonous dumbass but if you have high levels of potassium u can slip it in to someone's drink and they will have a tragic death. But if u eat too many bananas in a day, it might lead to cardiac arrest and heart damage so good luck hahaha
  • Capricorn:Arsenic; it's a metalloid element, and it'll kill ur ass fast. Just slip some arsenic in someone's drink, and you've got instant murder.
  • Aquarius:Nightshade; also known as Atropa Belladonna, it's a poisonous plant. All parts of the plant are poisonous, but the shiny black berries are the most poisonous. You don't want to eat or touch these bad boys.
  • Pisces:Cyanide; if ingested, you'd have a quick and painless death. Kindest of the poisons yet deadly.

i’m so glad u guys think it’s so cute and quirky to call woozi things he doesnt want to be called and to consistently point out his height whether it be to describe why he’s ****sooooo cute**** and other infantilizing things you wanna call him or to subtly point out the fact that SOMEHOW you’re SHORTER than him!!!! not a bad thing tho lol!!! :) :) :) honestly stop it’s so obvious what you’re doing and it’s not cool. woozi has stated what he’s uncomfortable with and people keep doing/saying these things that make him uncomfortable and then cover it up with some mediocre compliment. quite a few other people see what you’re doing.

tl;dr stop talking about things woozi is uncomfy with and then covering it up with a half assed compliment to try and make up for how shitty youre being

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What do you think of Benton Fraser?

LOL - are you kidding? I think the WORLD of Benton Fraser; I think 66 stories over five years about Fraser. Everything I could possibly think about Fraser is in one of my stories. They are my collective portrait of Fraser! I stopped writing DS really because I’d written everything I could possibly think about Benton Fraser.

I will note, however, that my husband (sadly, shaking his head) said to me (mockingly) the other day, “You’ve deserted Canada. It’s Canada Day and you’re not celebrating,” and, er, it’s true, there’s rather more stars and stripes in my house now than there were a few years ago. :D

(Ha, and my other RL due south story is this - my husband learned photoshop by following Killabeez’s tutorials which she used to make the Duet zine covers, which featured Fraser and Ray kissing. And so later, when he used it to make an album cover, I said, “How did it go?” and he said, “Great, but for some reason there are Mounties kissing on it.” And so that’s our running joke about photoshop - like, yeah, that project turned out awesome, except for some reason there are Mounties kissing on it.)

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Ahhhh Nour I've been stressing because one of my friends has been ranting about how she believes Islam is a "hateful" religion and I keep trying to tell her all the positive things and she looks at me like I'm crazy saying things like "um my dad read the Quran and it says women are treated like dogs and are all trapped under a ruling to wear a hijab" even though I told her no it's their choice. And I just ugh. I kept telling her "you've never read it so what would you know" help

lol I wonder what her dad read? Did he read some random online phrase someone claimed was translated from the Quran?

Cuz last I checked Allah kept repeating that in his eyes, people are equal, female or male. It’s literally repeated in the verses. What he cares about is what you do, not your gender.

So yea lol some people like to just rely on wrong things and they take such a strong stance for something that is 100% based on wrong facts and they just end up looking stupid af

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So does anyone know what Darren will do next? You'd think he'll have people lining up to give him more work because he is so "talented" wheres I think he is finally falling in to obscurity.

I have no clue whatsoever. I know that it seems that he’s got a lot of producers who seem to think highly of him (especially gay ones) but whether or not this regard results in work opportunities remains to be seen.

I don’t think that Darren has anything immediately lined up for after Hedwig. At least not now. Otherwise why would he have agreed to appear at the Italian Glee convention (now canceled) for a rumored six figure fee? It seems odd for an actor who supposedly has so many prospects (if you talk to his stans) to go for such a blatant money grab. Or to be clinging to a show that is over and became a joke by the time it ended.

I don’t like Darren and while I won’t support his career in any way, I’m sure that there are some opportunities for him. But I don’t see them being the high profile and prestigious parts that he would want. At some point, his actual talent and lack of profitability is going to put the brakes on his professional aspirations. Mediocre talents can have lengthy careers so long as they are profitable. I don’t see that happening for Darren.

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"i follow you for ikon, but can you not poke at ravi? everyone else is doing it, i don't wanna see one of my favorite blogs do it" well agree with that anon

i alrdy said i’ll try and stay on twitter for non ikon related stuff. what more do you want? lol besides it’s my blog i can post whatever i want.

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Your art is amazing! I was incredibly happy to see that you use grids, I'm wondering if you print out a picture of the person your drawing and also draw a grid on that too? I always see tutorials on different art websites doing that. If not, how do you make sure everything is in the right square. If that makes sense, sorry that my question is so long.

Thank you! Your question makes perfect sense lol.

Actually, what I do is grid the picture on Photoshop and then I draw the grid on my paper based on the width of the image and how many squares take up the width. Then I draw by looking at the picture on my laptop.

It’s kinda weird to explain, I was supposed to make a video tutorial a while ago because people always ask. I’ll try to get around to that after Canon repairs my camera lol.

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1.) What is your middle name? My middle name is Stephanie

7.) Do you have any pets? Yes I have eight cats (believe it or not lol) and a dog X’D

12.) What was your last dream? I was with my girlfriend alexxknight15 and she was holding me and I carresed her face and nuzzled her (/)u(\ )

15.) What’s your favorite song? Well right now it’s Find a Way by Safetysuit

28.) What type of music do you like? I like alternative rock and metal. I also like anime music lol X’D

31.) What position of sleep do you sleep in? I sleep on my left side facing the wall

Thanks for asking!!

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Wait what do you mean sex toy party?!? Lol I'm confused 😕

It’s okay I was confused at first too haha. But then I read the invite and I was like ohhhh, ok 😅 It’s just gonna be a group of us ladies; there’s gonna be drinks, and we get to see some of the latest sex toys, lingerie, games etc. We get a free gift and we’ll be able to purchase any of the items shown. I’m so excited!! A room full of lovely, freaky ladies. I’m all about it 👍