i was tagged by my faves alaskapleasethunderfuckmeleg-and-dairyy and pearls-curse to do this ily all

Birthday: September 3rd

Height: like 5′2 or ‘3 idk lol

Sexual Orientation: straight lol

Favorite Color: red!!

Avg. Hours of Sleep: like 8 to 10 hours its kind of a problem lol

Last Thing I Googled: weather lmao there is a tornado watch here rn

What Word Comes to Mind: mermaids?? idk ahah

Happy Place: probably like in my house/room or going to lake michigan tbh

# of Blankets I Sleep With: one because its hot af right now

Favorite Fictional Character: idk it used to be castiel from supernatural i guess it still is lol

Favorite Famous Person: ofc katya, alaska, and adore but also gerard way and dane dehaan and ezra miller

Celebrity Crush: ive been in love with gerard way since i was 15 lmao but also dane & ezra & leonardo dicaprio 

Favorite Book: idk really i dont read a ton of books but i like this book called wasteland 


Dream Job: either famous for literally no reason or something in art B) lmao

What I’m Wearing: shorts with sheep on them and a grey tank top lol theyre pajamas  

I tag: ellienonymousdaisylae, simondwilliamson, moms-potted-plant, thecurseofpearl, nogush, coolmomkatya, rajamrull, dragyoutube and alaska-thunderfvck you guys dont have to do this lmao but i thought id tag you anyway because ily allll