joshgroban My dog is more cultured than most yogurts

All moved in to my apartment just of campus! ( And I possibly have a small hangover… ) I spent yesterday with my roommates just goofing off and celebrating having our refunds finally sent to us haha, so I was with them when I got here and the rest of the day. This is going to be a great Senior year I can tell <3

With that, I declare this Hiatus officially over!!!

I’m going to get to stuff, but I may be slow because I remember one of my roommates talking about going searching for Yard Sales or going to the Dollar store ( I need me a desk… ) but I’m here for now!

Hey guys. Ikno i look weird but i was checkin out my makeup lol. Hope everyone had a great day, i didnt post this yesterday cause i was busy and i was working all day today but here it is!! @pretty-friggin-gay @little-brown-alien @st0nerlesbian @sherlockedscorpio91 @ganja-goddess @whoduhthunkit @i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim @legitimatelala tagged me to toke!! Im gonna tag some of my buddies @stoned-pokemon-trainer @kaltheartist @bobbcarly @old-mother-sativa @lucas-the-kat @paradisiak @bongtokingprincess @pink-tanto @whospilledthebongwater @a-zen-lion @stonedsailorsaturn @kush4kae @stoner-vogue i would like to see those lovely ppl above!! 💚💚💨

By my posts I mean no disrespect to Jongin or Krystal as individuals and a couple. I personally just don’t believe they are a true couple (not because of any otp influence shut the fu-) but from shady shit SM has done and is known for. If anything that disrespect is towards SM lol and if you believe in kxk that is great, I am happy you do, but please do not spread or create fake rumours about kxk because that is very risky towards their careers. You are basically asking for the hate your fandom is getting and it’s not out of jealousy it’s just that shit is prettttty fucked up lol.. Some of the stuff you guys spread is unbelievable and unacceptable. Anyways my opinions are not to change anyones mind, it is just for my audience. Before you come to my askbox with hate because I’m a very logical person, note that my posts are for those with the same opinion,, it’s not my problem you chose to read it lol

edwardelric61  asked:

Is it easier to draw on a phone or a tablet? I always use my phone But I'm considering the huion Long live the art nerds

I use a Wacom IntuosPro, haha I could never do what I do on a phone XD lol 

a Wacom or a Huion would be great! :D I highly recommend either. 


Things I’ve done this weekend:

-I made macaroni salad. So far, this is the best I’ve ever made, like ever. Like, it’s a lot of mac salad, and I’m gonna be grazing on it for a while, but I’m not going to get sick of it. Because it’s that good. My great grandmother would be proud. Lol

-I got a haircut. It’s good to know people who will come over and cut your hair where you live. Mostly because then you can just sit in a comfy chair, take off your shirt, and let them work, life is good.
(Now I know what you are thinking - who goes to a salon a loses their shirt? Well, if you know me, you know I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleve….)

-so being that today is a bit warmer than yesterday, I’m going to do a huge favour for my parental unit. I’m going to wash the horse trailer. Just the outside - those a - holes can do the inside themselves.

-and for dinner??? Just like the forcast - partly cloudy, chance of tacos.

I have a lot more I want to say, and it’s all in various stages of writting, but I seriously hope you all have a beautiful weekend. And here’s a shout to all the people who are helping others move this weekend, such as @westcoastgirlie : you the real MVP!!!! Much love y'all!!!


9 mile long run from today! It was originally supposed to be 10 but we mismeasured our distance and we weren’t too worried about 1 mile lol. It was a really great run, overall it was downhill because the half marathon I’m running on 9/10/16 is mainly downhill as well. Really, really happy with that pace (: 

39/40 August miles… looks like I’m gonna meet my goal!!