drink every time…

  • rock music plays
  • boys drop their weapons
  • dean gets slammed against a wall
  • instant access to hi-speed wifi
  • boys have heartfelt talk
  • boys fight
  • “son of a bitch”
  • every town in the US is only an hour away
  • sam does an autopsy
  • archaic ritual easily found through google
  • boys in a motel room
  • castiel stands too close to someone
  • someone makes a reference to a show/movie/person
  • castiel doesn’t understand a reference 
  • sam gets choked/strapped to a table
  • “it’s your destiny”
  • dean eats/drinks/talks about sex or porn
  • someone has family issues
  • emo tears of man pain
  • sex scene/implied sex scene
  • boys in suits
  • anytime someone dies
  • anytime they speak latin
  • dean/sam speak at the same time
  • someone takes care of injuries
  • castiel appears out of no where
  • someone makes a dick joke

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Hi! I'm not sure if you do gif reactions, and if not then just do a regular written reaction? But I was wondering if you can do a reaction to The Axis + Romano and Spain to an s/o running to them, yelling their name, and giving them a surprise hug! Thank you!!

Ludwig (Germany)-

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Feliciano (Italy)-

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Kiku (Japan)

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Lovino (Romano)-

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Antonio (Spain)

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i saw in your tags on a post that you have never shared any of your writing with people you know in real life, is there a reason? cause your writing is amazing

Aw, that’s really nice of you to say.

And the main reason is just because my anxiety gets in the way. The idea of just sitting down with someone and watching them read my writing/talking to them about it makes me so nervous haha. Sometimes when I have a professor reading over one of my papers for a class, I ask to leave the room until they finish. 

But it’s something I’ve been working on, especially because I want to become a professional writer one day. I’m just trying to take baby steps. 

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Do you think Jeongcheol could be fan service though?

Oh gosh I could say a lot about this. Tbh yeah they can and probably are. But then again, all the ships could just be fan service. In that case, we may as not ship at all which I guess is what some people mean when they say they don’t “get shipping”

I don’t claim jeongcheol is legitimately real in anyway, But I like Jeongcheols chemistry which is why I started shipping them. I find it fun having an otp lol. As for the fanservice thing, though jeongcheol can/could be fanservice, so can other ships. I mean just look at all the Jihan hearts we get on a regular basis compared to the two jeongcheol hearts we’ve had lol. But jeongcheol has these moments where I doubt fanservice can explain them. For example when you see behind the scenes, such as that blessing of a Fancam that was taken of Scoups holding out to take jeonghans hand and they walked together holding hands for a bit. Or photos for example, I saw this one of coups hands around Jeonghan while they were walking to one of their scheduled shows. This photo was taken of their backs, and they had no idea this photo was being taken since this person was also standing quite far away.

Again I’m not saying these moments mean anything or claim jeongcheol is real and not fan service. They can obviously just mean they’re real close friends (which they are). Im merely just explaining why I fell for jeongcheol rather than the other ships even though they could be fanservice :)

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One: Spell your name with song titles

R: Right Hand Man, Hamilton

I: Ideal World, Girlpool

L: Let’s Talk About Sex, Salt N Pepa

E: Everyday, High School Musical

Y: You Are The Music In Me, High School Musical

Two: Why did you choose your url?

Well, its my go-to drink at Starbucks and I thought it sounded kind of cute.  But then peachgreentealemonade was taken, so i mispelled it.

Three: What is your middle name?

Ariel (no joke)

Four: If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

A fairy!  I convinced all my friends that I was one when I was a child.

Five: Favorite color?


Six: Song you like right now?

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1, the Flaming Lips

Seven: Top four fandoms (in no specific order)?


Harry Potter

Miraculous Ladybug

The Hobbit

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