Legit never get tired of this trope. I love it when character a is character b’s tether to reality during a super angsty moment. 

I’m a sucker for angst.


That’s not the way you walk in real life, is it? Neal Caffrey is one of the few characters on television where you would remark on the way he walks.

No, my god. I wish I was that kind of peacock. Yeah, I locked myself in our guest room for about – I would say like 2 or 3 weeks working on that. And then I would walk around my block and the house. I only had one suit to my name when I got this job – maybe two. And I would put it on and walk around my block. I’m sure I looked like a complete loon in L.A. But I would walk around just figuring out how he moved through the world. We hadn’t even filmed the pilot, but I knew a lot of it was going to play in masters and us walking around together, so I figured I should figure out that part of his physicality. - Matt Bomer [13:00]

Was doing the pv but got tired so drew my two LL! fav charas


Jack and Chase’s relationship is so bizarre. Jack obviously has fanboy admiration for the man (and also I’m calling it a crush because screw you, animu heart eyes and Jack’s queerness is pretty explicit, whether it’s meant as a joke or not), yet he wouldn’t and doesn’t hesitate to smite Chase down whenever given the chance. In a timeline when he takes over the world, he’s got Chase strapped down and tortured for christ’s sake. And Chase makes it pretty clear that he hates Jack, yet he actively engages with the boy when he really doesn’t need to, even enacting a “3 second hug rule” (running gag or not) when he could just flat out tell Jack to screw off. Plus, it’s not like he treats anyone else any better (not even Wuya).
The show portrays both of them as insecure, and that insecurity being one, if not the main cause, of their choice to become Heylin. Yet also hints at the possibility of both of them being reformed, or at the very least, not as evil as they like to seem. They both have something to prove and the way they go about it is kinda sad.
Both of them are messes tbh, like what are you freaks doing? Stop. But also, please continue.

It makes me really upset when people don’t leave comments on a fanfic. I read fanfics with over 40 kudos and 300 reads but there are zero comments. ????? It isn’t that hard to write out “This was so cute!” or “I loved this!”

I used write way back when and I remember just siting there, staring at my phone and waiting for someone to tell me what they thought about it. Shit, even constructive criticism was enough for me, because it meant that someone actually gave a shit.

The simplest things can go a long way.

[16/ Got7 Quotes] “ There was an article about the Olympics and comments saying why I became an idol rather than a fencer that I shoud’ve became a fencer instead. GOT7 is family to me and I am really glad that I am part of it and I am really happy that all of you guys are here ” - Jackson [trans]


Youngjae move your hand so we can see that THIGH(everything)COMPARISON!!! 😍😍 He’s basically got his damn arms wrapped around his small little bean Bambam. And he just looks so small..I know they’re both meaty and all that jazz. But Bambam just looks so all around cute next to Yugyeom. Perfect pair honestly 😚😚❤


new videoooooo . :D


How can he ignore me like this?