Here’s my vintage dolls so far. I ended up putting the Francie clone on a Mattel Ariel body with kitbashed joints in the arms.

The Barbie clone’s weird squat torso was a perfect fit for my Silkstone outfit so I’m happy I finally found a doll who can wear it.

I’ve tried to straighten out Sindy’s hair but she’s missing a lot of hair so I guess the frizzy big hair works lol.

And the bubblecut clone just got some eye shines added.

well-then-i-was-wrong asked:

20, 13 and 9

9. Have you found any music that relates to your craft or that helps you work and express?

Enya lol, Muse helps sometimes, Celtic music, some Screamo. It depends on my mood. Whatever helps people.

13. Do you have any ‘witchy’ things you do daily?

Really witchcraft is within all we do, but art making is a big thing for me. Anything I put a lot of energy and focus into, which is normally art, my body, and my blog.

20. Is there anything in particular you study or know a lot about?

I know most about most. As a Wiccan I don’t work with curses, hexes, and influential or harmful magic. I also personally don’t work with demons, spirits, hedge witchery, death magic, sanguine magic, Voodoo/Vodou, and other types of craft. I always try to give people a link in the right direction because I do like to learn about new things. 

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Well Allie is my cat’s name lol :3 ummm I can’t remember anybody by that name though whoops. But yeah about my cat she was a stray and I found her and she was pregnant and had 4 kittens and we kept 2. And she’s brown and white and has no tail and he nickname is Big Mama and she likes to sit on your chest if you’re laying down and she eats lots of people food whoops.

Send me a name!!!!!!

Get to know me

I was tagged by @anakin-dont Thank you friend :)

Name: Tonya

Nickname: a good friend of mine calls me dealio or t-deal

Sign/Briggs: capricorn and intp

Gender: female

Height: 5′4

Favorite color: i really like blues i guess teal or aqua

Time right now: it is 7:51 of the pm on the third of february and the year is 2016

Average hours of sleep: like 4 or 10 depends

Number of blankets I sleep with: like 2 or 3. don’t even ask me about pillows.

Favorite fictional characters: okay obi wan of course, anakin, ahsoka, tony stark, dean winchester(spn), michonne(twd)

Favorite famous people: ellen degeneres lol, of course ewan mcgregor, stephen colbert 

Favorite book: i used to read a lot but i don’t really anymore i guess i really liked atlantis found by clive cussler

What I’m wearing right now: an old shirt 2 times too big for me and sweatpants. bummin it.

Rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

I tag: @space-prince-anakin @lukestarkillerisgay @luke-skywalker-is-gay @anakinbottoms @lukeaesthetlc @psychedelic-boner @skywalkrtrash @whinykylo I would have tagged you but you already tagged :)) and like anyone else that wants to do it just do it tag me fam

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So awhile ago I asked you for a big master post that explained a lot of things I didn't understand about MBTI but now I lost it so could you please link me back to it? lol. If it helps. it involved loops, mbti-notes, and other MBTI stuff. Idk it was a lot of helpful stuff and ificantfindit,illcrymyeyesoutenoughtogetcaliforniaoutofitsdrought. ps: if it was isfjwallflower i asked instead of you, sorry but i still luv u. xoox found it! Haha

befuddletent asked:

I think I found your blog when you still posted a lot in the 7d tag. I had been meaning to follow you, but I'm p sure ya beat me to it and followed me first. eh, that was over a year ago, lol. you're a cool dude with a rad blog

Thank you! I remember following you because of your adorable Sneezy fanart and the fact that you also broshipped him with Sleepy (which was a big deal to me at the time because I think you were the first person I came across who shared my broship) but I can’t remember if you were already following me or not.

And you should know that you’re pretty awesome yourself.

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*internal screaming* I'm going to fucking combust and write fanfic

Ok but… After the events of G&D there’s no longer a lot of action in New York anymore because Nathan’s stopped running the game and no one else is real reliable so there’s less reason for a player like Harry to stick around + he wants to get out of town because his father’s guys found out Harry’s the one who turned him in and are coming after him so he moves to Chicago with Big Jule.

anonymous asked:

blue, rapunzel and zoo!

Blue: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling down?

I literally listen to I’m a Believer - Spyair and I instantly feel 100% better!!! it’s so uplifting and it makes me jump around the house!! pls listen to it :D

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.

I’m not a big fan of Disney but I enjoyed Mulan, Brave, and The Incredibles. I wanted to say Anastasia tbh but then I found out it’s not Disney’s lol.

Zoo: What is your favourite animal?

CATS!!!  I love cats I love my cat!!!!

Thank you for asking <3 I enjoyed this a lot!! :>

omg ask these please they’re so cutE

Making an itabag

For Camus from Utapri, originally it was going to be for Maeno but well Camus over took it….

I’ve probably dropped like 50$ on it right now for the bag itself, the clear bag to go over it, and a few cheap thing available on eBay…
I know I will be spending at least another 50$ on more more? Probably more. I need to get more buttons, I have a lot of phone charms.

Mind you I’ll probably buy Camus clear coat bag if I ever see one. I found a Camus parka and headphones to buy to go with my itabag. Lol

I will probably make a big post about my bag with pictures later because while I have planssss I’m a bit of a good when it comes to putting something together


My morning reading. Not surprised that I got the Tower and the Lovers again (even though I shuffled and cut the deck as I always do). I expect these cards to be popping up quite a lot until my current situation is over. Pretty sure I am going to see a drastic career change in the next year. What I am not sure is what that change will look like (yeay ambiguity!) 

Nothing like a life altering event to really make you intimate with certain cards… LOL!

Theme of the reading: Two of Swords

You have found an opportunity that you are pouring a lot (if not all your energy into) - make sure you aren’t neglecting other areas of your life 

The underlying issue: The Lovers

a big decision was facing you, and now that you have made a decision it is time to hold onto that choice passionately, magic and beauty will come from your passion

Present Situation: Eight of Pentacels

Now is the time to teach yourself something new, or improve a skill that you already have - challenge yourself. 

Action to Take: The Towers

destruction leads to creation - take yourself out of your comfort zone

anonymous asked:

14, 28, 39, 66, 74,100

  • 14:if you were to live with your best friend in an old flat in a big city, what would it look like?

something like this with crown moulding, hardwood floors, and big windows

  • 28:sunrise or sunset?

sunset. I’m never awake enough to enjoy a sunrise lol

  • 39:what color do you wear the most?

idk.. I wear a lot of colors.. I guess blue is probably one of the most often occurring colors haha

  • 66:what would your ideal flower crown look like?

never really thought about it, but I like this one I found on pinterest. I don’t think I could pull off one of the really bold, big ones.

  • 74:describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.

they are a person that has a great sense of humor and sarcasm and are the only one that can get me to act like a goofy idiot. they make any situation or task fun and are thoughtful and giving. so ambitious and goal-driven, they are encouraging and motivating to everyone around them.

  • 100:if you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why?

depends on whether you have to relive the past 5 years exactly or not… if that’s the case I’ll go forward. no point in living in the past.

azaira asked:


1. A pic of moi can be found on my mini appreciation post (just search Taylorskwami on my blog. Dont want to make this post hella big lol)

6. How do you look right now? Im in my jammies with a messy bun and lots of acne *thumbs up*

30. Does anyone hate you? I really doubt it. Im a pretty laid back person who stays clear from drama

31. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? Yes. I have examples of why this is true but they are kind of awkward lol.

32. Do you like watching scary movies? It depends. I only like ones about ghosts and obscure ones. 

33. Are you a jealous person? Yeah I would say so. But I usually brush it off shortly. 

34. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? I learned a lot of things about myself and don’t have a lot of regrets of things that happened, but definitely 2015. It was a horrible year.

35. Did you have a dream last night? No i dont think so. I rarely have dreams.

36. Is there anyone you can tell ANYTHING to? Yes.

37. Do you think you will be married in 5 years? No. Im a hopeless romantic but i take relationships seriously.

38. Do you think someone has feelings for you? Doubt it. Im horribly socially awkward and I look like a potato

39. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? who isn’t jkjk i dont think so lol. 

40. Did you have a good day yesterday? It was productive but I hate sundays. SO… Idk