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You know, putting aside my rage on Sonny’s behalf, I’m happy that Sonny is noticeably hurting because at least the show is admitting that Paulson still exists. The feelings are still there and acknowledged on both Paul and Sonny’s parts. I’ll take it

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Yay, for some semblance of continuity? Lol. But if nothing’s going to come from it, I’d rather not be tortured. Lol. The whole scene with the four of them was just so weird. Everything bothered me, especially the completely wrong comment about Ari having nieces and a nephew. Lol. It was physically painful to watch Sonny’s heart get smushed over & over again today. It’s exhausting to watch the show when every time he’s on screen I feel like crying and eating nothing, but Ben & Jerry’s pints for a week. I think I might be a bit to emotionally involved. Lol.


       by dominationkid

top banner miku art credit to Polvo from society6.

after about 1.5 months…i have finally finished this one…*dies* _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ 
i began to think that why i decided to make this shop towards the end cuz i needed to make almost everything on my own. (such a painful process lol) so basically it is a toy shop but i enlarged everything and my friend said that it already became a wax museum or something.. XDDDD

i wanna give a big thank you to winglysimmer for rigging and converting ONE PIECE characters!! i love you!! T^T and also i wanna thank purplemoonsims for rigging Lightning Farron and Queen of Hearts. You are amazing!! kiruluvnst also helped me with editing a lot, let me give you a kiss~!!! lol… finally, thank you simfection for letting me recolor your record store conversions!! really appreciate everyone!! 

kiruluvnst​, pipifonnesims3
and flowerchamberthank you for your sims. xD
(they’re in the photos lol) and thank you dearkims for the poses.  ♥

sorry for the long post, but..
 it will be even longer…

Alice in Wonderland

Final Fantasy


Hyperdimension Neptunia V

Kingdom Hearts

Neon Genesis Evangelion

❖ sorry that Rei is missing, i couldn’t find a good model of her. but if i do, i’ll upload and share.

One Piece

❖ the main characters are by winglysimmer, HERE.
❖ the textures of both ships aren’t perfect.

Summoners War


(Sword Art Online-Kirito / Little Big Planet-Sackboy / Dragon Quest-Slime)

all 3d models’ credits are listed in item descriptions.

okay this is getting too long. ಠ_ಠ
must insert the keep reading line lol…

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                              “Fuck    !

No, he didn’t just curse like that. That was the whistling wind and no one heard that.

I love English stadiums. The fans are faithful. I saw Newcastle fans applauding after a relegation. If that happened in Spain they would be waiting with sticks.

After I finished playing, I went to both clubs who sing You’ll Never walk Alone. I saw Liverpool vs Everton at Anfield. I’d played there twice, touched the This Is Anfield sign. Then I went back as a fan. Benitez was manager and Luis Garcia got me tickets. We recognized? Only once.

And I went to Celtic vs Milan at Elland Road? No, Parkhead. Celtic is Parkhead. I went with friends and stood with the fans. I wore the scarf. I wanted to hear You’ll Never Walk Alone before the game, to feel it as a fan. What a great atmosphere. I love the concept of following your team.

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The guy i like likes someone else and comes to me for advice and i want to tell him how i feel but i dont want to be rejected. Life sucks!!😔

i know how you feel :( my guy friend and i started getting super close when I was helping him get his girl back and I kinda fell for him at the same time i was setting him back up with his girl lol. Very painful process especially when he says things like “why haven’t we dated?”. Go for it!

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You know that post that says 'What if birthmarks are the places that actually killed us in our past life?' And I thought about Dipper's and imagine if in their past lives something similar happened as in OtGF (y'know the whole kidnapping thing) with the only difference that, of course in the start he didn't have the mark, and he died bleeding in Wirt's arms 。◕‿◕。

you monster

                    S T A M P S - Headcanon (1/∞)

Rabastan has a collection of stamps, each student of the Slytherin House having one reserved for them. And, at arbitrary moments, he will stamp the person with the one he has decidedly placed as their stamp. The placement of the stamp is different every time, each person holding a different meaning to their selected place. But, his branding on them is still made known to the entire castle for at least a day. Those he stamps may not entirely know his reason behind it, for you cannot measure the weight of words on a scale. But, each of them carries meaning, a reasoning to his choice of stamp. 

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and safeanclsound

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, you choose 25 people to tag.
You have to tag the person that tagged you.

Last Drink: idk I just had a root beer float so root beer???????
Last Phone Call: a FaceTime to my best friend, Gracie
Last Text: “Idk but I have to charge my phone so talk to you later”
Last Song You Listened To: Be Like You - Ed Sheeran
Last Time You Cried: last night


Dated Someone Twice: I haven’t ever dated anyone lol
Been Cheated On: nope
Kissed Someone And Regretted It: haven’t been kissed
Lost Someone Special: yes
Been Depressed: yes
Been Drunk And Thrown Up: no to both smh
Three Favorite Colors: maroon, light pink, wolf’s grey


Made A New Friend: yeah!
Fallen Out of Love: idk do crushes count??
Laughed Until You Cried: yes!
Met Someone Who Changed You: yep
Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: as far as I know yeah but they could turn on me
Found Out Someone Was Talking Behind Your Back: yep lol and I dragged them whoops
Kissed Anyone On Your (FB but i don’t have one so Insta) Friends List: nope


# Of People On Your (FB) Instagram Friends List You Actually Know: idk and I’m too lazy to count
Any Pets: no 😓😓
Do You Want To Change Your Name: hella yes
What Did You Do For Your Last Party (play music, talk, etc.): idk it was a bar mitzvah so we ate and stuff
What Time Did You Wake Up Today: 9:00 am
What Were You Doing At 12 Last Night: finishing up writing a letter
Something You Can’t Wait For: College and living alone!!!!!!
Last Time You Saw Your Mother: I’m with her rn
What Are You Listening To Right Now: nothing but if I could be listening to something prob Florence + The Machine
Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom: yeah
What’s On Your Nerves Right Now: idk I kind of have to pee but I don’t want to get up
Blood Type: O I think???? Or A idk
Relationship Status: married to myself
Zodiac Sign: sun = Aries moon = Cancer
Pronouns: she/her but I’m down with you calling me dude
Favorite TV Show: portlandia, Parks & Rec, or OUAT
Tattoos: nopee
Righty or lefty: righty!!
First surgery: does getting teeth pulled out count???? If so, that
First piercing: ears
First best friend: Jack
First sport you joined: I joined gymnastics and dance at the same time
First Vacation: my family loves to travel and we do a lot so I can’t remember and neither can my mom or dad
First Pair Of Sneakers: idk???? who remembers this???


Eating: cheeze balls
Drinking: nothing
I’m About To: post this on Tumblr
Listening To: haven’t I already answered this?? Nothing
Waiting For: another root beer float
Want Kids: probably not. if I ever had any, I would only want one
Get Married: I mean, yeah, but I think it will take a long time. My worst fear in life is divorce
Dream Career: interior designer, professor or writer


Lips Or Eyes: on me both bc I have full lips and beautiful eyes but on other people eyes
Hugs Or Kisses: both cause I can’t choose bear hugs are so cuddly and fun but kissing is probably so fun too
Shorter Or Taller: taller definitely I want to be a 7" woman so I can tower over people :)
Older Or Younger: like romantic partner wise??? in that case older but like if I would like to be older or younger, I would choose younger
Romantic Or Spontaneous: this is so hard omg. probably both. be romantic while being spontaneous
Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: my dream man isn’t chiseled, but probably abs bc that would be fun to rest my head against
Sensitive Or Loud: both tbh
Hook Up Or Relationship: easy, relationship bc they’re cute and stuff
Trouble-Maker Or Hesitant: def hesitant


Kissed A Stranger: no
Drank Hard Liquor: heck no
Sex On The First Date: nope
Broke Someone’s Heart: maybe. Actually probably but not on purpose
Had Your Heart Broken: so many times
Been Arrested: I’ve had my fingers in squirrel handcuffs?
Cried When Someone Died: yeah
Fallen For A Friend: yep


Yourself: sometimes yeah sometimes no. I’m pretty hard on myself
Miracles: idk. none have ever happened to me.
Love At First Sight: yeah
Santa Claus: I would like to but no
Kiss On The First Date: not for me, but sure
Angels: no

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