Pokemon Art Academy PART 30
  • < ><b>Barry:</b> My god, we're gonna hit the timer.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Oh my god, we're about to hit it. This is the first time in Game Grumps history the timer has reached its max limit on the show.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Oh my god.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Holy shit.<p/><b>Barry:</b> I think this is before... At 99 minutes and 59 seconds, it beeps and it stops counting up and we're at 20 seconds away from that.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Yeah, our second timer... Oh my god. This is Game Grumps history--we're about to--this is actually a huge moment in Game Grumps history. The longest episode in existence on this channel.<p/><b>Barry:</b> I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be here, Ross.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Hold my hand for it. We've got 10 seconds.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Mm-okay. Is Civilization not longer?<p/><b>Ross:</b> What? We're holding hands.<p/><b>Barry:</b> How long was that episode? There's like, five seconds to go.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Five, four, three--<p/><b>Both:</b> Two, one.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Shh.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Yayyyy! Opa!<p/><b>Barry:</b> Happy new year.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Happy new year. The longest episode ever.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Civilization V wasn't longer?<p/><b>Ross:</b> Oh, it was, but we didn't have the timer back then.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Yeah, that was my point.<p/><b>Ross:</b> So it doesn't count.<p/><b>Barry:</b> *laughs* It's fine, we just held hands for no reason like bros.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Just bros, hanging out, holding hands. What the fuck is wrong with you?<p/><b>Barry:</b> Yeah, holding hands is just cool. If your hands get chilly you can hold hands and they get warm.<p/></p><p/></p>

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In klance, i like to think keith was crushing on lance first especially given how offended he was by the fact that Lance denied having a 'bonding moment' lol

omg…I love it…