martinthepheonix asked:

The reason we want you te see that show is because we wan't to see your heart get crushed under the sad drama that happens. Like how it happend to us. SHARE OUR PAIN.

Lol i dont rly get that kind of feelings from shows that easily

Only certain stuff, like Jurassic World– even then it wasnt sad tears it was just uhh nostalgia of a Jurassic Park fan

One thing that DID fuck me up badly and made me cry really hard was Presentable Liberty tho…jesus fuck..never again

@ellanewphysiquelook: Gains happens when you rest !!! Remember about that!! Not when you pushing yourself like crazy without seeing any results…very important is to listen to your body ! I am always teaching my clients to do so! Especially after contest, when you absolutely weak and low on energy… Smart way is to get week is the best if you close to your next show like in my case! I rested 5 days, enjoying my favourite meals, eat whatever I want without pain. Lol …and well HELLO GAINS!!! Did shoulders&arms! Pump was crazy!! Also want to mention I didn’t push myself hard..take it easy after your rest/break start gentle with your training just to be able to continue increasing intensity and volume of your workouts in the next days ! Always train smart ! And your body will thank you for that ! #haveagreatday #pumped #lean #5weekstillhalifax