HONESTLY one thing i love about b1a4 is that basically none of them were even very good at anything when they got hired and they all just found shit to be good at and worked incredibly hard at it

like deul could sing but…. cnu and jinyoung were decent singers and they were like, well shit he’s better so now neither of us have a Thing what are we gonna do and cnu just got into this rnb falsetto thing plus got into dancing, which lets be real he’s clearly not top-class in the industry at, and jinyoung had never written a song before but started songwriting because he felt like he wasnt offering anything to the group!!! like he was literally like im useless i gotta do SOMETHING and now he writes + produces pm all of their music. thats dope

and baro… again, lets be really, his raps are mostly just talky breakdowns and it wasnt till geoleo bonda that we got to see him SHINE, when he got hired he was cringe-inducing wannabe who got picked cause he had big eyes and no fucking jawline and a lotta energy was super charming… like he got picked mostly on personality and not on skill

and gongchan…. like gongchan is still obviously objectively the worst at everything but he’s improved SO much and proved that he’s idol-worthy and can keep up with the rest, but it took him a long time (mostly cause he was never given opportunities)

but honestly just the idea that WM hired these five useless prettyboys with stars in their eyes like “WE’RE GONNA WORK SO HARD POPPA WE’RE GONNA MAKE YOU PROUD” and they totally did it and im pm sure it’s like 60% because they could see how hard the others were working and any moment they felt like they were falling behind, they were like “i cant let my boys down!!!” and worked hard to catch up/excel, like thats fucking adorable

anyway as individuals rly besides deul’s singing they’re not industry-toppers at literally anything, they got where they are literally thru the power of friendship and hard work. i mean obviously they didnt get famous cause of their coordi-noona’s styling choices lets say that. BUT LOOK AT MY BOYS TODAY!!!

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I test as an INFP on every MBTI test I've ever taken. Reading cognitive functions, I kind of see myself in some of the INFJ functions, even though I know that they're essentially very different. For example, my Fi means that I can't imagine compromising on my values, ideals and identity but somehow I identify with Fe because it's not always about me - there is such thing as the greater good and my everyday battles involve balancing the two. What do you think?

I personally find online test tend to be somewhat inaccurate so I decided to devise a new method to type people. All you have to do is pick one book that speaks to you on a spiritual level. Your choice will inevitably reveal your true personality. Here you go:

Okay I’m kidding. Just come off anon to let me help you sort this out.

Forget about trying to be as good as that one girl, or that one celebrity, or even that one character you’ve always looked up to. Learn from their example, grow from it, but as long as you’re trying and doing better than you were the day before, that’s enough.

Your progress won’t look like theirs because you’re different from them. That’s fine. You don’t need to be on anyone’s level. The only person you should be worried about being a rival to or being better than is yourself.

Happy Birthday to our Golden Maknae, our Jungkook that works so hard to better himself even though he’s already so so so good. 

I wish you could have confidence in your own abilities and that you didn’t push yourself too hard all the time! 

I also want to wish you the best of birthday’s and hope you have fun! (^v^)Love you. 

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What is your preferred name? I have an agender friend who no longer goes by their birth name is that what you would like or do you prefer Christian? What are your preferred pronouns also? You may have answered this before but I haven't seen it sorry

Thank you for asking!!!!! I still prefer Christian!!! Preferred pronouns are they/them but I am not hostile either way and won’t get offended. I have not been incredibly open about my gender except on this Web site for some reason, so most ppl probably don’t even know. Its a rough world and generally ppl are not very understanding. I wish I had changed my name to something cooloer before starting the internet lol. I have a list of good names saved in my phone. All of them graceful and perfect. Maybe for children, pets, or characters 

playing around with the new edge pen…

it looks interesting. It could probably make an okay shortcut (?) (or get around) for hair with lineart lol, and it’s good for text with borders and the like

by the looks of it, your foreground colour is your border while your background colour is what’s inside.

if you have opacity enabled, it’ll blend the two colours a bit when you’re going from very light pressure to higher pressure, and vice versa.

(w opacity) light pressure will show the foreground (diluted) while higher pressure will show the background, even if the min width is set high or at 100%, and even if the border is set to its lowest width

if you are doing something in one stroke, no opacity or high pressure w opacity will ignore the borders, while multiple strokes will overlap.

with opacity though, the borders will go away in single stroke when overlapping, but the lighter pressure strokes will go under the higher pressure strokes


EDIT: I didn’t notice this because it wasn’t mentioned on any of the english sites, but there is a way to have multiple strokes overlap and merge borders!

you have to hold down ctrl / cmmnd while drawing

… they even gave a better explanation of the colours too… this post feels redundant now


it would be cool if there were options for choosing if you want the strokes to blend together like watercolour options to blend different colours but keep the lines…

The spoilers for FT never fail to disappoint me lol. Zeref’s personality doesn’t make any sense with all this fluctuation between ‘emotionless killer’ and ‘emotional’, unless this thing he had with Mavis is what completely tipped him over the edge. In which case gimme all the angst. I’d honestly much rather he be totally dead on the inside at present because I want him to be the one person Natsu’s feelings cannot get through to. 

If Zeref really can be influenced by ‘love’ and emotions then it’s not exactly going to be all that devastating when Natsu and Lucy get down on one knee and give the nakama speech 3000. Lmao. 

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Whats ur fave yoongi hairstyle AND PICS PLEASE!! Im asking for a friend 😅👀

lol anon :(((( i lov all his hairstyles :(( im not even joking :( he looks so good :( w every hairstyle :( actually if i think about it i rly loved his may/june 2014 hair during japanese debut era bc it was overgrown and cute 

its been over a year and i still cant look @ this w/o wanting to DIE….. his hair is perfect here

but at the same time blonde yoongi is the best thing that has ever happened to me….. even tho back in 2013 i swore i’d dump him if he went blonde……… WELL I LIED

me: loves 2 fucking die

but also his orange hair…………

lol great im going thru all my pics now just know i love all yoongi hairstyles……… all of thme…… if u have any requests for specific hairstyles just ask maybe then i can be more helpful :*))

that-tiny-green-frog said: the podcast doesn’t explicitly have to be k-on. Like you can make something specifically k-on related the topic, but podcasts are best when they go off like conversations since you tend to get interesting topics over time (though others would disagre

Hm…. that’s true. Honetly I don’t know… well, anything, about the podcast culture, so it’s mostly just me being unfamiliar with it is the reason why I’m hesitant.


Yeah, things can get interesting here sometimes. Completely off topic. But ya know, it happens. 

everytime (literally everytime) louis had a solo i would scream as loud as i could (louder than i thought possible lmao) and scream his name and SOMETIMES he would smile and i lime to think he heard lol. like once he was on the catwalk facing the opposite side of the stadium and i screamed really loud when it was quiet right before his solo and immediately after he turned and faced our side. AND at the very end during bse he was on our side at the very edge, and right before his “U KNO I KNO U KNO” part i screamed “LOUIS” so loud and other ppl screamed too and then kind of during (i’m sorry i was *that* fan) toward the end of his solo i screamed rlly loud again, just loke complete shrill, and HE SAID “I SEE YOU!” LIKE REASSURINGLY AND HE WAS FACING MY DIRECTION SO ESSENTIALLY he knows i’m alive thnx :)