Yongguk: I’m honored

Himchan: How can I be your first kiss? You’re so beautiful; how can someone not want to kiss you?

Daehyun: That’s cute. Let’s kiss again now

Youngjae: That’s wonderful, but I have to tell you that you’re my 365th kiss. lol jk..maybe not…ok ok I was joking

Jongup:*does a silly happy dance*

Zelo: That means I’m special, aren’t I?

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Hi! Same anon who asked about the Minhyuk analysis. If you don't mind, I would like to read about your thoughts/analysis of Minhyuk?^^ It can be as broad as you want or you can pick a certain topic about Minhyuk, anything is fine. I just wanna read^^

note: thank you so much for requesting; it really means a lot to me that you like reading my work! i think i should start off by saying minhyuk isn’t one of my biases, so i apologise in advance if this isn’t as in-depth as you would like, because naturally i’ve paid more attention over time to the members i stan ;n; if there’s some aspect of him or dynamics between a certain member and him that you were hoping i’d include but didn’t manage to this time, please feel free to come back and leave feedback or ask me to focus on that next! ♥♥ 

i think minhyuk is a very interesting person, because there are several nuances to his personality and the way he portrays himself that are rather surprising, or at least hard to cover in a blanket statement. even so, the overarching description i’d give for him is that he thinks very quickly. this can be seen in any monsta x video in superficial terms of his being great at talking: he’s often the MC, or takes it upon himself to be, and there isn’t any awkwardness when he takes charge of organising an activity or recording. he’s really flexible and goes with the flow well enough to be amicable and supportive, without seeming like he isn’t in control. a good way of solidifying this concept is by comparing him to i.m: they’re both very good at adapting to their surroundings and audience, but while i.m takes his time getting it just right for the long haul, minhyuk’s mind is very fast-paced and works in the moment to keep firing on all cylinders.

in fact, in the prep video for his and kihyun’s exhibition, i think a rather poignant moment to illustrate minhyuk’s personality is when he left jooheon alone with his painting of his hand, jooheon signed it, and minhyuk returned to be slightly miffed, but only for a moment, saying he knew this would happen, then deciding quickly to roll with it and make it a collaborative effort (i’ll touch more on this later). this highlights several things. firstly, minhyuk knows his members well, but since his mind is always so quick and based in the present, he doesn’t often think about potential future consequences, so when they happen, they catch him off-guard, but in retrospect he could’ve predicted them. secondly, he’s quite good-natured and optimistic, and rolls with the punches without much complaint–what’s done is done, and he can only make the best of whatever situation he’s found himself in, at which, frankly, he excels.

this brings me to how creative he is. i don’t just mean artistically, though he has shown how impressive his art and creative forays have been–even without judging with a technical perspective, the thought he puts into his artwork, such as the meanings and feelings he wants to portray, is all very specific and well executed. he’s well aware that the exhibition is for monbébé, and every piece of work he did was to convey something he wanted them/us to feel, especially for those who hadn’t had the chance to experience said feelings, or meet the members in person. minhyuk is like a human brainstorming machine, coming up with innovative ideas to keep things fresh and interesting all the time. this is shown also when he MCs, or even records: he’s always suggesting activities or “corners”, and when the focus isn’t on him, he’s planting little seeds by mentioning embarrassing things, for example, or even helping to keep the conversation flowing with small comments to the hosts.

this is not to be confused with him wanting the spotlight! in actual fact, i think minhyuk is definitely a people person, and being around others brings out the best in him, which in turn means he can bring out the best in others (or at least the best entertainment value in the situation). however, when the tables are turned, and the others (read: kihyun) put him on the spot, or even worse, make him do something sexy, he gets embarrassed and shy, to the point of stuttering, and tries to incorporate other members as well. he really seems to draw confidence and strength from monsta x’s presence, and even when he disagrees with the members, one thing i strongly admire about him is that every step is a step forward. he might shoot down a suggestion, but he’ll always replace it with another, keeping things moving forward. 

i think when it gets a bit much, i.e. when he’s very excited, this can come off somewhat dismissive or uncaring to other quieter members. similarly, sometimes he says things without thinking, such as the comment about comparing zico to jooheon, and this lack of foresight lands him in hot soup. most of the time, he isn’t excitable to the point whereby this becomes an issue, and i think after that small incident, he’s been a lot more careful with his public image. regardless, i believe minhyuk is a genuinely caring, non-malicious person, and this has been proven time and time again with how he remembers things about his members, and always finds ways to go the extra mile for monbébé. 

in a nutshell, i would describe minhyuk as bright, flexible, and quick-thinking. he can think on his feet, and it’s a skill that makes him an excellent presence during recordings, as it helps lubricate the flow of the show or conversation to put everyone at ease. i think his heart is in the right place, but his mind works so fast that sometimes it can seem too much to more relaxed people. minhyuk is an essential member in monsta x: someone loud and high-energy enough to kickstart interest and enthusiasm, but generous and selfless enough to use that gift for everyone’s benefit, as opposed to solely his own. 

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in less than one month you are going to turn 18. wow you are old lol. ok no jk but how do you feel about that?

Ahhhhh idk I’m not ready 4 it