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So I’m not following that many blogs at the moment and would like to see some variety on my dash… also I’m always looking for some mutuals to squawk with.

Reblog and put in your tags who/what you post and I will check you out! then you can check other people’s tags and follow them as well! I’m open to basically any fandom, but for a few examples:

monsta x
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Hi,, so,, some of you guys already know I have a (two) YouTube channels, one being a Kpop reaction one(lame, iknow). I’ve been trying to incorporate my music knowledge into my reactions, and recently my fav group just came back with a song that sounds like it has an orchestra playing in the chorus(HYPE)!

The other channel members and I decided to quickly figure out parts on our instruments and put it as part as our reaction.

So if you wanna hear me NOT CRACK A HIGH B I cracked a D4 instead rip or hear me scream a lot, check out the video!

(SHOUT OUT TO THE CHANNEL FAM, @violinator and @verydeadpie)


hola ✌🏽 i was tagged by @mamaknae to post pictures of myself with my faves ☺️ I tried to match my pictures with theirs but I couldn’t find a picture of Jimin smiling in my camera roll 😪

lol can you tell I live for snapchat filters?

I’ll tag @taeobi @jiminsbeach @yoongijae @chimchams and @goldseok (we’re not mutuals but I love your blogs lol) don’t feel obligated to do this tag if you don’t want to!! just thought it might be fun

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I love your shallura, because although not many people on tumblr seem to recognize THE BEAUTY of this ship I'll go down with it and if I can only find thirty shallura fanfics im glad I have such great ones, like yours. If I may, could I request a little Shallura drabble with her talking to Coran, and Coran is not being subtle about his shipping? (maybe with some threats to shiro along the lines of "if you hurt you I will toss you into the bleak expanses of space")

notes: thank you so much for the kind words! i am ever encouraged to write more shallura because I get so much love for it. >_< and while i refuse to believe that shallura is a small ship (because i see so much great content!) i am glad that you’ve found mine and that they make you happy! anyway, thank you so much for this request – this was actually a great pleasure to write and such a funny and light idea to come up with!


summary: Coran is never subtle. Shallura. Coran-centric.
also read on: ao3 // ffn

Coran comes from a family of mechanics—the best in all the known universe for their legacy in creating, fixing, and innovating the finest space crafts—so it’s only right for Coran to dub himself, well, a wingman.

So when he sees Allura sitting at her desk with her chin between both hands, gazing thoughtfully at the floor and chewing on her lip—a very rare position for the quick-deciding and often assertive princess—he thinks that it might be time to be an uncle for his best friend’s daughter.

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PSA: Reblog karma

So quick note about myself. Whenever I reblog ask memes I always make sure I send one to the person I’m reblog going from. Lately I’ve been told that my tumblr hates me (lol) and my messages end up getting eaten. So if I reblogged your post and you didn’t get anything, message me and I’ll fix it!

tagged by @jikook-love, who continuously shares her love with me (#OvO)

Rules: answer all the questions and tag 20 people

1. How tall are you?

Lol I’m a decent height, I’m 167.5 cm, or 5′6. I’m like 1.5 cm away from being 5′7 so I’ve been drinking milk like crazy so that my brothers and guys friends have one less thing on me. 

2. What colour and style is your hair?

lmao almost the same as yours actually. Black with dark brown streaks everywhere (though you can really only tell in bright/sunlight.), wavy, curly, also inconsistent. 

3. What colour are your eyes?

Brown. lol us asians gotta stick together!!

4. Do you have glasses?

I do, but I’ll be getting contacts soon so I might not wear them as often. I don’t really like how I look without my glasses but I do need contacts for certain cases and it makes things a lot easier. 

5. Do you have braces?

No, I’ve never had braces. It always makes my sister and little brother jealous.

6. What is your fashion sense?

I was never really allowed a fashion sense? My mom and family always got/made my clothes for me so if I really really wanted something I’d send them a pic to see if they could make it but otherwise I really only picked color schemes. Now that I’m older though I’m developing styles, but I don’t have one specific style because I like lots of things. lmao my only problem is whether or not I can pull them off. I like cardigans and sleeveless things a lot, usually prefer layering, that’s a pretty continuous thing. 

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks?

Lol idk about any on my head, but I have one on my right arm, one on my neck that isn’t really noticeable, three on my left arm about where Taehyung has his for the elephant lol and one more lower. I also have three on my chest, one on my stomach, and two on both of my thighs. When you add it all up, I have a total of 12. I ever knew how many I had until I just checked lol.

8. When were you born?

Sorry if I make any of you feel old lol but…May of 2000. If it helps, people always I was already in high school at the age of 10 and until last year most people always thought I was older than I actually was.

9. How old are you?

no offense but I feel way too old already, let me go back in time to no worries and stress please. I’m 16, and I feel old af wat is my life

10. Where do you live?

The good old U.S. of A. Florida, to exact. IF YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA AND LOVE IT THEN THANK YOU 

11. Do you have any siblings?

I have four siblings plus my now two ex-step siblings, who I still consider family.

12. Do you go to school?

Yes-it starts in a week and I can already feel the despair coming. I got my schedule and share lunch with no one+I don’t share that many classes with my friends. (#TToTT)

13. What kind of student are you?

Lol I’m a pretty good student, I get straight A’s most of the time. I don’t know if that’ll last this year though…

14. What are your favourite TV shows?

If we’re talking actual TV shows, I love CW’S The Flash, Stranger Things (that counts as a TV show right??), Hawaii Five-O, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. I don’t have time too often to watch them though so it’s usualy a family thing when we my siblings and I come together on one bed to watch a show we all like.

15. Favourite pastime?

Listening to music while doing something. It could even be a chore because I find most chores to be soothing unless I’m being pressured or rushed. So, music while I’m doing something and can properly enjoy it. 

16. What is your dream job?

I don’t quite have one in particular that I want, but I do want to have a job where I can really help people with whatever problems it is they have and come to me for, a job where I can make things better for someone and make them happy. And obviously one that wouldn’t leave me dry or spiraling.

17. Would you get married one day? If so, where?

On one hand, I would love to have a partner who accepts me and works with me in life and raises kids with me, but on the other hand I know the kind of man I need is pretty much one in a billion because of the specific criteria he would have to fit so that I would feel comfortable and happy in a relationship with him. It’s not anything against men or certain types of men, it’s just that I’m kind of a wreck and not many people who I can marry would be able to handle that wreck, so…

If my mom ends up getting me to marry someone one day (she tries hard with my older siblings, but all of us look out for each other and shut her down lol so hopefully it’s the same for me) I would want it to be here in Florida, with my friends and family. 

18. Would you like kids some day?

God yes, a million times yes!! I LOVE children, and even since I myself was a kid I’ve wanted kids and always spent lots of time with them. I actually want to be financially stable enough in my future to have four or even five, like my own family. Lol if I didn’t have that many I’d probably be an anomaly in our family’s history honestly. 

19. Girly girl or tomboy?

“GIRLS DON’T FIGHT BOYS AND ACT LIKE THAT. MAYBE IF I GET YOU PINK DRESSES YOU’LL BE MORE LADYLIKE”- my mom when I was 13. Lol I’m actually pretty ladylike when it comes down to it tho because I was just raised that way by everybody. Things like back straight, shoulders squared, hands in your lap, how to walk a certain way and speak a certain way. Most people either think I’m intelligent, sweet, and quiet or that I’m expressive, open, and smart, it really depends on how I know you or what setting we’re in.

20. Do you like shopping?

Kind of but not really? I like looking at clothing and actually finding something cute that fits me or just window shopping in general, but I have to basically just decide what I want all in one trip because I don’t really like spending money and I have very few desires. If I want things, I just put it all aside in like a list until one day (usually a sale) after it’s been a couple of months I decide to just get it all in one and then want nothing for basically the next year. Lol my family is always talking about how I never get anything new or ask for anything so they try to spoil me in little ways. 

21. What countries have you visited so far?

I’ve visited Canada, England, and Pakistan, though all of the trips were when I was pretty young. 

22. Scariest nightmare?

Where I’m from we actually believe that talking about your worst and scary dreams makes it more vivid and is kind of like jinxing yourself and even makes the person you told suffer from bad dreams, so I won’t talk about it. I can say that it’s been a recurring nightmare since I was young that just adds and switches up parts as time passes.

23. Do you have enemies?

Do they consider me an enemy? No. But do I loathe them with a fiery passion and wish they’d disappear? Yes. My dad’s entire family except one of my cousin’s and one more person who’s unrelated to me. (lol sorry about my dad issues, they’re pretty fierce)

24. Do you have a s/o?

I’ve got my nephew if he counts lol. He’s significant to me anyways and we’re each other’s favorite person lol.

25. If not, do you want one?

Not really. I’m not about romantic love, I’m much more of a free-loving and platonic love kind of person. If I like you, trust me when I say you’ll know. 

26. Are you open about your feelings?

About general topics and beliefs I am, but my own life?? I don’t talk to too many people about most of my worries anymore because of things that have happened before. 

27. What’s your family like?

My parents are the weirdest people I know, but I love my mom dearly. She’s kind, hardworking, caring, unbelievable most of the time in the worst ways, but a great person all around. One of the greatest I’ve ever met, honestly. My siblings are all sarcastic, savage af, constantly teasing and cracking on each other+me, and all around idiots that I love more than anything. We all look out for each other, and I’m pretty much the one person in the family who isn’t so savage or sarcastic because I’m too nice OTL. 

When I was a kid they used to tell me I was adopted not because I looked nothing like my mom but because “there’s no way a sweet kid with manners like you is actually related to the rest of us, have you seen us??” I’m the nicest but I get picked on the most and especially by my younger brother, who’s always acting like he’s older than me which is getting worse now that he’s taller and more muscly than me. And here is where my comparison to park jimin begins

28. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?

My mom wouldn’t approve of me dating, period. Lol but if my siblings honestly thought they weren’t good for me or that the person was an asshole, then no. We have veto power, which is when we decide whether or not someone’s good enough for a certain sibling-fun fact, also used to deny any marriage proposals set up by my mom. Started by them, actually. #Asianstruggles

29. Any pet peeves?

I actually have quite a few, like when people eat while making lots of noise and leave food behind, when people curse to the point where every word is essentially a curse word when they have absolutely no reason to use cusses al the time. Stress and expression of yourself is one thing, but cursing all the time just to seem cool or using specifically vulgar words just because you want to say it that way instead of properly?? I hate it. Others using curse words in certain ways and specific curse words is a pet peeve of mine. I also greatly dislike when people gossip or spread rumors maliciously. It’s very rarely not malicious, but there is an occasion or two where it hasn’t been in my life. 

30. Do you believe in astrology?

Like Ami said, there are 7+ billion people in the world-with that many people, you have to have groups that share certain traits, but that doesn’t particularly depend on the stars. It’s fun though, so I like it but don’t take it seriously.

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I kind of wanted to tag 20 people because that’s what it says but also I was nervous and wanted to only tag like 3, so I made a compromise and did 10 lol. Half of the original, and plenty of room for me to learn about all of you!

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but didn't admin k dee post that one that got to 1000+? Its unfair how your not giving her credit I still remember her on the blog I miss her :(

ya she did ofc creds to her if that’s what u want, plus she left on her own bro if u miss her go hit her up on her main blog

Since I’m the one who reblogged it, I have a say, even tho she did post it, it still is on our blog. Credits to her. Like daze said, you can always hit her up on her main blog. But her work is still on our blog. And we’ll credit her, or tell anyone who did it if someone asks. ~Rooh

Once all this medicine wears off I’ll try to work on some replies. Maybe post some short things because IDK if I’m up to long things. Besides the dull roar in my wrist, it’s all good. I go back in Oct and get another surgery is done to my other one and I’ll be all better.