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sometimes I just imagine Saitama finally facing off against some god-tier creature and actually having a good fight that tires him out. and he somehow saves the world and ppl finally recognize him and try to praise him but he just wants to sleep and like everything is wrecked and he is just SO TIRED he passes out and Genos is there like, "Let's go home, Sensei" and carries him home on his back, mumbling in his sleep about what to do for dinner and Genos just kinda smiles??? idk man idk

Pokémon Go really helped out tonight

we were at the pier and it appeared that 1 of these 3 girls sitting on a bench had let a houseless man use her phone. He was holding on to it for some time, sitting in front of them talking (blocking route to leave with his bike sprawled out as well). One looked like they wanted him to leave, while the other appeared to appease him with conversation. But the girl who lent her phone was most apparent in her discomfort - we made eye contact. They needed an out. It was a well lit area plenty of people but me and my friend stood near by to see how it played out. Our main concern was these girls were alone, they had shopping bags, kind of a touristy spot. Once she had her phone she started texting frantically, he still didn’t leave

I used Pokémon go as an excuse to ask about a kabutops near by, I made it clear she said you know my friend plays do you wanna walk together and catch some? I said that would be great - we got them away walked behind and just made sure till we were off the pier

@My Bleach & IH Followers

I’m finally starting my IH masterpost for y’all~~~~~

And no, sorry. It’s not gonna be ALL IchiHIme moments. It’s just gonna be my favorite ones like @yourtanabataprincesshime suggested. But if you’re still interested in me posting an IH masterpost with all IH moments than tell me and I might reconsider. 

And don’t forget to check out my new side-blog! It’s mostly a Bleach and IH blog so I’m sure most of y’all will like that. :) 

“Now is the time; as the moon shines my power grows! And soon *dark chuckle* it’ll all be mine.”

Hahaha the new ‘cross arms’ Emote has the side effect of making my overly smiley charr look like a plotting villain. XD

(I know there’s a way to get rid of the map, chat box, weapon boxes, etc … I just haven’t found out how yet. & was too impatient at the moment. lol)

Remember the “swearing fealty” scene - how Lexa seemed like trying to avoid Clarke’s eyes when she was standing up??

I died when hearteyes met Clarke’s that moment. lol #fml

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so i'm about to start txf bc you posted lots abt it lol. just curious in the warning post you reblogged, it seems the show has some serious problem with consent?

yeeeah theres a lot of like…rape by deception and its Bad and id have less of a problem w it if ppl on this damn website didnt put those moments on like “Top MSR Moments”

sorry lol if u want more info abt a specific ep msg me and i can tell u!!