The signs and taking tests
  • Aries: lol test? what test?.... *jumps out of window* you can't touch me I'm not part of the school!!!!
  • Taurus: *walks into class, in pyjamas, sees the test* Nope. *turns around, walks the fuck out*
  • Gemini: I studied sooo much history last night like I'm gonna ace this! *this is actually a math test* FUCK not again
  • Cancer: *is relaxed the time before* hey guys we can do this! *walks into class* PANIC!
  • Leo: *brought 157$ cash* Hahaha you guys don't worry, I'm good *staples it to the test*
  • Virgo: *furiously cramming and reading notes* aaaaaghhhhhhh omg I'm gonna fail *after test* ey that wasn't too bad
  • (btw fuck you Virgo we know you did well okay)
  • Libra: *only person to relax and take the test like normal being* K let's go get foooooood
  • Scorpio: *gave up about 3 years ago*
  • Sagittarius: *still high* LET'S DO THIS. *writes about 24 pages of sarcastic bullshit*
  • Capricorn: *pulled and all nighter, running on coffee and adrenaline* ahahahahha whoops I forgot that I don't care (btw fuck you too Capricorn we all know you also did well)
  • Aquarius: *half way through the test* wait... Is this even my class? Eh probably not *finishes and leaves*
  • Pisces: *insert woeful voice* Oh what it life? What is reality? Will I ever he free of these days? I will sit here and pity myself *also does well* (fuck you too Pisces)