Noct Gar, LEGEND!!
Final Fantasy XV
Noct Gar, LEGEND!!

Prompto: Ha! Noct Gar, LEGEND!  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Gladio: I kinda like the sound of it.  (─▽─)

Ignis: You were wise not to give him your real name.  ( ・ㅂ・)

Noctis: Maybe I’ll change it officially. (⌐■ل͜■)


Can we please just imagine

• baby hiro just walking around the café. Like just imagine him. You’d have to be careful not to stand on him bc he’s so small

• baby hiro just sitting next to customers and telling them all about himself and waving to new people and it makes their day because damn this three year old tiny thing is adorable

• baby hiro clinging to aunt Cass and demanding to be picked up so he can suck his thumb and play with her hair and let everyone know that she’s only HIS aunt Cass and NO ONE ELSES

• baby hiro asking for some cookies and aunt Cass says no and he just says “aww cassieee!” And just walks away sadly and she just stares at him and just adfhchwurhfksncj he’s so small and cute and asfhehcksj

• but seriously I swear hiro called aunt Cass cassie at least some point in his life like how cute would that be I can’t

• baby hiro stumbling down the stairs when he hears his big brother tadashi come in through the door and he’s so tiny and slow that tadashi has to run to him to and picks him up and just *cuddle*

• “dashi can I have a bicki?” “No hiro.” “Dashiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeeeeee” *puppy dog eyes*

• bath time with the hamabros. Just imagine.

• “hiro, time for a bath!” “NO NO NONO NO!” *proceeds to run around the cafe and hide under a table with or without people sitting at it he doesn’t care whatsoever as long as he doesn’t get dREncHeD IN WATER he dOeS nOT CaRE*

• just baby hiro in general

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Can you compare and contrast stelenas first love scene to delena"s?

Um, OK. First, I want to talk about the context because I maintain that in 4x07, what Elena needed was to talk to someone she trusted because her life is actually turned upside down.

I mean, she broke up with her boyfriend of three years literally a day previous; her brother brutally attacked her; her best friend tells her she doesn’t even recognize her anymore, like she’s in a really vulnerable place and she actually says earlier on in the episode that she’s confused and what she needs is to be alone to figure everything out. But instead what happens is this:

In 1x10, this is after Stefan tries to leave town because he doesn’t want to further endanger Elena’s life or the other people in the town but because Logan is a newbie vampire he stays around, checks up on her, asks if it’s OK that he’s there, he spends the entire night explaining to Elena why they can’t work:

and Elena has the entire night plus every episode since 1x07 to mull over the pros and cons of their relationship and they actually have a conversation about the danger of him being around her:

They speak about what they wanted their futures to be before their lives became what they are now:

Like they talk so much about each other, about their circumstance, about what this is, what they are, what they could[n’t] be throughout the episode and Stefan still tries to do the right thing and walk away from Elena and Elena has a moment in the car where she resolves herself and refuses to let him walk away from her, there’s build-up for the past 10 episodes and build-up within the episode that leads to this:

So now that context is out of the way, the physicality of their scenes. I mean, Damon and Elena were basically all about just finally being able to bone, relieving all of that sexual tension and frustration, like to me, it really looks like they just need to get it out of their system, it almost feels clinical in that sense because I watch them and I get it that it’s like this-is-so-hot-I-can’t-control-how-much-I-want-you frenzy type of sex but I’m like, you guys look so busy, you guys looks like you’re putting so much energy in being hot are you even enjoying anything you’re doing right now? It looks hella sloppy:

With Stelena, there’s this urgency to their kisses for sure, like they come into the living room from outside already kissing:

But there’s a sense of closeness to that urgency, they’re urgent because they have a physical need to express their love for each other, which is why Elena always brings Stefan’s head closer:

Because their first love scene is about intimacy through sex as opposed to sex for sex’s sake and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having sex just to have sex, not every time you have it has to be about love but the show is trying to convince me that DE was and it was like, you just needed to get that out of your system.

Like DE was also about, so how many spots in the living room can we hit before we get upstairs:

It’s like really quick. Stelena was about savouring being with each other, it was about connecting with each other, which also brings me to this, there’s so much eye contact between Stefan and Elena:

Because they want to see each other, they want to engage with each other, they really want to feel each other:

Like their lips linger against each other and Stefan actually kisses her again before they pull away to look at each other because they’re like legit connecting. And Damon and Elena do not make eye contact, they’re in bed and just, I mean I know it’s supposed to look like they know what they’re doing but it just looks like they’re clumsily trying to bone, like I’m just seeing limbs:

Like yeah, Elena’s smiling but that smile, to me, just looks like “lol, what are you doing?”

Stelena are like, so it’s about the journey, not the destination, I’m just really about being with you in this moment right now:

and the reciprocity of their pleasure:

And it looks like, I just want to kiss every inch of your skin, I want to memorize your body so let’s take our time.

Whereas this:

I get it, it’s supposed to be hot but again more limbs and Elena’s face just looks like, I mean yeah … as opposed to:

Where it looks like she’s reveling in Stefan’s touch and she strokes her hand over his, which is on her face and there’s MORE eye contact:

Because connection.

^^ Connection.

That’s honestly the biggest difference.

*edit* three years was supposed to be three seasons.

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Something a bit light hearted for you, hopefully make you smile. Dick telling Damian "Things die, it's part of life. Its bad to kill. But its okay to die." and Damian thinks that's pretty profound of him to say until both Jason and Tim tackle him like "Shush! No! You do NOT get to quote that sad as fuck movie! Have you made him watch it yet? No? Good! We've seen some shit but that messed us up so bad! Stop it!" and Bruce is nodding along with them. Damian just thinks they're all insane.

lol and then Jason’s like ‘what are you dOING don’t normalize death to children, you moron. There was nothing okay about my death you psycho!!’

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If we get a sequel to Zootopia, what would you want to see in it the most? I really wanna see Nick be a big softie, and also a hero. Maybe save someone's life. Imagine how valuable that would make him feel! And of course Nick and Judy need to be closer. More of their silly banter. More hugs. Judy telling him that she wouldn't trade him for anything. I could go on forever LOL. But like I said, what do you really want to see?

Yooooooo I rly love your ideas!! ;0; So cute ^^ as far as what I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing include big things like exploring new districts/locations, another glance at Nick’s past, Wilde and Hopps taking someone DOWN 😎 and little things like an upgraded uniform for Hopps, (maybe with deeper, darker blues ^^) Nick’s civilian clothes could come in new colors too, I want a good view of raccoons in Zootopia x3, another Shakira song would be neat :), and more bh6 easter eggs!! Those are my favorite

So I was reading this from DB Super manga ((SOURCE)) and ….vegeta says “What are you 5 years old?” Then Goku goes on to say “For us saiyans, even 80 years old is still considered young” ………….so does this mean that Goku is only 5 years old in saiyan years??? 

i hate it when I’m talking about death and people are like “lol what do you mean ‘if’ you die haha don’t you mean 'when?’” like no I mean “if” fuck you for assuming I’m mortal

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Oh my fod. the future mrs klebold. why do this to me before i start work? do one for eric!!!

okay, i shall!

being close with eric’s family and he like fuckin loves it

•first off, kathy would absolutely ADORE you, you’d be like the daughter she never had
•you two would do stuff together
•eric would walk in and see you and his mom in the kitchen just talking and he’d be like lol what are you doing here
•and his mom would be like “i invited her over for girl time”
•she’d “accidentally” hint how many grandchildren she wanted
•wayne would love you too
•they’d welcome you with open arms
•you and kevin would share embarrassing stories about eric LMAO
•his parents would totally show you embarrassing baby photos of him
•"hey Y/N i didn’t show you this one of eric outside!“
•and eric would get all flustered when they showed you a naked baby photo of him
•you’d just laugh and tell him how adorable he was
•they’d be like your second family tbh


Nashcon 2016 was one for the books. My friend and I split a Jared/Misha op and when they called us to line up we were so nervous. We got to the room and surprisingly not a lot of people had these ops, people mostly got Cockles.

So after like 5 minutes of waiting by the room, Jared just came out of the room and high fived all of us, I was dying! He looked us in the eye too and just smiled talking with some fans. I could still feel the pressure on my hand from the high five for like 5 minutes haha. Then he started walking back to the room and was like, “I got in trouble..” and made eye contact with me and I was just smiling like an idiot and he walked back inside.

To calm our nerves, Sara and I literally were just dancing to the music they were blaring, and we’d look over and Jared and Misha were dancing around too having fun in between ops! So we make it up the line, they were giving us side eyes cuz we were dancing like crazy haha. For the op in front of us, Jared was trying to fix his scarf and was like ripping it off and ended up basically knocking down part of the lighting set up for the pictures, that boy is a child trapped in an adult body I swear! It was hysterical. So now we’re ushered to walk up to them. We go up to them and say “this is our first con, so we’d like a group hug!”

“First con?!”-Misha

“First con?! How’d you guys like it?” Jared said. Sara was like “dude it was fucking awesome.” And Jared goes, “Fuck yeah high five!! Shit!” 😂Jared high fives us and so does Misha! Misha grabbed my arm to pull me in to the picture and randomly goes, “Girl, you’re ripped!!”

Jared-“Wait let me see!” Grabs my arm lol. “Wow she is!!” I’m like “thanks??” I didn’t know what to say ahaha. Jared grabs Saras arm and she’s like “I promise I’m not as ripped as her!” And Jared goes “she’s ripped too!!!” 😂😂

We take a group picture, all I remember from that was basically about to fall over because when you say you want a group hug, by golly you bet those grown men are going to be basically squeezing you to death and putting all their weight on you 😂 So after the pic I said “Dude, House of Wax, on point” (I still don’t know why I randomly brought that up lol) and he smiled and told us he was glad we came. We looked them genuinely in the eyes and were like. “Thank you guys so so much.” And then we started LITERALLY dancing away so hyper and a guy from Creation that works there walked up to us when we were getting our bags and said, “That was a great happy dance, you guys are gonna have to get back in line…because one of you guys blinked.”

We were like “oh my god this would happen to us how embarrassing” haha so we go back in line and now we’re at the very end, and get back to the front and we walked back up to them and we were looking like sad puppies and we said “We have to redo our picture, one of us blinked apparently.” and Misha was like aww ok and we took another picture, this time Misha like engulfing me in a hug and Jared grabbed Sara and I tried to like wrap my hand around everyone (and I was slightly confused because they were doing a different pose instead of redoing the group hug we had originally had, but that comes in later!) and then after the picture they commented on my arms again lol and they were like “What do you do?!”

And I said “uh I do push-ups up the stadium at my college..”

And Jared goes “where are you from?” And I said “Gainesville” and he goes “wait no way” and I said “yeah we drove 8 and a half hours to be here!” And he put his arms around us, rubbing our backs and arms we were dying and he walked us over to Adam, the guy that runs the cons and he said “this is Adam, he’s the one that puts all of these on. Adam, these girls drove 8 and a half hours from Gainesville to be here today.”

And we hugged Adam and we were like “thank you so much for doing this.” haha and Sara goes “I actually want your job” and Jared goes “it’s gonna take you like 40 years haha” and Sara goes “I’ll just start now!”

And Jared kept rubbing our backs and rubbing our arms and he said “you guys had a good time?” And we were like “yes thank you so much.” and we started to walk away and he said “hey..“ so we turned around and he genuinely looks at me and goes, “safe travels back.” And blew us a kiss and I motioned my hands and blew one back and mouthed the words “thank you.” and he winked at me and nodded his head.

Then I proceeded to bawl my eyes out once we left because I felt so extremely blessed to have had an amazing first experience with some of the guys from my favorite television show.

We waited for our pics, ready to laugh at whoever ended up blinking me or Sara. We saw on Insta some girls posting their Jared/Misha ops so we ran back to the photo op table, looked at the pics, and no one was blinking. They gave us 2 different pictures. We cried again so much and couldn’t even speak.

If you haven’t gone to a con, go. Not just Sunday, all 3 days. If you’ve never taken an op, do it. No matter how long the op is, you will feel so so special because every single one of those stars of that show love that you’re here and they genuinely appreciate it.

So so worth it. ❤️