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I’ve always had this thought based off of my experiences that witchcraft never changes a person but just amplifies who they are. 

I think it’s especially apparent where people find magic or how they host magical events. I have a friend from college that is starting to get into it and she’s a professional dancer but she performs spells in ritualistic dances. My best witchy friend is ruled by fire and casts spells by burning herbs and burning candles and just burning tons of shit its funny even when she wants to cleanse a space the first thing she goes towards is a candle to burn I am like damn you ain’t even gonna lysol this bitch a little? like she’s like: Oh time to clean! *lights a candle* (ps I can’t wait until she follows this blog lol I talk so much smack about her). 

But about the hosting events things I’ve gotten closer to another witch who cohosts the witchy church and she’s really into reading folk stories, philosophy, literature and is just someone who is superbly academic and when she hosts her moon circles she usually tells a symbolic story. It would be almost the equivalent of pulling a divination card as advice for us to pay attention to as we move forward but in the form of a story. Stories are her thing cause reading and symbolism is her thing. It gets creepy too sometimes cause the story would sometimes directly relate to a very recent or current situation in your life but you can’t blurt out HOW DID YOU  KNOW?? to her during the ritual lol you just gotta stare her down and listen. (She also loves bibliomancy, surprise surprise). 

Her cohost is a performer and singer and she does the big sabbats and like unless I am drunk at kareoke singing is not my thing but she doesn’t care cause she is like TIME for EVERYONE to SING and at first I would get so uncomfortable but she does voice exercises that actually help release energy?? And also help everyone get onto the same wavelength. Like I found out about intoning because of her and intoning also helps to warm up energetically and help yourself project energy too but is also a great way to align yourself energetically with others. (You’re going to sound like the mystics from Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal but that makes it more magical lol) And singing can be spell binding too which is interesting. 

I guess my interests turn into something magical too when I host events. When I host my gatherings in my friend’s space it tends to be really social and surrounds the things I like as well, like I am a mixologist so I make several cocktails and like magical shots we take at the end of rituals. And I am also into game design so when I have time I plan a game to play that either tests our abilities or can be used to divine the next few months to come. The things that I love the most in my mundane life I put a lot of magic into like making home made tea brews, smoothie bowls, shower gels, hair oils, music playlists (especially overlapping with ambient soundtracks), I find magic in anything I find remotely interesting. 

I just think its cool how witches are a source of magic and can wield it in anyway according to their interests and it really amplifies the individual’s uniqueness in how they decide to channel it. Also adding it’s why when someone has really toxic, aggressive or creepy energy and is a witch I avoid cause whatever unchecked bitter insecurity they might harbor, or worse, hatred and biases, it will find its way into their craft and they’ll be no fun to hang around. But anyway its also cool to be around a lot of witches and finding how they do things according to what they like and make up their own craft and its also pretty validating being around them cause the differences in our crafts is what makes us powerful because its practice we find meaning in.