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On Viktor Nikiforov

Ok I’m gonna begin this whole post by saying I love Viktor the most, he’s my favorite Yuri!!! on Ice character, and I wanna put my own thoughts about Viktor out there too. As these are my personal opinions, you’re welcome to agree, disagree, or ignore them completely, but I wanted to analyze his character as someone who likes him the most out of the show.

On his personality: Guys. I want to start by saying there’s only been three episodes. Three. Episodes. So far, Viktor is flashy, confident, silly, charming, blunt/direct, and contemplative.

And I know we’ve gotten Yurio’s internal monologue and bit more depth in his character, but that’s for two reasons–one, we have to see what he’s thinking, otherwise he’ll look like a selfish brat who just wants Viktor to himself for no reason other than “Yuuri doesn’t deserve him” and two, they have to set up Yurio’s background and motives for ice skating to make him a worthy rival for Yuuri. Otherwise he’d be a boring, bratty punk who needs a muzzle.

So, going into Viktor, we have to think of what we’ve seen so far, where the story is going, and what sort of relationship Yuuri has with Viktor too. From Yuuri’s perspective as the main character, Viktor was his elusive idol, and someone who always surprised people (Yurio has mentioned that Viktor is all about surprising the audience too). At the end of the first episode, Yuuri himself says that he never knows what to expect from Viktor either. Because we are watching the show largely from Yuuri’s point of view as the main character, we have to be surprised by Viktor as well to relate with Yuuri.

Therefore, we can’t know what Viktor is thinking. Not yet. There needs to be more development in their relationship, to the point that Yuuri begins to understand Viktor better or Yuuri wants to understand Viktor more, for us to actually see what Viktor truly thinks and feels. As of episode three, they’ve only just become coach and student without any obstacles, so this is the point where there relationship together will really start developing.

On other note, we have to think of things from Viktor’s perspective as well. Viktor is an adult. And I know the argument can be made the Yuuri is an adult too, but as someone only two years younger than Yuuri, at this age, you’re not really “an adult.” You’re still figuring yourself out, and that makes Yuuri a really relatable and great main character. I identify with a lot of his thought processes and melt downs (to the point that’s it’s a little sad but I like Yuuri a lot because of that).

But that’s not the case with Viktor. Viktor has been in the spotlight as a champion figure skater for the majority of his life, a talented genius that always outperformed everyone on the ice. Having those kinds of expectations and ideals placed on you since you were at least 16 years old is a lot to handle, and you have to have a certain decorum about yourself when everyone watches you. Viktor acts in a way he feels will satisfy and entertain people, and we know he’s been doing this for at least 11 years.

He’s a sports celebrity, and rather than reveal his personal feelings for media fodder, he’s developed a persona as “Viktor Nikiforov, the champion figure skater and most wanted bachelor of the world.” That’s an intricate mask to hide yourself behind, and if we want to see who Viktor really is, who he is outside the public eye, Yuuri needs to know him on a very intimate level that just isn’t there yet. Yurio, who had the same coach and practiced on the same rink, knew Viktor closer, so that’s how he knew Viktor was at a block in his career where people just weren’t surprised by his routines anymore. I don’t think Viktor will reveal how he feels until Yuuri rips the mask of Viktor’s persona off on his own.

Viktor’s true personality and thoughts, the origins of his career, and many other factors about him could be part of the reason why Viktor decided to take a break in his skating to coach Yuuri, so I think they’re doing well with keeping Viktor’s motives under wraps for now to reveal for later.

On the hugs in episode three: So, people have been saying the way Viktor didn’t smile or anything when Yuuri hugged him before performing was shady af, but let me explain my viewpoint on it briefly–Yuuri was on the verge of what could have been a panic attack. Viktor tends to be cheerful and a little silly, so his reaction caught people off guard, but I think he did the right thing. Yuuri was extremely anxious in that moment, and hugged Viktor, his idol, his goal for his whole career, out of panic; Yuuri didn’t want to lose Viktor more than anything in that moment.

If Viktor did his usual heart shaped smile, patted Yuuri on the back with a laugh in his voice and said “everthing will be all right, so get out there!” it would have looked like he was brushing off Yuuri’s feelings and I don’t think Yuuri would have been able to calm down. Yuuri didn’t necessarily need comfort in that moment, he needed acknowledgement. He’s wanted Viktor’s acknowledgement since he began seriously skating, so he asked Viktor to watch him. Viktor saw that, and answered him in complete seriousness. And I think Yuuri appreciated that.

After Yuuri finished his routine, that’s when the comforting and cutesy Viktor returned, and he hugged Yuuri in celebration and confirmation of his efforts. Viktor can be light and cheery again, because Yuuri met his expectations, but his voice dropped to seriousness at the last second before he went into “coach mode.” Viktor looks at every situation and acts accordingly, which I think is admirable and something he developed while being such a public and popular figure.

On his selfishness: I know this is the main reason people are skeptical of Viktor. His own coach said that he’s too selfish to be a coach, and to an extent, I agree. But that’s only because I think Viktor needs to grow as a coach alongside Yuuri growing as a figure skating champion.

I think rather than truly selfish, Viktor is really one-track minded. He gets an idea in his head and wants to pursue it, so regardless of what anyone says, he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. In this case he wanted to coach Yuuri. The two of them are going to mold each other through the progression of this show.

It makes sense, if you saw what his coach said before he flew off, “You never listen to me in the first place!” and given how driven we’ve seen Viktor be, it can be assumed that his talent and the success in his career is largely from his focus on obtaining his goals through his own means.

This also ties into his forgetfulness–Viktor is so dead-set on whatever is on his mind that anything extraneous falls away from his thoughts. So I don’t think Viktor is being intentionally flaky, but he genuinely just forgot in the pursuit of his own objectives.

If we look at how Viktor made the promise with Yurio in the first place, we can already see a good basis for him being a coach. Viktor recognized Yurio’s talent and gave him a challenge that he could see Yurio handling, and told him he believed in him. It sucks that Viktor never kept up his end of the bargain because becoming a coach for Yuuri kind of blew his promise to Yurio out of the water, but I don’t believe Viktor was being malicious in any way. Plans change.

On the Eros story: If I’m being completely honest, I think you guys are over analyzing this. Yuuri came up with that story on his own to rationalize the program of Eros for himself, and he may have been projecting the story on Viktor, but I don’t think the story can be used as a premonition for the entire the series. The integral part of that story was to show that Yuuri made the Eros program his own in a completely unexpected way: rather than live up to being a playboy like he could see Viktor being in the story, he decided to approach the story in a viewpoint more similar to his, taking the stance of the most beautiful woman in town. This is an important development, because not only does Yuuri find himself in the Eros piece, but he also makes a conscious effort to stop copying Viktor and find himself in this program. This does parallel Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship a bit, but I don’t believe this could ever be an overarching theme in the series. If we just look at the credits for the episodes, I don’t think they would put so much effort in animating a character that would turn around and betray Yuuri for personal his gain.

That’s not to say I believe the two of them will have a perfect relationship; Viktor and Yuuri will have to hit a wall eventually in their relationship as coach and athlete. There will come a point when Viktor is too demanding for Yuuri, and Yuuri will explode back in frustration of not being adequate for Viktor’s standards. And at this point, the two of them will need a break to reevaluate their own flaws and strengths in understanding each other and this could be a big opportunity for more insight into Viktor’s character.

Well, I’ve said my piece, and if you read this entire monstrosity of “I Love Viktor” I hope you liked it or at least gleamed some appreciation for Viktor from it… Idk when I love a character I try to figure out everything about them and this is all I’ve gotten on Viktor so far from the three episodes out…


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