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You see a sentence written in cyrillic. Some of the letters are familiar. You see the meaning shimmering underneath the surface. You almost grasp it, but it slips away. The letters on the page mock you silently.

You know this Czech word. You’ve already learnt it in Polish. It is not the same word. It is a grave insult. Your slavic friends are shocked and embarassed for you when they hear you speak it.

There is a sentence in Croatian. There is a sentence in Serbian. There is a sentence in Bosnian. They are all the same sentence.

You have to write about your day in Slovak. You spend the night polishing the draft. You fail your assigment. It’s written in Czech. You don’t know Czech.

P is not what it seems. You have to remember that.

The Croatian sentence does not mean what the Bosnian sentence means. They both mean the same in Serbian.

That word has a diminutive. The diminutive has its own diminutive. The diminutive of the diminutive also has a diminutive. Nobody knows what the final diminutive of a word is. Some say the knowledge had been lost in centuries past and matrioshkas are the echo, the tangible warning left for us to remember. No living creature should hold the means of diminishing something into nonexistence.
Others say you may still find some of them in old soviet textbooks, if you dare to look in abandoned schools of Chernobyl.

Someone is speaking to you. Is that a he or a she? You aren’t sure. It’s an abstract concept. Why does it have gender.

You see a word in a dictionary. It has seventeen letters and only one vowel. You close the dictionary very carefully not looking at the phonetic transcription. The shape of it haunts you in your sleep. You wake up face damp with tears, a bitter taste on your tongue. The clock blinks 3:03AM. You do not dare look up that word again.

This word means the same thing in the five slavic languages you’re familiar with. You use it in the sixth one. That word does not exist in this language. It never did. There is now a word-shaped void in the fabric of this language. The natives look at you uneasily. There is a new quality to the silence and your palms start to sweat.

H is not H. H is not H. H is not H. H is not H.

One day you flip through your dictionary. A page is missing. What was the word? You can’t remember. There is pressure building at the back of your head. The clock blinks 3:03AM.

You write my name is in cyrillic. There are shadows dancing on the walls. They grow longer with each letter you write down. It is not cyrillic you’re using. You keep writing my name is. The shadows now bleed from the tip of your pen. It’s irrelevant. You need to remember the right letters.

N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not… If only you could remember the letters. The letters are important. What was it, that wasn’t N?

There are nine different prefixes you can add to a verb to change its meaning. There are fifty three different suffixes you have to add to a verb to make it work. In the end the only thing left of the original is a vague shape of one of its middle consonants. You can feel the anguish radiating from the verb’s mutialted form. A desperate sob escapes through your clenched teeth. You’re so, so sorry, you didn’t meant to. You didn’t. It doesn’t matter.

You now read a text in Russian. You’ve never learnt Russian. Why are you reading that text? The words burn your eyes, the meaning searing your mind.

There’s a shot of vodka in front of you. You don’t drink alcohol. You don’t care. All existence is meaningless, your soul’s in eternal pain. A broken matrioshka lays at your feet. There is no salvation, she says boring into your eyes. You open your mouth to answer, but there is only a burst of harsh rustle. It dies in whispering echoes a moment later. Your glass is empty again.

//takes a deep breath


  • is so passionate about his job and supporting muggle rights that he doesn’t give two shits abt his reputation as a blood traitor even tho it’s apparently the reason he never got promoted at the ministry
  • wrote the book on why u should not enchant muggle objects and literally has a shed full of flying vehicles and shit that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about??? lmao what a rebel?? i love this guy
  • was concerned about harry before he even met him because ron was worried that he wasn’t responding to letters and when harry came to stay he totally could have been like ‘shit another mouth to feed’ but was really really happy that harry was there and safe??? ‘pls sit next to me at dinner, child, i need to ask you ten thousand questions about muggles’
  • like he was actually the first adult ever besides maybe hagrid to sit there and ask for harry’s opinions and recognize that he had knowledge and thoughts to offer im crying
  • fixed harry’s glasses for him after they broke in the floo ;-;
  • gave zero fucks about what everyone else thought should be done and told harry about sirius black bc he wanted this kid to be aware and safe as possible??
  • dragged the dursleys for not treating their nephew like a human being (and destroyed their living room what a great moment tbh)
  • gives advice that harry remembers years later bc he respects this kind ginger man so much ‘don’t trust something that can think for itself if u can’t see where it keeps its brain’
  • (lol remember that one time molly was upset about death eaters at the quidditch world cup and he made her some tea and then was like ‘i think this needs some whiskey too trust me i’m a doctor’)
  • agreed that harry should be told certain things about the resistance because he knew harry was competent and intelligent enough to handle it but like also kept in mind that harry was a kid in the middle of a war
  • took harry to work with him and made sure he got to his hearing on time and distracted him and ‘smiled at him encouragingly’ when he knew he was nervous im dying this was so sweet
  • was part of the group who threatened the dursleys to keep their hands and shitty attitudes away from harry and he was so ‘light’ and ‘pleasant’ abt it omg this dude was throwing so much shade
  • was ready to fight scrimgeour with remus when the minister wanted to get harry alone and harry had to be like ‘omfg stand down pls’
  • ‘am i about to discover where you, ron, and hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of fred and george’s shop?’ … ‘how did you-?’ …  ‘harry, please. you’re talking to the man who raised fred and george’
  • never raised his voice except for that one time he told a fully trained auror to back the hell off and get out of his way so he could see his injured son and harry literally thought ‘holy shit’ it says so right there in the book u can check
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts and after fred and harry had been killed he went into full on rage mode and teamed up with percy to fuck up the minister for magic
  • owns chickens


‘madame delacour glided forward and stooped to kiss mrs. weasley too. “enchanteé,” she said. “your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!” mr. weasley gave a maniacal laugh; mrs. weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.’

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Hi! Same anon that asked about the FNaF 1 gang, withereds, shadows, etc., just wanna ask: Do you have any headcanons about the withereds, shadows, what the phantoms are, or anything? (P. S. Thanks for wishing me a happy day! Hope you have a "happiest day"!

Oh goodness I do happen to have…a few (uninteresting) headcanons actually…So I guess I’ll tackle these in the order you asked! These are all just for this blog’s AU, of course, so no worries if they collide with some of the canon or with other people’s universes

Withered Ones

  • Since W.Bonnie and W.Chica both have missing hands, W.Foxy and W.Freddy are always nearby to help them if they need it
  • W.Chica is really proud though and does her very best to do things herself
  • W.Bonnie is very sad about the loss of his face, and thinks about it constantly, often trying to find “replacements” for his face! Some of you guys might remember from one of my old posts that sometimes he wears a paper plate with a :3 face drawn on it
  • W.Freddy is a very Tired Man, choosing to mostly watch the Toys perform on stage as opposed to singing himself. I think of it like he’s peacefully retired
  • W.Foxy is the saltiest guy most anyone will ever meet, he wants to go places and have his Pirate Cove back but the world just keeps denying him

The Shadows

  • These guys are both mute, so they communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that means flashing shadowy words up in the air, other times it means sign language
  • Shadow Freddy (Shreddy lmao) looks like he’s constantly crying, but has never told anyone why…
  • Both of their bodies can be easily manipulated into different shapes, although Shadow Bonnie is a lot better at shapeshifting than Shreddy is!
  • Shadow Bonnie is………ridiculously tall, and Shreddy is a smol
  • Shadow Bonnie can teleport! But the process is rather painful so they don’t do it often
  • Both of them are very old, and have been around for decades as of the time of Fazbear Fright
  • In addition to not being able to speak verbally, neither of them make any noise at all when moving. They have accidentally snuck up on many of their friends because of it
  • Both are very elusive and will only appear to those that they deem trustworthy, or intriguing in some way

The Phantoms

  • They’re all essentially ghosts of the former Fazbear crew. Not every animatronic became a phantom after being destroyed, only a select few!
  • When they first woke up as phantoms, all they remembered was the pain of dying, so the reverted to a more primal state of personality. As of yet, only some of the phantoms have managed to remember their past selves to become who they used to be.
  • This is why Phantom Balloon Boy (PBB) screams so much! He’s trying to remember his past, but more often than not he resorts to the screaming
  • Being ghosts, they cannot touch anything corporeal without it meeting special standards
  • With enough practice, the phantoms can learn to summon ghostly objects from their past, one of the best examples being Phantom Chica’s ghost cupcake (which she’s very proud of btw)
  • It is said that once the Phantoms are able to complete whatever unfinished business they had on Earth, they will cease to exist here, having moved on. Most of them haven’t found out yet why they became ghosts, since they can’t even remember clearly when they were alive. Who knows if they’ll ever reach their goals?

Anyways that’s all I have for now! I know I’m leaving a bunch out, definitely, but hey, I’ve never been too great at communicating my thoughts! Thanks for asking about these guys!! Goodness knows I think about this AU every waking moment of my life And thank you! I’ll try and have the happiest day I can!

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Hi, I sent a prompt but my old, stupid iPad is playing up so you either didn't receive it or received it 12343 times, lol. It was: Kara travels to a new Earth and meets the second incarnation of Supergirl, who is also Kara and Cat's daughter. This experience inspires her to reveal her feelings to Cat. Thank you!

Kara knows it’s probably dangerous, but when she was overwhelmed by the weight of responsibilities and expectations of her Earth, she’d bring out Cisco’s device and hop worlds for a few hours. At first she just checked in with Barry on Earth-1, but eventually that got to be no better. When she’d show up there, she’d end up helping with whatever mess he’d gotten into lately.

And it’s not that she didn’t like helping, Barry was a friend and a good man, and Kara was always glad to help out. But he didn’t usually need the help, and it seemed to turn into trading one set of responsibilities for another. Not exactly the restful escape she’d been thinking of.

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hi arc can i ask a question that seems a bit silly even as i write it? how do you keep being so brave about your fanwork? i used to post a lot of fic when i was younger before all the like holier than thou purity politics stuff happened. but the purity politics stuff sort of... made me scared to interact with fandom? like i want to write and post the fics i have ideas for but i'm SCARED and i don't really know how to?? stop being scared i guess? idk i can't really get my thoughts down now sorry

(scared anon) i just guess i was wondering if you had any advice on like pushing past that fear and just doing fanwork without being scared of how people might react?

Oh, honey.

Christ, lemme think about it….

1. I flat out do not follow any “main” tags. In RT, I never followed #ragehappy. In Borderlands, I never followed #rhack or anything. In HS, I don’t follow any ship tag. So I literally do not see most negativity. This is helpful because people like being dicks in tags and to put their shitty vagueblogging in there, but are often too fucking cowardly to come at you personally.

90% of the time, my awareness that people resent me for having “””impure””” popular fics comes from friends giving me a heads up that someone is talking shit. And when they do, I block that person.

2. Relevant to the above: It took me a long time to understand that people resent my fics being popular, not their actual subject matter. It’s a jealousy thing. I have written some filth that never got really popular, and no one gave a shit. It’s only when I start getting a lot of comments and kudos that suddenly I’m the Great Satan. Keeping in mind that bitches be jealous super helps.

Most recent example: people didn’t start to talk shit about ASAFAF until I started to see fanart based on the story. C’mon.

3. I genuinely believe in the diversity of stories we tell. Like, gushing gold is a great example of a fic I deeply enjoyed writing and sharing, but that I also knew was not for everyone. But it was for some people.

When you are writing a subject matter that you are passionate about, understand that other people are going to be passionate about it too. There are people who need difficult or uncomfortable stories told to affirm they aren’t alone, to help work through rare subject matter, to just enjoy in a world that doesn’t offer them much media.

No story is for everyone, but every story is for someone. Take pride in that.

4. No, really. Block people. Block anyone who makes you uncomfortable, and never look back.

I know it’s apparently a Thing, to block someone, then check in on them? I don’t do this. Once someone is blocked, they no longer exist in my universe.

5. Avoid younger fans. This obviously applies to older fen like me, but broadly speaking, this purity politics culture comes from younger fans attacking older fans, and a lack of understanding that Fandom is a place for a wide group of people with disparate experiences and interests.

Not all young fans are part of that, obviously, but… if someone young enjoys my stuff, I’m glad. I hope they like it. But I avoid deep discussion and interaction and attempts to befriend me, because I am 27 years old and write porn on the internet and shouldn’t be talking to young folks. If anyone doesn’t understand the logic of that, for my protection and for theirs, that is genuinely not my problem and I’m sure they’ll figure it out later.

Boundaries: they are important for adults as much as kids. Enforce them.

6. …

A lot of it is that I’ve been in fandom for over half my life now. I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve been through a lot of shit. (Anyone remember that pissant who tried to report me to the government because I told them to stop harassing me after +6 months of bullshit? lol) I’ve had great fandom experiences and I’ve had ones I would love to hit Undo on.

There are amazing people in fandom and there are fucking hilariously awful shitheads in fandom. The majority of people are decent, and they enjoy what I do, and if you start making content and sharing it, you will find people who enjoy what you do. There are people who follow me who shoot me out of the blue supportive Asks on bad days, who read my fic even when they don’t know the source material, who encouraged me to write my book and then bought the damn thing.

The purity police are scary, abusive fuckers. But they are not the majority, and the less you interact with them, the less they can affect you. They want an opponent, they want someone to fight so they can play victim, they want to be the Valiant Warrior Of Purity.

Ignore ‘em. Make them take their boring pedantic morality play elsewhere.

ETA: 7. Don’t fight the purity police and don’t try to convince them or win them over. It literally never works. These are people who are in a bad place and you cannot move them from that place. Only they can, when they grow the fuck up. Don’t do it. You will not win, you will expend energy on people who gobble it up to fuel their shitstirring and vagueblogging, and they will just know they can successfully antagonize you.

Take that annoyance and frustration. Channel it into writing more rad shit. 


I hope this helps at all, anon. Remember, also, that the AO3 is your friend, and you can keep your tumblr and your AO3 a little bit separated. That can help.

Things I want to tell the signs ( based on people I know )
  • Aries: happiness and love and lust are infinite. You won't run out of them. Remember the difference between being selfish and putting yourself first for your own good. No one is going to punish you for the latter. Stick to faking it till you made it. I know you'll make it. And it'll all be as real as you are, and it'll be overwhelming.
  • Taurus: you are capable of so much more than you think you are. You are not a supporting role, you are the star in a movie with a happy ending. Life will reward you for being so patient, supportive and kind. I'm sorry you're being underappreciated so often. You deserve the world and more. I wish I could protect you, but I know you're strong enough to save yourself.
  • Gemini: people will judge you before they try to understand. Don't waste your time on those who don't bother to really get to know you, they don't deserve to be around you, anyway. Your reputation is a shield. You can be cruel, you can be cold, but those who accuse you of having stabbed their back don't see the open wounds on yours. You're a book with many pages. Don't let them take the pen from you.
  • Cancer: let go. Let go of the past, let go of your fear, let go of your worries. The burden on your chest is only heavy cause you cling to it. Nothing bad is going to happen if you dare a little more and fear a little less. Forgive and forget. You're going to be okay. Don't hold on to your grudges. Hold on to your hope for a good future. It'll pay off to move on.
  • Leo: barking dogs never bite, roaring lions don't do, either. You're too afraid of coming off weak to put down your grim mask, but it's time for you to realise that vulnerability doesn't make you less of a respectable person. You don't need to be intimidating to be admired, and you don't need to hurt people to leave an impression. Even when you're at a low point, you'll always have someone looking up to you. Why are you so scared of being scared?
  • Virgo: it doesn't have to hurt to be real. It doesn't have to be perfect to be worth it. It doesn't have to be everything to be enough. It doesn't have to be complete to be fullfilling. You don't have to be numb to be safe from negative feelings. It doesn't have to overwhelm you to have a meaning. You don't have to shut down to protect yourself. You don't have to be so cruel to keep people at distance. It's not a game just cause you like to play. You don't always have to be the winner.
  • Libra: to me, you're like the ocean. You come and go, you give and take. You can be dangerous and wild, you can be calm and steady. No matter what, when I'm with you, I feel home. You're a blessing to the people around you. Full of surprises, yet reliable. Daring, yet reasonable. You do not have to choose.You can be all of it and everything you want to be. Having a libra as a friend means having a friend for a lifetime without the boredom of having gotten used to something, because one can impossibly get used to you. Always remember your worth.
  • Scorpio: you're the kind of person people write about. You will be remembered. For what you did and who you are. Trust your guts. Your feelings are valid. You will prove them all wrong, everyone who ever doubted you, and when they'll come to apologise, you will be mature enough to forgive them. I wish I was more like you.
  • Saggitaurus: the last song at a rock show, fireworks in July, the first bite of a good meal after being hungry for so long, that's what you are to me. You're a radiant, powerful person, an achiever, you don't just talk, you act on it. But let me tell you, you'll still succeed even when you lower the pressure you put on yourself. I can promise you that you'll reach your destination even if you slow down cause your feet startet aching a long time ago. Give yourself a rest. You deserve it.
  • Capricorn: when someone says they value you, they mean it. When someone says they want you in their life, they mean it. When someone says you're beautiful, they're right. Learn to trust others. Yes, you can always rely on yourself. Yes, in the end, you only got yourself. But there's plenty of people out there who see your potential and want to help you and be there for you. There's many people out there who enjoy spending time with you. You won't lose yourself if you give a bit yourself to others.
  • Aquarius: how do you do it? What is your secret? You're a mystery to me. We could spend each day of the week together, talk for hours, because talking to you is stimulating, inspiring, refreshing, and you could tell me about yourself, but I'd still feel like I could never possibly know everything about you and get a grip of who you really are. You're a painting in pale colours that has come to life and it's blurry around the edges. But that's exactly what completes you: The lack of edges. The infinity of all the possible answers to the questions I want to ask you.
  • Pisces: don't confuse taking things easy with being too careless. You might end up hurting someone without even wanting to. Don't confuse being wanted with being loved. You deserve more than just their appreciation, so don't settle for less just cause it's easier. Sometimes you have to pull yourself together and face the ugly truth, but if you've made it through the storm, your life will be a beach by sunset and all you've ever dreamed of will come true.

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can you make an imagine of luke being jealous of you and calum and he tries to get your attention and like he thinks you don't like him and you like calum and ahh basically a jealous/fluffy imagine? :)))

a/n: okay I felt bad that I hadn’t posted anything at all and then I got so carried away with this that it’s still only half done but I figured I’d split it into two so I could give you guys something now. There is a little smut in it, I mean it’s like pretty tame but. Also it’s my first ever attempt at writing anything smutty so be kind lol :-) 
word count: 3600
masterlist | request

Luke could pinpoint the very moment he realised he liked you; when he tripped on nothing stepping to shake your hand the first time you met and his cheeks went so red he could feel them burning because of course his first impression would be so lame and you were so pretty. You just smiled sweetly and took his hand, steadying him and introducing yourself. He wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight, but the romantic in him liked to believe in clichés, and he liked to think that one might be real every time he looked at you. 

He could also pinpoint the moment he realised his love might be a little one sided, a little more unrequited than he initially hoped. In fact, he could pin point various moments since he’d met you when that little pang of envy had hit him right in the chest. Every time he walked into Calum’s room and you were there, tucked under the blankets watching a movie, or napping; every time he spotted you across the room laughing at something Calum had said; every time you needed a hug and it was Calum’s arms that comforted you.

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advice for (people i actually know with) the zodiac signs
  • aquarius: don't be so trusting. giving people the benefit of the doubt is all well and good, but some people really are just assholes. you are such a sweet, joyful, glowing presence and most of the people who cluster around you adore you and would never mistreat you, but some people like to attach themselves to nice people and then walk all over them. it's not bad or mean to be a little suspicious of people's excuses and motives, especially if they always seem to have good reasons to blow you off.
  • pisces: don't let the bastards get you down. i know you hate conflict so i'm not going to tell you to bite back when people are sniping at you (unless you want to, in which case, i fully support that) but i also know it's frustrating to just sit there and wait for someone to get done bitching you out. here's the thing: only you have all the information, only you can make decisions about your life. and even if you make a wrong choice? well, it was yours to make, not your mom's or your friend's or whatever. nothing the critics say matters. what's important is that you take care of yourself. remember that.
  • aries: be pushier. i know this is totally anti-stereotypical aries advice, but i also know you. passive resistance and stubbornness are your superpowers, but that can turn so easily into mute, inert refusal. be more active, make demands, don't let yourself be silenced so easily. it makes sense to pick your battles, but if something is really important to you, don't be afraid to be vocal about it even if it pisses people off. sometimes outright aggression is the only way to get things done.
  • taurus: it's okay to be rude to assholes, you know. if someone's being a dick to you, smack them down. you'll feel like a badass after and it might make them leave you alone, two birds my friend. being nice and polite is important, but the world will not stop turning if you piss someone off. you really don't need to be so circumspect. not everyone is as reasonable as you are.
  • gemini: it's ALL RIGHT to not always get along perfectly with everyone 100% of the time. people still love you even when they're annoyed with you about something. you deserve to have your needs met, it's not a burden. you are honestly incredibly important to so many people, i know you feel like a crazy whirlwind constantly making mistakes but you bring so much love and joy to the people who care about you. you don't need to be afraid that they'll hate you if you mess up.
  • cancer: not everything has to be part of your plan for it to be ok. sometimes random shit happens and it's awesome. don't be afraid of the unexpected; don't be afraid to step off the path you have all laid out for your life. i know your comfort zone is incredibly important to you and you build high walls around it for a reason, but stick your head out the gate now and then. good things come in weird packages sometimes.
  • leo: you *can* trust people, you know. your friends don't *only* like you and value your presence because of how cool and fun you are and how much they dig the energy you project. i know you hold a lot of things back for a reason, but the image people have of you won't suddenly crumble if you confide in them a little. they care about you and i bet they'd love to hear more about how you're doing.
  • virgo: like, make your bed. it won't actually give you control over the whirling vortex of terror that is your life, but at least now you have somewhere tidy and comfortable to sit and that in and of itself will help you relax. this is really easy for me to say, but let go of trying to fix everything. sometimes carving out a little oasis of order amid the chaos is all you need.
  • libra: just because an idea is fun doesn't mean it's good. you're really awesome and people love to be around you because you're great company, but sometimes your cleverness and wit get you into trouble and you're left feeling guilty and upset for proposing something that wound up being a little less hilarious than everyone had hoped. you have good instincts, but remember to weigh the odds of a thing going badly before you do it.
  • scorpio: you deserve to be treated well! like, really well. you have no idea how important you are to the people who love you, but so many other people in your life treat you badly. if you're giving somebody more than they're giving you, if they make you feel tired or hurt or anxious or upset, walk away. you deserve people who light up your life the way you light up everyone else's.
  • sagittarius: you should cut loose more! it won't make you look immature or dumb. i don't mean go out and get faced if you don't want to but like, have another beer, take a dance class with your girlfriend, do that thing you refuse to do because you're nervous you'll say something stupid and look bad in front of other people. you're already a cool person, and that will still show through if you chill out a little.
  • capricorn: spend more time outside your bubble. i'm not saying your bubble is bad, but there's so much worth learning about the world and other people. you don't have to toss all your dreams and wishes out the window, or agree with everything you hear or see or read, but it's good to challenge yourself. the more you know, more informed you are in making decisions about your own life, and if your plans and convictions hold up they'll be that much stronger for the testing.
Try Hard (Jungkook drabble)

15. How do you know I’m not big?
39.   Praying is not the only thing I can do on my knees, you know?

Word count: 1506 (oh boy… this definitely turned out longer than expected)

Genre: Angst (I don’t even know where did all this angst feels come from)

A/N: This one is for the incredible @jungkookayy, who requested this a million years ago, but I really hope it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for the request, and take care xoxo.

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— C'mon, Kookie, let’s get out of here— you said grabbing his wrist and trying to drag him out of that stupid pub without succeeding. The dude was pure muscle and no matter how strong you were there was no way you could actually drag him anywhere.|

Why had he gone there on the first place? He didn’t even like drinking. But of course his friends knew that and they didn’t give a fuck. They’d been trying to get him drunk for weeks, all because they thought Jeon Jungkook drunk must be “the funniest thing ever” and as he was finally old enough to legally drink, why not?

They were all jerks. You liked them, but they could really be a bunch of jerks when they wanted to. Maybe that was something that came along with the fact of being a man, but you guessed you would never know. Well, all of them except for Taehyung, that boy was an angel himself. He was the one who called you to pick Kookie up, who was so messed up he couldn’t even stand up from his own chair. 

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i accidentally cinderella au

I tried many times but I did not succeed so INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS FANFIC I’LL THROW THIS AT THE TAG AND SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT SAVE ME FROM WRITING FANFIC oh my god this was supposed to be a brief plot outline but it’s 2000 words long save me this wasn’t supposed to be long enough to need proofreading THANK YOU NONNIE FROM MY INBOX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay so: Cinderella Reaper76 AU. Gabe is a spy in an enemy nation where Jack is the youngest prince. People in Jack’s kingdom just kinda casually waltz over to Gabe’s every once in a while and take shit and are generally assholes but it isn’t enough of a problem for the royal family to notice lol it’s mostly just a local thing. Jack may be the youngest prince with the fewest responsibilities but he’s still just a dude who wants to live his life without his bodyguards tailing him all the time (he loves Ana, Reinhardt and Genji to pieces but oh my god let him live you guys)

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hey, listen I'm feeling kind of down right now, things don't seem to be going ok lately for me, and this is going to sound silly but if you could, could any of you guys write an imagine in which bucky cuddles steve post-ws? maybe steve is not doing too well, and bucky cuddles up to him and tells him everything's going to be ok and brushes his hair and tells him he's important.. (i might be projecting my wishes of wanting to be cuddled by bucky in MY time of need lol)

“Hey Stevie, what’s goin’ on?” Bucky asks, walking into their shared living room. Steve’s cuddled up against the couch’s arm rest holding his Bucky bear close to his heart.

“Hmm?” Steve responds, raising his head a little. Bucky takes a seat on the couch and begins rubbing a comforting hand up and down Steve’s back. “It’s nothing,” Steve says, adjusting to give Bucky easier access to his back.

“Doesn’t look like nuthin’. You know you can tell me anything, right?”

Steve sits up slowly. “It’s stupid. You’re back and you have your memories and that’s great and there’s no reason I should be sad about that. It’s just…now that you’re here, it’s just been hitting me more and more how much times have changed and how out of place I feel. Y’know? The people here in this century only know me as Captain America. There’s no one left who remembers little Steve Rogers. Even after all this time, I still feel like an imposter. It’s better now that you’re here, but it’s also kinda worse. I dunno…that makes no sense.” Steve has tears flowing down his face. Bucky can tell that these feelings had been building and brewing inside Steve for much longer than just since his return.

“Hey, hey,” Bucky says, wiping some tears from Steve’s cheek. He maneuvers himself so he’s cuddling up to Steve’s back, taking Steve into his arms just like he used to back when Steve was still little. Bucky runs one hand through Steve’s hair and the other up and down his back and side. “You listen to me, pal, and you listen good. I know things are rough right now. I know how much it took out of you to help me get back to where I am now. But everything’s gonna be okay. We’re here together, and I’ll always be here to remember with you. I’ll never forget when you were tiny and sick all the time. Hell, I’m still following the little guy from Brooklyn. My favorite memories from back before the war are from when it was just you and me bravin’ the world. I know you’re not small anymore, but I’ll always protect you and hold you and I’ll never forget. Never, Stevie.”

Steve’s whole body shakes with the force of his sobs. Bucky has never seen Steve so distraught, but he knows there must have been so much Steve had been holding inside, especially since he was a rock during Bucky’s recovery. He never once wavered – he was stable and strong when Bucky was not. Now it’s Bucky’s turn.

Bucky places soft kisses down Steve’s neck and back. “Stevie, you are the most important person to me. I love you. You know I do and you know I have. Ever since we met. Even before I knew what it meant to love someone. And it’s not true that no one knows the little Steve Rogers. He’s the same guy, just in a bigger body. You have the same heart and determination and passion in everything you do. But just remember, you’re important to me. I mean it when I say I’m following the little guy from Brooklyn. Right now, I wish nothing more than you being small enough for me to wrap you up and protect you from the world. I love you Stevie, I always have and I always will. ‘Til the end of the line, right?”

Bucky waits for an answer, but realizes that Steve’s breathing evened out. Tears still drip from his eyes, but they’re closed. Bucky continues to hold Steve and murmur to him about how much he means to Bucky and how much Bucky needs him. They stay like that for hours.

When Steve finally wakes up, he rolls over in Bucky’s arms. His eyes are red and puffy, but Bucky doesn’t think he’s ever seen a more beautiful sight.

“Thank you, Buck. I really needed that. You’re my rock. Always have been always will be. I love that I can be little Steve Rogers with you. I love you too. Our line has been longer than others, but I’ll stay with you ‘til the end of it.”

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Some might call what you do hate as well. I don't understand why you constantly need to point out what some tinhatters are doing. Can't you just ignore them? I expect you don't follow any of those blogs, so why do you refer to them? I admit that it's sad to never post anything including Mia or Will, but what is it to you? I like your blog but this part of it irritates me. And before you say it, nope I am not a tinhatter myself :)

“You are such a stupid bitch. Darren is GAY. This isn’t even about cc - Darren is gay and you’re just too stupid to see that.” (an anon message sent to me three weeks ago (deleted obv) tho I suspect I know who that was).

“Oh no not again. All I see is a horse in a dress.” (a post in the miarren tag yesterday about Mia and Darren at the wedding when I went to find a pic I couldn’t find on my dash).

“lol just a look at that attention whore. I can’t believe people think Darren is with that slut. Can’t she dress respectably?” (a post in the miarren tag about Mia at Elsie fest).

“Will is a homophobic, transphobic jerk. Chris would not be with that guy.” (paraphrase from nonsense last year about Will).

“Did you see Darren in that interview with Alan Cumming? lol straight. Your gay is showing, Darren.” (Summary of many comments).


“What is it to you?”  You asked that question as if there is no effect or harm to what the tinhats do - ie spread lies, misogyny, homophobia and negativity about celebrities (and while this is absolutely not unique to this fandom, this is the fandom that I am an active part of) on social media - sometimes tagging them or their friends on twitter. 

So I want to be really clear about the opinion I have that is the following - I believe tinhatting in the way it has manifested itself in the public social media of this fandom causes harm. It is not neutral, or cute, or harmless or without consequence. 

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anonymous asked:

You have a lot of interesting stories from work it seems like. What is your favorite?

okay so the view from the back of the hotel is this nice hillside pasture with cows and shit and people seem to really enjoy looking at that, so we get a crapload of people every day who request rooms facing the back. it’s the norm. so when this dude called in to make sure he got room #129 (he was adamant about it like “I HATE TO BE PICKY BUT I’VE STAYED IN THAT ROOM BEFORE AND I ONLY EVER STAY IN THAT ROOM AND I WILL NOT STAY THERE TONIGHT IF I CANT HAVE THAT ROOM”), i just assumed that was the case. he just REALLY wanted to look at the cows. nbd.

so like this nice, friendly old dude shows up and since i’m still fairly new i’ve never met him before, so my first impression is that he reminds me of my grandpa. i literally remember thinking “wow haha he looks like my granddad that’s so cute”. so anyways this dude checks in and gets all situated and we don’t see him for the rest of the evening and everything’s fine and dandy… but as i leave the hotel that night, i notice his privacy curtain is pulled back and his window’s wide open. 

see, the way this room is set up, the window is right next to the gate to the employee entrance in the back of the hotel. it is physically impossible to get to the employee entrance without passing this room’s window. so i think to myself “wow that’s awkward” but shrug it off because it’s 11pm and i’m tired and have to get up early so who cares. whO CA R ES. if this guest wants to feel the cool night breeze on his face then he certainly can. go nuts, dude.

the next morning, though, i pull into work and notice his window is still wide open. it’s super early, so a brief glance tells me he’s sound asleep in his bed. that’s how well i can see into this godforsaken room and, considering the window is wide open too, i could probably reach right in and swipe his wallet off the table if i were so inclined but i’m noT and that’s beside the point because I’M LATE so i awkwardly shuffle by this open window and sprint to the break room to clock in.

about an hour goes by before the housekeepers start randomly showing up one by one. i notice a few of them are either sporting horrified looks or a bright red tint to their faces. one even looks nauseated. but i dont go find them and look into it because mornings are evil and i’m tired.

it’s not long until one of them powerwalks into the back office and demands the guest in 129 be dealt with or kicked out of the hotel. we are all understandably confused until she explains what’s happening.

the dude in 129. the friendly old man who reminded me of my granddad. this guy is apparently standing in front of his wide open giant window right next to the employee entrance, greeting everyone who shows up for work with the sight of his wrinkly nude gross body. we’re talking full-on birthday suit here. as in his flaccid penis and saggy old man balls are hanging far enough out of the window to possibly brush against the arms of any unsuspecting passers-by. 

so like long story short, my favorite part of this story is that i had to call and ask this old man to shut his damn window or cover up or both and his reply hiS FREAKING REPLy was “i’m sorry just give me 10 more minutes. if I show my” (i think he called it his “willy” but i can’t remember) “to 4 more people I’ll get $40”

so basically he exposed himself and harassed/traumatized people for $40. forty dollars. and i know some people will look at this and be like “i get it tbh i’d do anything for money i’m poor lol” but listen. listen.

room #129 is an extended king suite. during the work week, our extended king suites cost roughly $144 + tax. that means this man spent $164.88 on a room so he could make $40. he lost his dignity. he lost $124.88. and the only thing he gained was a fine coating of both fresh morning dew and shame on his wrinkled little willy. 

… idk if i’d say that’s my favorite thing that’s happened but the second i saw this ask, my brain went “KAYLA, TELL THEM THE PENIS STORY” so here you go

anonymous asked:

Since it looks like you're giving life advice atm, any advice for starting college (I don't want to be josh!!)

My advice is fueled by half a bottle of wine so take whatever I say with a grain of salt (though this will be me pretty unfiltered).

First, congrats on college!! It’s going to a miserable wonderful 4 years! My advice is to be Josh but not be Josh. What I mean is, you’re going to have times where you feel like him (unprepared, trouble adjusting, etc). But unlike Josh who whines and spends time w/ high schoolers, take a deep breath and recognize and accept that. It’s totally okay! My first semester of college was super rough! Everyone on my dorm floor was in a little clique that I never joined because I was super shy at the time. I got along with my roommate at least, but not being friends w/ my floormates made me feel like such a loser. I had friends from my major but they were all commuter students (this was in NYC) so being able to see them at a moment’s notice was hard. Instead of moping for too long, I joined clubs and did other things in order to meet new people and make new friends.

College is like adulthood w/ training wheels tbh. You’re living on your own for the first time, but without a lot of the unfortunate responsibilities of post-school adulthood (paying loans, paying rent, working, etc etc). And you also have a bigger built in support system. Anyway, I think college gives you a good start at navigating adulthood.

Expect to have fun, expect to be nervous, expect to do something stupid, expect meet amazing people, expect to have bullshit hw that you don’t do till 2 AM, expect good parties and lame parties, expect potentially getting your heart broken by assholes (or maybe that was just me lol), expect to learn a lot about yourself. 

And remember, no one knows who you were in high school. I’m not saying create an entire new persona, but college is a fresh slate in the sense that no one has preconceived notions based on your first 18 years :) 

Honestly, sometimes when full time employed adulthood gets super stressful, I think about how much I miss college (then I remember writing bs papers at like 2 AM and i’m like lol maybe I don’t miss all of it…)

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The NH fans are now bashing you and amitds because of the hinata and NH posts saying the SS are bashing NH as if their fandom didn't start shit with us all the time :| I like NH a lot because I appreciate their moments in the manga and think they fit well together, but some people in the NH fandom are really getting on my nerves, especially when they pretend SS isn't important at all. They don't realize that we would never bash their ship if they hadn't done it first

I have already had plenty of run ins with these butthurt people, if they don’t get you to agree with them then they will try to silence you, these certain people are literally the ones who started everything because they were unsatisfied with what they got with NH and Hinata and at this point they’re not even good at hiding it, i remember when the manga just ended, from certain people I seen so many posts like “the end would have been better if it involved Hinata in the final fight” “SS got the canon moment in the manga, we got a movie so whatever” “SS got canon in 699 so we got canon in 615 too (this one makes me laugh the hardest)” and every single post my friend made about Sakura being the strongest female (which is a fucking canon FACT) got jumped on by these fools bringing Hinata into everything, in fact ANY post you make about Sakura, they will reblog it ramming Hinata into it, if you say Sakura can fart the loudest, you will get people jumping on it saying Hinata can fart louder, and i remember I got all my posts jumped on also for saying SS got canonized mutual on panel (which they did) but for some reason this didn’t go well with some of them, and I will never forget when I agreed with an anon that said Hinata was OOC in The Last and that it was so bad for NH, I got over 300 people reblogging this untagged ask calling me stupid, a bitch, a cunt, had no friends, was pathetic, didn’t actually watch the film, is lying, is butthurt etc. and the list goes on just for saying “yep, i agree, The Last shit all over NH and Hinata” and people accused me of sending the anon to myself (lolol) this is the reality of certain NH “sister shippers”, they are only “sister shippers” if you agree that NH is better and Hinata is stronger, if you don’t then you get bashed and called a shit starter, even though it was these people who started it all with their salty comments like “Sakura is still waiting for Sasuke while NH are together so that’s why they hate the film” (lol pls SS was canon in 699 and you still can’t get over it) and honestly the list goes on, we’re the ones who start everything even though we only back up the bullshit they say with manga panels and relevance, these certain people are just forever salty that Hinata was not part of Team 7 so therefore Team 7 is shit, over hyped and dysfunctional while Team 8 is the closest best team, and forever salty that NH did not get what they thought they would “NH are so gonna kiss when Naruto rushes to reach her after the IT” or “SS have many issues they will only be implied, NH will get canonized on panel” (lol boy did that backfire) and again, the list goes on, I used to follow these people, I even have screenshots of them saying these things so they can deny it and blame it all on us all they want, it was not us who has a huge ego built on nothing but hype, we have tons of moments in the manga, confirmed mutual on panel and confirmation of Sakura surpassing Tsunade and being the strongest female, at least all our ego’s are built from the manga. Just ignore these people really, even now all they’re moaning about is how shit Gaiden is and how it “ruined” SS and how it would be “boring” if Sakura is the mother” (not even hiding their butthurt anymore) or “Gaiden is a waste without Himawari and Hinata” or “ Sarada could be a lab rat or Karin is the mother”, it’s always the same, RTN is not canon and laughed at NS for using it yet They do the same with The Last, and the novels weren’t canon at first because they thought SS would be in it but when they found out there is NH wank in it, they’re suddenly canon.

I just seen a NH person get kicked out of the NH forum the other day for thinking The Last wasn’t canon and for saying “Naruto would have noticed if Sakura was pregnant and in the village” which was in response to certain NH saying “Naruto ignored Sakura for 9 months which is why he didn’t know she was pregnant” (how salty and insecure lol) so yes I have seen so many true colours since The Last came out, even more so since Gaiden started, they will turn on their own fandom if they don’t agree with The Last, it’s quite amusing. we get blamed for everything, always did and always will, I have accepted it, I don’t give a shit, I cannot stand these insecure people who want to put everything down so they can feel like they’re on a pedestal. 

As always, this is about who it may concern, not all NH are like this of course, there is many who are content with NH and Hinata and don’t  build everything on hype, it’s only the certain loud “me too and what if” ones who claimed to like SS that many seem to worship.