INFP/ENTP clothing choices

INFP: Ughhh we don’t have to dress up do we?

ENTP: Fuck no. Fuck this.

INFP: God I hate this. 

ENTP: Okay. Let’s make the most of this situation. I’ll be the sexy fireman. You can be whatever.


ENTP: Let’s rehearse this. 

INFP: God no.

ENTP: *bursts through door* DID SOMEONE SAY FIRE?

INFP: *choking on secondhand embarrassment*

ENTP: …You’re not playing along INFP…..

INFP: ….. okay, but are you gonna dress up?

ENTP: Yea. 90′s boyband is the way to go.

INFP: Yeah. Sure.

*four hours later*

ENTP: *shows up in white suit singing Bye Bye Bye*



On a second viewing birdicatt their performance is awesome,lol. ;) I’ll still don’t like the cave though and YES Mudai is a very difficult song people!


Septembered 4: Favorite Acoustic Performance


Where do we find Woody as the start of this series?

You find Woody knee deep in children! Woody’s got two kids, a beard, and he looks like someone out of Trainspotting. He’s completely let himself go and has turned into an official industry standard trampy dad. He’s got his own gang this time. This series it’s about Shaun’s journey again especially getting into the rave scene and all those things Shane was experiencing at the time. So this particular series isn’t so much about Woody and Lol as it is about the gang. It makes complete sense because we haven’t touched on Kelly, the information she’s been given about her father, so there’s a lot to deal with there. But Woody and Lol are – for the first time – happy. It’s time for them to be happy. They’ve still got problems, of course they have it’s This Is England!   For whole interview go here

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Part two to midnight roses? Hahaha

daytime daisies 

Yoongi x you; ft. bff Jimin; fluff; rated e for everyone; sequel to this 

“You love me.” 

You stare at him for a second… and then you wrinkle your nose. 

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As we ate lunch today, my mom prompted me to tell my dad about our idea of having him cosplay Gotoh. His response? “No way am I wearing a tuxedo to a con.”

Now I’m in the middle of Steak ‘N’ Shake damn-near yelling, “OK – First of all, IT’S NOT A TUXEDO.”

“Well, I’m no good at flipping coins, either!”

“Who cares?! I can’t even shuffle a deck of cards properly!”

Mom cuts in with a solid, “That coin shit’s just muscle memory. You can train.” For which she earned a jubilant high-five from me.

But my dad’s a stubborn man. “Not gonna happen.”

“Fine! Mom, take his measurements in his sleep and give them to me.” *defiant glare*

As we were leaving, Mom pulled me aside and said, “I’ll work on this *gestures at my dad* and see what we can do. Not like he’d be wearing something that crazy outlandish like…..some other costumes.”


So! Today I was working on compressing that spring you see in the first 2 pictures. It’s about 24" free and compressed length is about 15.75". Foreman and I had it nearly at full compressed length but had a tie bolt holding it at about 4 or so inches short of fully compressed. Well it started twisting out and I noticed it looked odd and got closer to see if it was straight still that’s when it started to shift out of the press. I jumped back but a piece of metal we used as a spacer to press with flew out and hit me in the head, the spring shot out and hit the floor bounced up then hit my left leg just above my knee but only pushed my leg back. So today I was doing the most dangerous job in the shop and got really really fuckin lucky a few inches more and it could’ve ended me. In good news the cradle we made for the spring to rest in my welds held lol. I was great during the adrenaline rush the cut quickly quit bleeding, slowly adrenaline dissipated my legs hurt more than my head. Got home and showered to remove the sweat, oil, dirt, and blood that’s when I started thinking my wife and daughter were a few inches from losing me today, death doesn’t scare me leaving them behind does.

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