psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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“Mr Trump blamed the bill’s defeat on Democrats, who proudly accepted responsibility”

Ahhh this flashback to the ACA passing just came over my twitter feed


wrathblook  asked:

Is Kinstuck still a thing? If not, than shoot! If yes, who are Meenah and Feferi's fathers and do they even care?

Kinstuck is still a thing in my heart and brain even if I haven’t updated it in a thousand years whoops

I might as well confirm that meenah’s bio-dad is actually GHB… which makes kurloz and gamzee her uncles technically I guess. Feferi’s dad is a dude condy met in college who is not a main cast member, I don’t have a name for him but he’s a sorta goofy ska musician/scuba instructor who lives in cabo. Don’t ask me why I just thought it was fun.

Condy never told them outright who their dad’s were, she’d usually just laugh or play it off when they asked or say stuff like “What? Having the best mom in the world isn’t enough for you?”, but they’re both really smart and resourceful so they eventually did figure it out. But It was more just a sibling-bonding thing and a way to one-up their mom more than something they actually cared about. 

Meenah doesn’t really like GHB, he was basically the main male authority figure in their lives growing up and she thinks he’s a grumpy jerk, so she was sorta bummed out about being related to him and she certainly doesn’t go out of her way to hang out with him. At 17 (the time of the portraits) Feferi has skype called her dad twice and thinks he’s nice enough, but doesn’t really feel a pressing need to get to know him better.

anonymous asked:

R u gay and if u are do u have any advice for a gay girl who feels uncomfortable about her sexuality? .w.

As someone who’s been in the “questioning” phase since puberty and only less than a year ago (I’m 22) has been able to openly accept that I’m not attracted to men, I dunno if I have any advice worth hearing except that being comfortable in your own skin is probably not going to happen all at once. I’m still very scared at the prospect of being in a relationship with a girl and I’m taking things one step at a time, there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ll be ready when I’m ready. Don’t feel pressured to come out, don’t label yourself if you don’t want to. Internalized homophobia doesn’t go away over the course of a weekend. Just practice self-affirmation and self-acceptance and learn to be, at a pace you’re comfortable with. Eventually, it’ll happen.

I’m pretty sure I’ve come to terms with how Arc-V can end. Either all eight counterparts separate and get to live their own lives or the series ends with them in Yuya and Yuzu and I headcanon in a few months or years they make the technology to separate them and in the meantime shenanigans galore with Yuya and Yuzu trying to live with three people living in their head and randomly switching at the most inconvenient times. So like no matter what I win.