Angry daughters concept art (◡‿◡✿)


Obama Left Ellen Degeneres Speechless After She Thanked him for Advocati…

An important moment. Because he pointed out, quite frankly, something to her that everyone knew, all along, was true. 

And she’s bashful and even a bit embarrassed. 

Ellen meant far more to the world than even she is willing to accept. 

Miraculous Ladybug: Episode 25 Origins 

Sara Loves Them Both is set to trend in T-minus 5 minutes. Head to twitter soon and tweet something like the following:

@TheCW @TheCW_Legends Sara Loves Them Both so please acknowledge that #SaraLanceIsBisexual  

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of you don’t care, (no one usually cares about personal posts on aesthetic blogs,,,) but I’m thinking about coming back to this blog. However, in addition to pastel pink (and maybe other pastel colors. Idk yet) posts, I want to make this my Love Live! blog as well. (Tbh I reblogged a lot of love live aesthetic posts in the past so this isn’t that big of a change anyway.) That’s the only way for me to start using this blog more often.

approximatephd  asked:

Re adulting: there's a nice youtube channel called How To Adult you could check out; tumblr howtogrowthefuckup is full of great resources about all adulting areas (CV, resume, interviews, getting your own apartment, etc), word of caution tho, that tumblr used to be like a rude advice blog so their old posts are worded, well, rudely (and with swear words), so if that's something that might upset you, proceed with caution.

thank you!!! i’ll check them out later :)

I got some kinetic sand! (Unfortunately it’s Kinetic Sand name brand since my mom bought it for me and she didn’t know any better ( •᷄ὤ•᷅) but that can’t be helped lol)

I’ve never had any before, so I was wondering what the best way to store it is? Would putting it in a ziplock bag be okay?