Cat Appreciation Post!

Okay doodds. So I want to introduce you guys to my cat, Lola! She’s a pretty sweet and energetic little kitten. I got her quite recently and she’s such a great friend…. She really helps me to relax and control my stress. She’s also likes to watch me draw too.. She can be a brat at times, but I still love her… ♡

I have a bunch of pictures of her…

Like this one for example… I’m pretty bad at taking pictures (>人<;)

Anyways! That’s my cat! I hope y’all have a great day/night! ( ´∀`)


If they say “Awww look, she’s so cute, she’s not that scary”, wELL KEEP GROWLING AND APPROACH THEM IN AN INTIMIDATING WAY. They’ll probably get some insecure of what they said, and there’s when you can jump at them, pretending that you’re going to hurt them, and if they’re actually scared, well, you have organs uwu.

And make proud your bf >:3cc

I know it wasn’t serious that “help her” but i actually enjoyed doing this, lol.

This is great advice!

I shall use these notes for my next hunt! Hopefully it will be successful and I can finally taxidermy my first body and say; I HUNTED THAT. ALL BY MYSELF!! (at last!)

It lives in the Woods !!!

I can not wait for the next chapter of ilitw…well I can but I don’t want to , so I am replaying the book in antcipation of the upcoming chapter !!!
I have to wait until after work to actually play the chapter but still?!?
It lives in the woods is my getaway lol…the story is so great, I am obsessed…
Strangely enough I’m not finding it scary enough, like I try to play it in a dark room, lights dimmed ect but still no jumpscares or gasps, don’t get me wrong I feel the characters and the turmoil but no real creeps or shivers!!!


Ps. I have so many theories and expectations for this story, please keep up the good work Pixelberry !!!! ( and thank you)

Pps (or is it pss no?!?)
I am tryng to play n imagine the mc as myself…lol.


claire’s dream log // #2- cinder by @mayumi-chan

da: 5D00-0044-3006

// today i visited the lovely town of cinder. it’s foresty and autumnal and i had a lovely time crashing my way through the foresty underbrush. i met up with teddy (who was wearing a bear shirt lol) and beau, and had a great time exploring all the secret niches of this gorgeous town. a big thank you to @mayumi-chan for making this dream available!! //