like yes it is true that having children is something that people in this society are forced to believe they should do no matter what they actually want but……… consider that for many people having children is actually included within the parameters of “doing whatever the fuck you want” also consider that acting like kids are some universally terrible oppressive burden is not a radical or even remotely compassionate view at all lol


I was doing just fine tucked away in a safe, indoor, non-mobile lab at the academy! Then you had to go and drag us into this flying circus!

Carl the Animator: “Ted, I… I just don’t know about this scene.”

Ted the Animator: “Why, what’s wrong with it?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s just… are you SURE this is how women run?”

Ted the Animator: “What?! Of course! Hips forward, upper body trailing behind… that’s how all women run.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh. Well, I sorta thought I would have noticed them doing that in real life.”

Ted the Animator: “See, Carl, this is why you need to learn to be like me. Spend more time staring at women! It’s the only way to pick up on these details.”

Carl the Animator: “You’re a genius, Ted. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.”

Lol when I pronounce el salvador the way it should be pronounced & white people are like “sorry what? What country is that? Do you mean *insert ugly gringo accent* el salvador?” Like bitch gtfo my face

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How do you form a sentence to say "I like _ " and "I don't like _" would I be like "저는 복숭아의 좋아" I like peaches? "저는 치즈 아니좋아" "I don't like cheese" lol idk I'm just guessing based on what I've seen I know no grammar really besides its SOV. 감사합니다

There are two basic forms that you can use. The first is closest to how it is said in English.

Informal speech: 내가 ___을/를 좋아해.  (I like __.) 내가 __을/를 싫어해. (I dislike __.)

Polite speech: 제가 ___을/를 좋아해요. (I like __.) 제가 __을/를 싫어해요. (I dislike __.)

If the the thing that you like or dislike ends in a consonant sound, use the object particle -을. If it ends in a vowel sound, use the object particle -를. This way of saying it uses the subject pronoun “I,” the subject particle -이/가, an object (the thing you like or dislike), the object particle -을/를, and the verbs 좋아하다 (to like) and 싫어하다 (to dislike).

The second form you can use is topic + subject + verb. This is close to saying “as for…” or “when it comes to…” in English.

Informal speech: 나는 __이/가 좋아. (As for me, __ is good.) 나는 __이/가 싫어. (As for me, __ is undesirable.)

Polite speech: 저는 __이/가 좋아요. (As for me, __ is good.) 저는 __이/가 싫어요. (As for me, __ is undesirable.)

If the thing that you like or dislike ends in a consonant sound, use the subject particle -이, If it ends in a vowel sound, use the subject particle -가. This way of saying it uses the subject pronoun “I,” the topic particle -은/는, a subject (the thing you like or dislike), the subject particle -이/가, and the verbs 좋다 (to be good/desirable) and 싫다 (to be undesirable).

For more information about the pronoun “I,” take a look at this post. For more information about the particles used in these examples, take a look at this post.

Lastly, you could put 안 in front of 좋아해 and 좋아해요 in the first example or in front of 좋아 and 좋아요 to mean “do not like.” This is an alternative to using 싫어하다 or 싫다. I believe this is what you were thinking of when you said “아니좋아.”

Note: In speech, particles are sometimes omitted, but in writing, they are necessary. Also, when the meaning of the sentence is clear, the subject is sometimes omitted. For example, you could say “__를 좋아해요,” and in many situations, it would be perfectly clear that you were talking about yourself.

The cognitive functions - 

I decided to draw the teachers. The cognitive functions.
From left to right: Ni, Ne, Si, Se :)

These perceiving functions are girls whilst the judging functions are boys. I hope everybody is fine with it.
I had much fun drawing Si. Se was the most difficult. I at first wanted to make a warrior out of her *lol*. But I need to be realistic so well~
I hope you like them.
I maybe will paint it. But I still see flaws in this picture, especially in Se *sighs*.

P.S: Ni’s brand is on her back but her hair covers it.
P.P.S: I maaaaybe will change something of them.
P.P.P.S: Ni is an indian girl (but I can’t make her skin darker with pen… I need to colour her skin brown). And Ne is an asian (what a surprise). Se is italian (why do I always see Se as mediterranean human?).

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In that Zelena & Regina as children episode, I wonder how strong will be the implications of child abuse (for both of them). Obviously I know there won't be any explicit abuse, but I wonder if they might portray Regina as just a lonely girl who doesn't want to do what her mother wants. Fandom has written such amazing meta and fics about what Regina's childhood must've been like that I'm almost afraid to watch this episode lol.

I’m not sure why you think they’ll shy away from showing actual abuse.  They’ve showing it before.

Okay so I’m sure that there are other word doc screenshots you’d much rather see from me than my stupid case briefs. Like maybe a WIP? And I feel like I owe you guys at least this much considering it’s been uhm *cough*almostthreemonths*cough* since I last updated Concerto. So here’s a sneak peak! And hopefully it won’t be much longer until I have the entire chapter for you guys.

anonymous asked:

The angst from part 2 is killing me. You saying before that you like happy endings is the only thing giving me hope!! Can't wait for the next part :)

Hey, thanks! Here’s some more for you. :)

Also here’s Part One and Part Two.

As soon as the news breaks Jonny’s phone blows up.

From Sharpy 9:58 am:
Oh Toes

From Jess 12:02pm:
What the fuuuuuuuck are you doing!?

From Danny 6:15pm:
jon jesus christ call me ok

From Dave 11:32pm:
lol for real?

There’s over 200 texts, three voicemails from his parents and sixty others from various friends, family and people he’s not sure he’s ever talked to before. He deletes all of it except for one from the Jets management welcoming him to the team and setting up a meeting in the following weeks when he’ll be in back in Winnipeg. Then he calls his mom and makes platitudes and apologies for an hour. By the end she’s stopped asking ‘why’ and started planning for when he’ll get there.

Patrick sends nothing, but then, Jonny wasn’t expecting him to.


He avoids his phone and the internet for a few days, watches reruns of Cutthroat Kitchen makes plans with his realtor, and sleeps. He sleeps in shifts of twelve hours and doesn’t shave and eats too many carbs. When he looks in the mirror the bags under his eyes are darker, heavier than before. His shoulders slump low, weighted down and sore.

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so some tumblr user decided it would be fun to invalidate self diagnosis bc their brother has autism lol can you maybe help give some validation? ;;

Okay, what? I don’t see the logical connection between those at all. Like “my brother got a professional DX so nobody else can?” Allistics are fucked up.

I don’t know what I can do here other than say this: You are valid. If you have done your research and identify with a majority of what autistics say, you are autistic. And contrary to popular belief, there are things about your own body and brain that you will always know better than any doctor will.

Take care, anon. <3

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Sus, i' booored(and i'm sure i'm not only one..). I mean i'm happy nothing is happening and my dash is so quiet but ugh. Do you have any fic recs? (I send this like an ask bc i think people would like to see your fic recs too haha) :D x

hah!  hello darling!  i’m also bored, but more because i’m on hold waiting for someone to answer a question about taxes.  i’m almost done and i just want my money, dangit!  lol  anyway, let’s see what kind of fic recs i can find for you…

i’ve been reading a longer fic while taking long breaks to write my own fic, so here’s a list of some fun ones i’ve read recently that maybe you (and others) might like!

i absolutely LOVED fixated on one star! it was a sci fi romeo and juliet without the killing and it was just wonderfully done, imho.  i enjoyed it a lot.

another one i have read recently that i adored was @someonethatsfunny‘s i know all your colors.  it was beautiful and wonderful and featured mermaid louis and how can you say no to that, right?

another fic i really loved is to be loved and to be in love (which is ironic considering your previous url, haha!) it’s super cute and i just really enjoyed it.

lastly, i’ll suggest the smut-tastic fic looking down from the clouds by @tommosgun can’t go wrong with shar’s fics!

i hope these help, love!  there are wips i’m waiting to be finished and i’m writing my own, so yeah.  anyway, enjoy!!!

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

Alright so what is life

Yesterday my mom was like nahhh.



so that company i bashed a while ago finally answered me a few weeks back and told me to send them the shirt and id get a refund so after doing so i never got my money and i was so fucking pissed like they literally took it back and werent going to give me my money so i called paypal and asked if they could help since i bought it through them and they said they definitely could which was great. the next day (today) i see an email saying “dispute closed” from paypal and when i opened it, it said i got the refund like i literally got it instantly lmfao??? what assholes seriously they took my shirt back and wouldnt refund me but the second i get paypal involved they realize theyre going to be screwed so then they decide to give it to me……. if you guys ever think about shopping at @easymoneyclothing do yourself the biggest favor and dont because they have no idea what theyre doing lol

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the anon who said Ashley sent her a pic, is a anti/troll. She sent the message to another larry blog. Antis have this new hobby, where they pretend to be a larrie/shady/insidery anon, so if you post their message, they go on their anti blog, and say "I sent a message to a larrie, and she believed me. LMAO" UGH! Thye're so pathetic.

lol the ironic thing is that they asked me what to do and i gave them solid advice - if ANYONE is saying bullshit (like this hypothetical ashley) SCREENCAP it. Document it. Post it on your blog or whatever. Then people can see and make their own judgments. 

That isn’t “believing an anon” - it’s literally telling them to capture what was said and document it. 

I”m not going to get worked up about a bunch of kids playing games. 

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How many guys have you slept with? I feel like my number is high and I honestly kind of feel like a slut because of it idk

idk honestly probably around 15 or something? and who gives a shit haha i know girls that have a number of like 2 or 3 and i know girls that have over 70 and it doesn’t matter to them/other people

it’s not a big deal, if the ho life is what you want, be a ho

do not apologize for enjoying sex lol

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I find it weird that Radio Silence is like 67 or something on the amazon gay and lesbian chart thingy, even though it's not a coming out story does it deal with anything to do with lgbt stuff?

ermmmm it depends what you mean by ‘deal with’

like there are queer relationships in the book…. four of the five main characters are queer… there’s a relationship that’s explored within the book in particular.. there are kisses and off-screen sex (frances doesn’t have sex in the book lol) (if she did trust me i would write it i’m not a fade-to-black writer)…… there are sexuality explanations and explorations………….

but no one comes out, there’s no homophobia… frances’s sexuality is one of the least relevant parts of her character… and all this stuff to do with sex and love is like VERY MINOR compared to the MAJOR themes of the book, which are speaking up for yourself, education, the future, guilt, etc… i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again- there’s no romance

so i’m not sure what you mean tbh…. really depends how you classify an ‘lgbt book’

i didn’t pick the group it got put in on amazon anyway

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One time my friend was talking about her dream guy and she goes "what about you what do you like in a guy?" And im not out yet but i accidentally said "i dont really care what she looks like" and then i closed my eyes and turned away and hopping she didnt hear what i said. She never brought it up so idk i guess im ok

oh my god