💮 I don’t know, Frisk… but I don’t think you can just cut the dress like that just to show you’re wearing shorts underneath.

✿ It feels more airy this way! 

💮 ……..

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Hi! I'm just wondering what your reaction is reading CH. 119. What do you think will happen next chapter?

Hiya anon~!

I was so tense reading this chapter hahaha XD Especially everything in the second half with Lili and Soo-Won/Hak. Though, seeing some Ayura action and Kushibi’s face (keep workin’ that ‘stache!) was very cool. Plus, we know Yona and Jae-Ha are returning, which will not only be awesome from a “wild Yona appears” perspective, but also a “Hakona reunion omgslayme” perspective :3 

However, I am getting pretty scared that something bad will happen to one(?) of the characters. Kusanagi-sensei rarely lets the characters go through something like this without someone being injured or some sort of mental trauma occurring, and I must say I’m eyeing Hak, the Wind Tribe members and Ayura with a little fear. How sad would it be if all of the funny Wind Tribe shenanigans we’ve been seeing are the happiness before the heartbreak? D: 

Or, maybe the Hak and Soo-Won reunion will be enough drama, because DHODWFFOJHLSKHSNK!! I can’t take it DX I just… *facefloors* Hak and Soo-Won feels slay me and whenever they’re together… Ijustcan’t. Ahhhhh, what are they going to do!? What are they going to say!? It’s just so heartbreaking and moving and exciting all at the same time. I will say this though: I really hope Soo-Won and Hak get to interact before Yona reappears. I think they need a little more time with just the two of them. 

(Oh, there’s also the hairpin thing, but tbh I haven’t really formed an opinion on what I want to happen there, so I’m not sure ^__^”)

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I'm so confused, what in the world happened in chapter 7?????????

It’s mostly a MEZZO” centered chapter, so that’s not my area of expertise. The most important part of it, though, is President Yaotome attempting to lure Sogo and Tamaki away from Takanashi Productions because he wants to crush IDOLiSH7. He brings up Aya (Tamaki’s sister), and because of that, Tamaki almost goes with him. It’s also the chapter the other members find out about Tamaki having a younger sister. The chapter concludes with mentions about MEZZO” debuting and Music Festival as well. @idolish-seven has posted a notice that hopefully Chapters 4 and 5 will be translated by the end of the month, so Chapter 7 will be coming out soon. Please be patient with them as all of the admins are currently studying or working. (I’m a student too, but my schooling allows for much more free time.)

I love Felicity’s storyline this episode. I love how the writers addressed her wheelchair, the fact that the board members thought that it would make her presentation less good. The fact that Curtis told her that her in her wheelchair is a brilliant force of nature.

And the fact that Felicity Smoak, this confident upbeat female CEO in a wheelchair, absolutely killed that presentation.

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I know I don't have to tell you, cause you seem like a really great person, but I just wanna say that I HOPE the hate that people have for Caleb (I myself don't hate him! He seems like a nice guy, so far... but as a hardcore Gallavich shipper, I DON'T approve! lol) doesn't transfer over to the actor! Remember people: these are ACTORS portraying FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! No matter how much we love them, THEY'RE NOT REAL! I say this cause I've seen so many ACTORS get hate for portraying a character!

Yeah I haven’t seen too much of that which is good! Though I’m only on here (fandom wise) so idk.

It’s not even just the mickey-less of it (though it does still hurt lol) but the only Ian storyline/plot/whatever that I actually liked was him feeling like crap but wanting to find a purpose. That purpose soon goes to just wanting to fuck a firefighter at a barbecue bc he’s never done it there.

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The most I going out I have done is my older sister came home from Texas for her friends wedding and I went to the bachelorette party...wish I didn't I made way to much eye contacted with the male stripper trying not to accidentally stare at his junk

Oh God almost dies for a completely different reason. Rip. Lol my sister’s Bachelorette party isn’t until August thankfully but I doubt there will be strippers since I’m going to be surrounded by a bunch of good followers of the lord. I sincerely doubt anything dirty will happen but I may be pleasantly surprised. Again doubtful girl barely made it through Magic Mike which case I watched it purely for Gabriel Iglesias. Lol that storyline was so bad I was laughing through most of it. Dad’s freaking out cause even Mom watched it and he’s like why are you all watching this crap in 3 different locations?! He couldn’t handle it so of course I’m losing it even more but we’re all grown adults now even if we’re his little girls.

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Am I a fan?: Yes

Favorite move: Hmm, probably the fully leveled explosive punch that staggers you.

Favorite quote: I don’t really know any of them lol

Favorite storyline/ending: This is technically more of regular Sol, but I like how even tho I-no kills Order Sol to get rid of regular Sol because of time travel, Sol just gives absolutely 0 fucks about time paradoxes and continues existing anyways.

Enjoy Playing As?: Yes

Changes I would make?: No idea really

Unpopular opinion: Bring him back for Xrd

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send me a fighting game character

Am I a fan?: Yeah. I used to main him in SCIV

Favorite move: His qcf/qcb quick-stances. Shit’s powerful.

Favorite quote: “IS THERE NO OTHER WAY?” - while clearly prepared for a fight, lol

Favorite storyline/ending: something, something, Soul Edge

Enjoy Playing As?: Yeah. Xiba is no Kilik

Changes I would make?: I wish he wasn’t an Edgemaster in SCV

Unpopular opinion: Kilik > Seong Mina

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May I ask foreshadowing for what? Proper curious now lol

Foreshadowing for a future storyline where one of Rakesh’s flats set on fire ;) I mean it’s probably not actually foreshadowing, I haven’t a clue if one of Rakesh’s flats will actually set on fire lmao.

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the fighting game for ps1 tho jojo adventuer

Am I a fan?: yes

Favorite move: all of dio’s supers

Favorite quote: idk lol

Favorite storyline/ending: i don’t think there’s more than one ending

Enjoy Playing As?: kakyoin and polnareff

Changes I would make?: make forever/strength playable

Unpopular opinion: most fun jojo game


I like the storyline lol everyone so attractive though but there’s Kihyun screaming death sentence @ me

i need to hop off this song on spotify because now i have awful ideas bc paige (thanks 2 total divas canon and wwe tryna make that also wwe canon bc lol why write storylines when we can use months old drama???) canonly will do p much whatever it takes to keep her s/o happy, especially if she really really loves them and doesn’t want to lose them and im just… [spritzes myself w/ holy water] baethany no