i cant believe i successfully streamed the entire 12 hours of knk’s vlive broadcast yesterday, it was really crazy. 

  • in a nutshell the boys were themselves as usual, i love their interactions because it just shows theyre one nice giant cuddly fam.
  • it was cute how they followed a schedule and had a bell ring to signal game time  
  • sometimes you’d think ‘are seungjun n heejun rly close?’ and you see heejun resting his head on seungjun’s stomach and tapping his leg, just so cuddled up against him.. he even fell asleep on seungjun’s knee lmao +their reaction to fifty shades of grey advertisement was super funny!!
  • KOKO IS THE CUTEST PUPPY TO EXIST  like it was so cute to see knk cherishing koko, playing with her, stroking her, playing tricks with her, and you can tell koko loves being with the members too;; 
  • they played were playing a horror game ‘Emily Wants to Play’ i think? and when she appeared on screen everyone flipped out except youjin it was hilarious bc he really looked like he didnt give a shit lmfao
  • youjin was such a parent lmfao he looked kinda done in the first hour already but being the caring dad he is, he lets his kids play cart rider on his laptop and all sort of other games. there were many times he kept reminding tinkerbell (knk’s fandom name!) to make sure our phones werent overheating from streaming and assured us their own broadcast camera wasnt going to ‘explode’ lmao (they even kept ice on the camera). he kept being teased by heejun bout his ‘youjin mochi’ nickname. when he got tired he went into the tent and the maknae line just piled on him and squished him lmao 
  • heejun’s soothing vocals and guitar?? i’d watch him do that any day. this boy is really so multi talented 
  • damn inseong’s vocals too and when he sang ‘hurricane’ again i kinda teared up because lord and anyway he kept eating as usual lmao he’s the true foodie in the group (seungjun too actually,, I YELLED WHEN THEY WERE EATING MACAROONS AT LIKE 4AM IN THE MORNING)
  • seungjun deadass brought his entire harry potter costume over, and the usual, his wand, to do spells (which the members entertain him by reacting to his ‘spells’)
  •  they played cart rider a lot on youjin’s laptop and even played with tinkerbells on the game (youjin revealed his gaming ID and set a password for tinkerbells to enter the gaming room on cart rider) 
  • TWISTER WAS SO WILD LOL one of the funniest moment was when inseong’s leg was in between seungjun’s and seungjun felt it was weird and they all start cracking up and jihun couldnt stand the erotic feeling because of them and threw his jacket over their ‘erotic position’ lmao
  • i dont think tinkerbells were aware that there was a goal that knk had in mind in the first 6 hours? not sure when they announced they wanted 5 million hearts so that they can have a mini concert  B UT WE MADE IT!!! the last hour of the broadcast everyone kept tapping like crazy and the boys were watching the hearts go up too, expressing their joy the moment it reached 5m hearts ;;; they were so happy and it was so worthwhile to stay up and tap hearts for them!!
  • basically there was a lot of gaming, talking, squishing each other in the tent while lying down, eating, playing with koko, resting on each other, laughing, and it was all rly cute honestly knk gives off a warm feeling 
most epic minecraft moments
  • gotta be getting that diamond pickaxe baby
  • killing the creeper before he gets ya!
  • obtaining the eye of the spider 
  • upgrading from the xbox 360 edition to the xbox one edition for a bigger world
  • that simpsons skin pack… total LOL at that one! 
  • that moment whenyou see the Nether for the first time… totally epic 
  • when Notch pwns girlies on his twitter… step back girls, minecraft is a boy’s game! 
  • reflecting a ghasts fireball. take that! Juked! 
  • not being scared of herobrine 
  • new episode of Shadow of Israphel 
Polaris ReTURN Part 2

Hi everyone :)

This is a continuation from part 1. For those who missed it here it is

First and foremost I’d like to point out this cover is tribute to Jim Steranko where Lorna was first introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as where Marvel boldly declares Lorna to be Magneto’s daughter. Along with Steranko’s artwork, this issue also features the first appearance of the modern X-Men logo. But look at this new cover by Arthur Adams, wow. Isn’t amazing? So here are my thoughts of the X-Men Blue #9 :)

Oh My God I don’t even know where to start. So many things I would like to point out. Let me begin by saying resurgence has all the ingredients for a spectacular Lorna Dane. After she was last seen in Magneto book (2015), had a cameo in Uncanny X-Men (2016), finally here she is in X-Men Blue (2017). Oh My, if only you can see my face :)

I’m gonna bring some stuff I mentioned from part 1 of X-Men #8 (I posted a link above for those who didn’t read) where I was right about everything.

Let’s go to the X-Men Blue page, where Marvel is giving a short detail from previously issue #8.

I believe I clearly expressed before that Polaris was going to continue to be introduced as Magneto’s daughter because she IS the daughter of one of the most powerful and recognizable mutants. I also believe I mentioned that Marvel wants new readers to know Polaris is Magneto’s daughter (and Havok’s Ex-Girlfriend) whether we like it or not and there ain’t no going back in retconning Polaris’s parentage (I don’t think Marvel wants to make another mistake) like they did with the twins. Speaking of which…

((You has to admit this is funny, lol.))

And this is where the frustration led to people to scream. The frustration of their wishes because sadly the twins are no longer Magneto’s kids. That’s why “they” go along writing their frustration by downgrading Lorna everywhere she goes. The person can be absolutely pissed simply when a writer makes her what they don’t expect from her… an interesting, badass, strong character. Strange, because she has always been interesting and strong since her first appearance.

This is what I like about @cullenbunn. He has a good sense of humor where he can joke while simultaneously being honest. Magneto doesn’t have as many kids as he used to and this is coming from someone who has the ability to open up secret conversations and relay covert information. Jean’s telepathy (the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information) allows her to read the minds of others. She can read/sense another person’s thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts as well to read the target’s memories. If Jean knew Lorna was Magneto’s daughter (and they have not met yet I think. Maybe off-panel), obviously she knows Magneto is not the father of the twins. Sadly but true and as she said, “it’s complicated” especially for the new readers. However, old fans are (I think) already getting used to it. It’s been almost 3 years since their retcon. Unfortunately that’s what the twins were to begin with, a retcon. I guess that make them the illegitimate children, poor bastards, lol. At least Peter David explained the true history of Polaris’s parentage in the pages of X-Factor and it was quite brilliant. It left her as the daughter of Magneto while also tying in all the swerves along the way.

PS: Remember when I stated the big event is yet to come where we will further see her description as Lorna Dane aka Polaris aka Mistress of Magnetism and yes… the daughter of Magneto (above and below panels).

Daddy’s little Mistress of Magnetism” So, her description was not only on text but on subtext as well. Remember Jean told Jimmy “That’s Polaris! Magneto’s daughter!” and here “Mistress of Magnetism”. Oh and Havok called her “Lorna”.

So, if you’re a new reader, you got everything you need to know about who she is. Further more you will learn and see a lot more about the beautiful green haired :)

Important note: See this panel here

Polaris: “You Always Thought… Between Magneto And Me…I Was The Weakest. But You’re Going To Want To Rethink That.” Another badass quote, YAAASSS. I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about this badass quote (I will discuss about this at some point). Here is the proof that Lorna was always stronger than her father (I knew it all along). Probably even stronger than anybody else. Think about it… if Magneto beats the whole team combined, that says enough about his daughter (well, she did it as Malice, (without being distracted of course) food for thought).

Another thing to point out. If you’re a fan of Peter David’s last run on All New X-Factor (myself included) you will be happy with the re-emergence of two X-Men women from that last volume.

Polaris and Danger, YAAAASSSS! What do you think of their return? Some big developments are on our way and some more interactions. Peter David did great with them in his run of All New X-Factor. I love how Lorna, Wanda, and Danger interacted. It was more like a girls night out. They were (except Danger of course) drinking, eating, and having a good time (Who remembers when Polaris ripped Danger’s body apart? lol).

So without further digression, let’s go back to the Character INTERACTIONS.

And when I say I mean it… I mean it :P

Lorna Dane steps in to help the young X-Men. It’s the battle of EX ’S Havoc vs Polaris. Here we have essentially a dualistic principle, which, though it can largely be accounted for by the interaction of the couple that were (or still) in love with each other. Their interactions weren’t what she’d generally considered normal, but she was able to see the moment fate warned her of, when Havok decided to attack her. I believe I mentioned that their “oh baby I love you, I need you, I want you” was not what this story was about, lol. This is one of the biggest moments ever. Seeing these 2 facing each other and believing in 2 different causes. A couple we have known forever.

Additionally, we will at some point in the not-too-distant future have enough understanding of the complex interactions between Lorna and Havok and same with her father. You better believe it’s coming. Let’s face it. It’s the dynamic interaction between the characters that makes this story so great. Polaris and Havok are among some of the elder statesmen of the Marvel Universe. Before the New Mutants were new, they had already logged considerable battle time. Even after all their accomplishments, are still mostly identified by their relationships to other, better known individuals, and because of that, they are famous. Sometimes romance is important to have in stories. Despite being in relationship, both have been the protagonist and antagonist and played many interesting roles together.

Past Interactions:

Havok and Polaris (Magneto’s daughter) are an item in the comics. This is a couple known as… Forever Glue. For 4 decades, Polavok have been the protagonist in every superhero team they ever led. They have been so fascinating. Their relationship worked well for both characters when Peter David was writing X-Factor (now we have Cullen Bunn who is one of the best writers from this new era). For a long time Lorna and Alex served in 3 different incarnations as leaders of X-Factor while Lorna served 4 (she was also the leader of the Marauders so that’ll make 5 for her). They were also the leaders and the first Incarnation of the new Starjammers (6) and both achieved their goals and both served a purpose in the story. I always really liked this aspect of the ex couples backstories/personalities. I don’t see where the problem is with them interacting when both were the main characters in many superhero teams. Their interaction helps develop the characters and the story’s conflict. Let’s be honest. The conflict between the protagonist and antagonist is what hooks our interest, creates suspense, and drives the plot of most stories and this is what we’re seeing here right now with Lorna and Alex, with his or her own fear or worry or the need to make a decision. How interesting and important interaction is. It is one of the reasons why Chris Claremont made Polaris an antagonist while as Malice and made her the new leader of the Marauders to go against the X-Men. Lorna has been both protagonist and antagonist. I don’t recall Polaris ever being a subordinate character. At least not in many stories.

Anyway, the protagonist in the story is usually a dynamic character. This is a character who changes in an important way throughout the story. By the end of the story this character has gained a new understanding, made an important decision, or taken a crucial action. These characters are capable of growing, learning, and changing. Lorna has been through a lot of changes and growth and we learned a lot through her entire carrier with or without Havok or Magneto. Lorna was not just a wallpaper for Magneto or Havok. It certainly helps that her magnetic abilities make her a powerful mutant. She is the Mistress of Magnetism. She’s a pretty great strong character who doesn’t need a man to tell her what to do. She’s nobody’s property but her own, but Claremont knew Havok works best when he and Polaris are a duo. As if Havok without Polaris wasn’t interesting enough. One can’t deny the possibility, any more than one can be quite certain that these couple was meant to be (in Claremont’s mind). Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warmth of their past (after 43 years someone has to).

One last thing which is very important to me.

I know for a fact that I mentioned Lorna might become the leader of the 05. It turned out that Lorna is their new teacher (or leader… same thing) together with Briar and Danger. Knowing Lorna is Magneto’s daughter, she’s probably the principle. Wow, but look at her, such badass. The fact that we’re gonna get to see new interactions between the young 05 and Lorna intrigues me.

It seems that Cullen Bunn has taken her characterization to the next level. It’s pretty obvious Bunn’s interest is toward Lorna and not Havok, lol. What a strong character Lorna has become. As a strong character who has overcome numerous difficulties, and thus became even stronger. I like the way Lorna forced Jean and Jimmy to go help the others while simultaneously fighting (or holding back) Havok. Her concentration broken in the midst of battle, nevertheless, she persisted. This is the Lorna I can identify with all the time. Lorna is a dynamic character because she changes from a shy, “weak” girl into a strong, confident woman. I love nothing better than new challenges. She’s a born leader (just like her father), competent, energetic and responsible… just like in every team she has ever been. Lorna’s progression has come a long way.

The overall effect is impressive. She’s a badass, she looks good, she’s apparently going to be their teacher, along with Danger. She’s gonna try to get Havok back on her side (aside from being inverted, I assume Emma has some kind psychic hold on him) because he’s on the wrong side. She’s working with her father, who is (kinda) working with Cap, who is working with Hydra. I’m thinking Magneto has his own motivations that have nothing to do with Cap. Cullen escalated the questions. I pointed out the benefits/importance of the issue but I recommend to everyone to read it. This was truly an amazing read to me and I’m sure to many others out there as well. The art was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the next issue. I’m sure many of you did enjoy it because I really did and ended up jumping, clapping, smiling, and crying for joy because seeing Lorna’s RETURN was more than I could ask for :)

anonymous asked:

When I got into bts there was 1 particular moment that got me to think that jk actually liked jm & that ji/kook were close. It's the moment where jm is with v listening to music & jk tries to make v leave jm's side just to run & go sit next to him. I LOVE that moment (sorry tae) but the way he just stood behing them trying to get jm's attention & then used that soccer ball to get tae out of the way was so kdrama like lol

that’s one of my fave jikook moments purely because jungkook is so obvious that he wants to sit with jimin. and only him. and i saw v/kook shippers saying jungkook wanted to play with tae and that it wasn’t a jikook moment which ?? but whatever, onto the moment lmaooo. 

like, the way he watches them for a bit, and then does everything he can to have jimin notice him. like, picking up his water bottle and then throwing it back down. and dancing around behind jimin and tae. and then kicking the ball at tae’s back and sitting down the second he can. like. iconic. i love juungkook being a shy kid who doesn’t know how to properly show affection and does everything he can to get jimin to notice him. wow. 

anonymous asked:

i lov ur hc's!! theyre so cutE!! i was wondering if u could do one with the RFA + V making fun of MC's tiny hands/cold hands??? ily have a good day!!!

(SQUEAL~ Okay, I’m dead. Thank yoU!! Of course I shall do this request, since I also have tiny, cold hands xD Thank you, Ily2! Have a wonderful day~)
(On another note; I’m at school rn, soo, I’ll be posting later when I get home. I have an assignment due at midnight, so I gotta finish that first.)

• He never payed much attention to your hands when you first started dating, to be honest.
• He decided to take things VERY slow in the relationship, since this was his first one (and he prays it’s his last because yOURE THE BEST THING EVER.)..he wanted to savor everything about it.
• He awkwardly asked if he could hold your hand one day, and you couldn’t help but giggle at his shyness.
• “Of course you can hold my hand, honey~”
• He blushes, slowly pulling his hand down to entwine his long fingers, in your (nubs, lol) tiny ones.
• The moment they meet, he looks down at your hand, letting out a chuckle.
• “(Y/N)!! They’re so cold!” He continued chuckling..and that’s when he noticed the size.
• “Oh. My god. THEY’RE SO TINY!!”
• “Shut it, Blondie.”
• “nono!! I think it’s cute! My cute, tiny hand girlfriend~ aha. That’s so-”
• “Don’t make me fight you.”
• “Gahh! Okay! Okay! I wouldn’t want you to punch me with those ice packs of yo-”
• You playfully slap him, making him puff out his cheeks.
• “Alright! I’m done!!”

• Never shuts up about it. From the moment he saw your hands, he was commenting on how small they were.
• “COME ONN~ YOU GOTTA ADMIT, YOUR LIL NUBS ARE JUST SO CUTE!” He gushed, tangling his large hand in your own.
• You’d playfully tackle him onto the ground, pinning his wrists above his head. (Kinky?)
• “CAPTAIN DOWN, CAPTAIN. DOWN! On another note..what, did you shove your hands in the freezer before you came to me? Geez, those things are like ice!”
• “THAT’S IT!”
• The two of you start to play wrestle on the floor for a few minutes, until you just casually laid yourself down.
• “I surrender. Too much work.”
• “Oh, so now you’re lazy, t-”
• “Seven!”

• He finds it super adorable that your hands are so tiny.
• He constantly reminds you, too.
• He’ll always place kisses on your small hands, and then begins to gently rub on them, hoping to give you warmth.
• Occasionally, he will tease you for it.
• In public.
• “Ohh! Look at my girlfriends cute little hands~” he would say (quite loudly, too), getting down on one knee. He would lightly take your hand in his, kissing it softly.
• “Zen..we’re in public..” You’d whisper, your face getting red, as people began to stare.
• “I don’t mind, babe~ I’m glad everyone can see that you’re mine. You and those adorable hands of yours.” He adds, unable to stop himself from chuckling.
• You lightly elbow him, pulling him back up on his feet.
• “You’re really something, you know that?”
• “I’m your something~”

• She knows how it feels.
• Her hands are also pretty small. Although, they’re not quite as cold as yours.
• She likes to let you rest your hand in between her thighs while she sits cross legged, letting your hands warm up instantly from the body heat.
• Sometimes she likes to tease your hands, but you can always tease her right back.
• “Your hands are freezing, (Y/N)! I feel like I’m holding hands with an ice cube!” She laughs tightening her grip on your hand.
• You scrunch up your nose, and stick your tongue out at her, before motioning to her own hands.
• “Says the one with little baby hands~”
• “My hands are still slightly larger than yours, (Y/N).”
• “….. Crap.”

• The first time you both held hands, he instantly pulled back, a bit shocked at how freezing cold your hands were.
• “(Y/N)? Are you alright? Your hands are absolutely freezing! Is that healthy?” He asked.
• Once you assure him that your hands are always like that, he gives you a small smile, taking your hand back in his.
• “If you say so.”
• The two of you continue to hold hands, a peaceful silence taking over you. Before he kills the moment.
• “You know, I’ve shaken a lot of hands in my tim-”
• “JUMIN!”
• “I’m only teasing you, my love.”
• You let out a small grunt, turning your head to face the front of you.
• “They’re cute, though~”
• “Don’t try me, Mr. Han.”

• Considering he’s a pretty touchy person, he’s always trying to keep a hold of your hand, wanting to make sure you’re beside him at all times.
• So you can bet he’s took a notice of your smaller than average hands.
• One day, someone mentions they love cute things in the group chat, so, he types out;
• “Then you’ll absolutely adore my wonderful (Y/N)’s hands~”
• You quickly rush into the room he’s in, considering you’re in the same house, and you give him that “You little shit” look.
• He innocently smiles, before raising one of his hands, gesturing for you to come over to him.
• You make your way over to him, and he slowly takes a hold of your small, cold hands, and pulls them to his lips, placing a delicate kiss on them.
• “I really love them, though. As much as I love you..they’re a part of you, (Y/N). A wonderful..wonderful part of you.” He smiles.
• “Awh, V..that’s so sw-”
• “although, I will admit, they’re pretty cold..”
• “And there it is.”
Saeran: (Ya’ll don’t ask for him, but I’m still gonna include him, lmao.)

• You can bet this boy is going to be mentioning your hands ALL. THE. TIME.
• Sometimes he likes to complain, more than tease, about your small hands.
• He really hates to admit it, but despite the coldness, he is in love with how tiny they are.
• Besides, he enjoys the coldness..when it’s summer.
• Fall and winter is a bit of a different story.
• “Damn..(Y/N). They’re completely freezing, what do you do to them?”
• “Those are my hands. I can’t help it?”
• “ugh.. You’re lucky I love you.”
• “Why’s that..?”
• “I- Uhm. Well..because, I just want to hold your hand..I can uhm..stand their temperature?”
• You giggle, leaning over, you give him a quick kiss on the cheek, making his cheeks redden slightly.
• “Good thing I love you too, then.”

teresa-yukibito-deactivated2017  asked:

How do you think the gods would sleep XD Like just plop down and sleep, or go on their stomach, idkkk

LOL, hm let’s see

Leon - I think he would curl up like a cat. Cuz, y'know, being a lion and all he IS a giant cat XD And he’s not a morning person. He likes to lay in bed a while before getting up

Scorpio - He just takes off his shirt then plops down onto the bed lol He moves around some nights because he has nightmares. And he’s one of those people who makes soft moaning sounds while he sleeps, and doesn’t know it

Teorus - Teo likes to sleep on his stomach and he likes to spread out so he takes up the entire bed.

Dui - For some reason, I imagine Dui moving around a lot in his sleep. Like he wakes up and he’s upside down on the bed XD He tosses and turns a lot.

Huedhaut - This god is very calm while sleeping. Like, he lays down on his back or side and doesn’t move from that position until he wakes up.

Ichthys - Two words; WEIRD POSITIONS. Lol. One moment, he’s spread out like a starfish, then he’s curled into a ball. Some days he wakes up and he’s on the floor. Doesn’t know how he got there - whether he fell off or sleepwalked and laid down on the floor. XD and he has a little bit of a snore

BONUS! The other 12 gods! Just cuz I can and I feel like it XD
(Keep in mind that I haven’t played any of these guys’ routes so forgive me if they’re out of character)

Karno - He’s just like Hue. He lays down in one position, doesn’t move much, he’s a pretty boring sleeper lol

Zyglavis - He’s a light sleeper. Almost any small noise can wake him. He typically prefers to sleep on his back, because he doesn’t like that someone could sneak up behind him. Like his vice minister, he sleeps without a shirt lol

Aigonorus - This guy PASSES OUT. (Is that really a surprise, though? XD) He just plops down on the bed…or couch…or cushiony chair…or floor…he can sleep anywhere, alright? lol and just goes out like a light. He doesn’t move much, just lays there. How have none of the gods suspected him of being dead yet? XD

Krioff - He’s a restless sleeper; stomach, side, back. Always alternating. And he typically doesn’t get much sleep for whatever reason that he wishes he knew. It’s because he usually falls off the bed lol

Partheno - Oh, Partheno….sigh..this guy lol. Well. He likes to sleep in his underwear. And he likes to cuddle with his pillow lol. He does move around a little bit and can often be found with one arm dangling off the side of the bed. Or one leg off the bed. It goes back and forth

Tauxolouve - Like Leon, Lou curls up into a ball. And he makes these little snoring noises that kinda make it sound like he’s purring while sleeping lol. If he ever shares a bed with someone, or has someone close by during bedtime, whilst sleeping his hand will wander about until he finds theirs. So he loves to have a hand to hold. Awww! lol

Thanks for the ask, Teresa! <3 It was fun to write, lol

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I ask some hcs for Dazai and Atsushi with a s/o who cries a lot, even for the stupidest reasons? Sorry for my English, it kinda sucks

I’ll be honest, I struggled to write this one lol


  • There will be moments where Dazai is unsure on whether he should try to help his S/O calm down or allow them to do it themselves.

  • Oftentimes, he will probably try and calm them down by either holding onto them or by going out of his way to make a fool of himself just so he can see them smile again.

  • While the crying may irritate him sometimes, he does find the trait somewhat endearing despite how often it makes an appearance. His S/O starts crying over dropping a plate? He will clean it up before suffocating them with hugs and kisses, whispering in their ear about how much he loves them.

  • He will get a bit inconsiderate at times, especially if he is already in a bad mood. During these moments, he will try to distance himself from his S/O so that he won’t have to deal with their teary faces due to his small worry that he will upset them further. As soon as he feels he can deal with calming them down, he will find an extravagant way to apologise to them, just never verbally.


  • In comparison to Dazai, I feel like Atsushi would be able to deal with a teary S/O a lot easier. It would still provide a challenge for him but it is something he is hellbent on facing if there’s a small chance that he can make his S/O is happy again.

  • To begin with, he will get easily flustered when they start bawling over something so insignificant that he struggles to formulate words. He will probably think they are just playing an elaborate prank on him.

  • When they genuinely seem to be upset and they don’t drop the act, that is when he starts to try and cheer them up with horrible jokes and soft touches.

  • As time passes, he will eventually get the hang of enlivening them when they get upset over small things. He will tell them with certainty that whatever they’re crying about isn’t a big deal and that everything will be perfectly fine, combined with a thousand watt smile and kiss on the forehead.


Welcome to my blog!!! Get to anonymously share whatever you like/dislike, thoughts you have about the show!!! The show’s currently on hiatus, so I might post often and will soon make a FAQ (I have no idea how I’m gonna make one lol).

At the moment CONFESSIONS ARE OPEN!!!!!!!!!

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i really love your jikook analysis'! All of them are so interesting to read. I'm wondering do you know of any other people doing similarly with other otps in the fandom? or just analysis on each member? I'm kinda new to bts and I've become obsessed really quickly lol. Jimin is my bias and I noticed right off bat alot of things about regarding him asserting his dominance. I couldn't put into words correctly, but you have. He's so interesting to me lol. (1/3)

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anonymous asked:

Haha how's Armie and Timmy's dancing in the film?? Keep hearing how Armie's is really memorable lol

If there is one uncomfortable moment for me in the film it’s Armie’s dancing with abandon. LOL. He is just living the song, which, by the way, is “Love My Way” by Psychedelic Furs (A spectacular song choice I might add as it’s about loving who you want). And dances like no one is watching, although I am watching. Timmy does some sort of Michael Jackson slide move which is impressive.