Okay this has been pissing me off for a while.

Everyone always talks about Stiles feelings for Lydia. “Stiles still has feelings” “crush since the third grade” “10 year plan”  blah blah blah.

Even IF Stiles and Malia broke up (I don’t buy it.) Why does everyone think Lydia would be ok with pouncing on her friends ex.

Say what you will, but Malia and Lydia are friends. Lydia has come a long way since season 1 and she cares about her friends.

Pulling something like this would be a pretty shitty thing to do and would really hurt Malia. I would be so mad if the writers chose to destroy the girls friendship (which we waited for fucking ever for) and backtrack lydias development for the sake of a boring cliche’ storyline.

(lol sorry I needed to use this gif!)

Really though I want more bad ass girl power friendships and less shitty cliche’ love triangle storylines Thanks.

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Sam and Cait are sooo obsessed with that fake baby bump and the pregnancy storyline! LOL

It’s adorable.

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The obsession with Damon/delena did definitely ruin the show, they got way too carried away with that, and as a result sacrificed the plot for other characters. Also the mythology started to suck when Dries to took over- that woman has no concept of continuity or consistency.

I completely agree, anon. Dries even admitted herself that she’s terrible at writing mythology storylines, lol. Now if we could also get her to admit she’s an incompetent unprofessional biased idiot who never got past the mental age of fourteen, that’d be great.

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Basically what is happening is Alec is being reduce to only have storyline about his sexuality. Not about him learning to love himself through a personal growth storyline but instead he's gonna learn to love himself cause he's forced to by this (lol) wonderful arranged marriage storyline so his parents can force straight on him and then he wakes to realize that *gasp* he's gay!!!1!1!!1!1!! Can't we get a arc with him without forcing a fucking relationship on him to add drama? Sorry for the rant

Surely Alec already knows he’s gay though? His sexuality was pretty much all he got in the books too really. He was unhappy because he was in love with Jace and scared of what would happen if people found out and then he fell in love with Magnus and came out. He learned to love himself because he learned to accept himself. With the arranged marriage plotline it would explain a lot of why he’s so miserable at the start? I understand it seems pretty forced and weird but did anyone say the arranged marriage was purely because of his sexuality? Because I think if they make arranged marriage a pretty common Shadowhunter tradition then I think it would work out pretty well. His parents would still be oblivious to his being gay so it wouldn’t be something intentionally malicious they were doing to him, and because Alec is always so afraid of letting people down, especially his family, he’d just go along with it to keep his family happy and he probably thinks its his best option because Jace would never love him. And then when he falls in love with Magnus it gives him a reason to accept himself and fight back and live for himself. That way it would become less about the arranged marriage and his relationship with Magnus and more about how he grows as a character, if you know what I mean? I could be wrong because I didn’t see the original information that was released but I think that would work alright tbh. I saw a post earlier about how it would give him more of a reason to be so upset and angry all the time rather than just because he was friendzoned. I agree with that

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Why is Orochimaru in the cover. We don't need his irrelevant ass in there. The onion jr would have been better given the storyline.

Lol I like Orochimaru but i don’t get why he’s on there when he was in one chapter, I wasn’t expecting Sakura on it but I was definitely expecting Sasuke, I understand why Shin, Naruto and Sarada and Chouchou are on it but Oro lol.

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When will people learn that there are asshats and problematic stuff in every fandom and nothing is ever rose and lilies. Not even Night Vale fandom is all sunshine.

like i don’t mind when people point out really harmful shit, by all means DO THAT. but when people are complaining bc the fandom is too annoying, or immature or some shit it’s like omg pls CHILL every single fandom is a mess! 

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They definitely cancelled it too soon plus the writer’s strike. They should’ve seen the definite shift towards the vampire craze though. I just remember ranting to my friend about it, it was obvious that the show was on point with trends in the genre

Ohh yea… The writer’s strike that caused the downfall of so many once upon a time good shows *looks at heroes* /sigh. Moonlight was better than those other vampire shows tbh, lol. It had a good storyline and so much potential. I’m still bitter about it.

I know that people talking about their dreams (like the ones they get when they’re sleeping) usually really bores people but I swear to god I really find my own dreams so incredibly interesting that I always want to try and preserve them because I feel they would make a damn cool book.

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but theo saw how stiles was looking at lydia before they went to the hospital, but the doctors ended up doing something to her during her surgery. I think theo has something to do with that.

Yep, but Theo didn’t have any contact with the doctors between the station scene and the hospital scene (not that we know, at least). Or maybe Theo just wants to screw everyone up, because honestly what’s up with him? He just got there and he’s trying to tear Scott’s pack apart for what exactly? Unless it’s because he knows this pack’s strength comes from their friendship and trust in each other. So if they lose hope in Scott (still not buying this shit tbh) they won’t be as strong and therefore it will be easier to kill them? This season is honestly very confusing. I truthfully have no idea what is going on lol But, um, what if Theo is the only experiment that worked? What if he was made by the doctors and it worked? And they’ve been trying to make it work again ever since? I didn’t believe a word he said about being bitten by that wolf. Someone make that kid walk through mountain ash. I bet he’ll be able to do it.


What or who is your inspiration?

people who, despite the odds, continue fighting. S/O TO ALL OF YOU

Do you often have a short-temper?

only if you approach me in the 10 minutes right when i wake up

Do you often have days where you either hot or cold with anybody, not in-between?
no i dont think so

What’s something you have a very strong opinion about?

judging a book by its cover. dont do dat

Would people consider you to be materialistic?

nah dont think so

Is it hard for you to accept change?


What would someone have to do in order to catch your attention?

be yourself tbh. nothing worse than trying to act differently 

Do you often feel a world with two different aspects of yourself?

yup. just like steins;gate

Would people consider you to be flighty?


What gets you emotional?

a good storyline LOL

Are you family orientated in everything you do?

i try to be

Do you feel the need to be needed?

sometimes. its a nice feeling to be needed

What are you best at?

im a quick learner i guess. 

Do people often assume you’re pretentious?

i wouldnt think so

Do you hate being alone?

no not really


Name an interesting fact about yourself.

my arms are hairless

Do you often over analyze simple situations?

i over analyze everything

Are you often skeptical?

kind of not really


How far would you go to make someone feel better?


Do others consider you to be stuck up?

no. maybe. only on league HAH

Do you often try to find common ground when in a political debate?
i dont do political debates

Do you believe in love at first sight?

yes and no. yes because it doesnt sound unbelievable and no because it hasnt happened to me.

Would you often call yourself a moody person?

mood swings every now and then hurrdurr

Do you tell it like it is to your friends?

straight truthin

What’s your biggest goal in life?

just to be successful.

Are you often humorous?

very HAHA

Would you like to go on many adventures?

yes if not held back by wallet constraints

Are you someone who trusts easily?

too easily

Are you self-sufficient?


Do you often conceal yourself from the world around you?

i try to be ninja. ive been told im not very ninja tho

How loyal are you to other people?

extremely. why else put that much effort into a friendship or relationship?

Do you come across as cold and aloof at times?

only on bad days

Do you often think about the complexities of life?

did you mean: BEDTIME THOUGHTS

Do you hide how you feel or do you speak your mind?
both. usually hiding how i feel is for the sake of the people i know. i dont want them to shoulder that kind of burden. and i’d speak my mind on issues that need vocal clarity, from anything like media, relationship issues, or how that hat actually looks like on you.

Have you ever given it your all just to have someone walk away from your life?

yea. sucks

Do you have any skills or interests in the arts?

i’ve played the violin before and its probably the main reason why i like music as much as i do. ive also got a weak spot for photography, drawing, and writing. 

About You:
What sign are you?


What sign is your best friend?


What sign is the person you like/significant other?


Do you believe in astrology?

not really. but its fun reading the horoscopes and seeing how accurate it is LOL

If you could change your sign will you?

no #libro4life


Why does everybody I meet in the city have a Tyler perry directed storyline ? Lol somebody get Jesus on the mainline PLEASE . Enough is enough. 😂

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I might check Gangsta out! I'm usually not a big anime person but sometimes I do watch it :) I just started Mirai Nikki today and I'm on ep18. It's pretty good so far. I've been on a hunt looking for something like tokyo ghoul, a friend recommended Mirai Nikki so I started it but it's nowhere near tokyo ghoul haha. Do you have any anime you can recommend? I'm into anything as long as its got action, LOTS of blood and gore, and a good storyline lol!

My brother is ALWAYS telling me to watch Mirai Nikki but I still haven’t started it. Gangsta is very gore and action filled. Another anime called, Seraph Of The End is great. Tons of gore, action, and good comedy every now and then. Its about vampires, but isn’t clique like most vampire anime where its all, “Oh I’m a vampire, you’re a cute anime girl, lemme drink your blood.” Its very thrilling, exciting, and emotional all at the same time. Another action/gore anime is Fate Stay Night and Fate/Zero. The plot is a bit vague at first, but I really liked the overall dark atmosphere and character development. Those are my main suggestions. Do you read any books? I’m a huge book worm!