why are you 12 klayley fans dancing?

so a webclip shows elijah repeating a line straight out of that wereducks mouth from episodes ago.. which is obvious writers ship intention. Well sure that’s something to dance about LOL

and just look at king klaus being his manipulating self with complimenting his walking incubator :) OH DA FEEEEEELZ

well….if you want something then you take it, it’s much better than waiting 100 years LOL. i wont even get started on the delusion y'all saw at the paleyfest

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what boy? is there a pic? xx

He’s somewhere on here, your job to find him. I haven’t got to that cringey stage of taking photos of us kissing in bed and posting them on Tumblr, like “me n ma sxci boo sharin a moment ov luv.”

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   The brushing smell of Indian food entwined with oleander
    wafted over his nose in simple pleasure. They were scents
    that otherwise the German ever would have recognized -
    though suddenly they were… too familiar to not catch his
                 It meant a more favorable presence was nearby,
    a stranger to his mind, but comfort to his heart. Even this
    feeling, however, was an odd one to him, though one met
    with grace and an undefinable shred of dismay over what
    could and never would be in his future.

     ❝Ah - see, you’re in luck. I’m fully clothed.
        Now, you know why you shouldn’t be here - so why return?❞

     After all - he was a monster, and never deserved the way
     Kala looked at him and was a fool to think otherwise once

Sooooooooo my parents are allowed to purposely say problematic, offensive shit to me so they can make fun of me for getting on my “soap box,” and when I start raising my voice after getting screamed at for calmly voicing a contrary opinion and standing up for other people, I’m immature, I’m attacking them, I’m spoiled, and I’m living in my own little world (even though their opinions are based on privilege and prejudice and mine are based on facts and at least AN ATTEMPT to check my own privilege).
And they also do this thing where they claim that my opinions will matter once I have a job. Uhhhh…I know how taxes and morality work, assholes. And I’m ALSO entitled to my opinions.

After the fire, Derek couldn’t for the life of him find any way to piece himself back together. With Paige, the hole was patched up by family, by soothing touches and sombre, empathetic looks that were sent his way. He was stifled by sheer empathy his family had showed him, and he, in turn, had greedily accepted the comfort like water into a sponge.

However, he didn’t anticipate that seeing her again would entail of fresh waves of pain. He thought that that ship had sailed and past. However, seeing the figure of the woman standing a way off, not realizing his presence, Derek realized that nothing was what it seemed to be.

Gasping, Derek stumbled forward, seeming like a fish out of water, beached and disoriented, ‘Paige?’

Can’t stand Laurel calling him Ollie.

Let’s reserve that for Thea pls

Facts aside, this fandom sees a blushing character and instantly associates it with romance/arousal. People blush for loads of different reasons. Now let’s pretend Mashima isn’t making disgusting jokes otherwise I’ll vomit. Lol.

air india has a new ad out and it’s all about this white dude who LOVES INDIA and he doesn’t even need to visit the country because he flies air india all the time!! great food and lovely indian stewardesses whoa!!! *insert corny dialogue with indian guy* *insert scenes of white dude being treated like royalty in first class with stewardess tucking him in when he wants to sleep* “I LOVE MY AIR INDIA :)”