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Derp Disney by Yotam Perel

Yotam Perel’s disturbing animations take some childhood favorite characters and adds much derp. Follow him for more!

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The Sun - 27 June 2015

The singer later said: “Is that who they were squealing for? I didn’t give myself the chance to even look left or right.

“They get a lot of squealing, I’m sure.”

James, who is good pals with NIALL, also ruled out writing a song for 1D’s next album, but added: “Who knows what the future will bring?”

More screaming fans, I should hope.

Niall and Louis get wellied

SO this year’s Glastonbury will not all be about the KARDASHIANS.

Another institution with millions of Twitter followers, ONE DIRECTION, have also made their Glastonbury debut.

NIALL HORAN and LOUIS TOMLINSON were first on the scene and the pair were intent on enjoying themselves and taking selfies.

An excited Louis wrote on his Twitter feed: “Oh it’s gonna be a good day !!!” hours before the pair’s surprise lunchtime appearance.

And his bandmate was overheard telling a pal: “I’m going to get on it.”

Niall wore dark Ray-Bans and a black T-shirt while Louis donned a festival classic — a khaki jacket.

They’ll only have one night at Worthy Farm as the band have a gig in Helsinki tonight.

Performing on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans isn’t a bad way to soothe a stinking hangover.


yixing rescuing his jongin


Guess who hit level 60 WHM a while ago. 

This is a guide as to why I fucking hate your class. And my class. Also why they’re pretty great. Can’t be negative all the time, yo. 


Bad; The next time I’m in a raid, and I’ve already cast Stoneskin II, and you cast it again, I’ll personally bash your head in. Also, we both always run out of fucking mana. 

Good: So many heals. A+ 


Bad: Look. I’m really sorry if I can’t remember the fucking ‘esuna’ move you guys have. Your class hasn’t been out that long, and all I did was unlock it. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT KNOWING IT’S ‘EXALTED DETRIMENT” OR WHATEVER. When I say you need to help me esuna, you better damn well know what I mean. 

Good: Your buffs completely pass my healer expectations. Like. Holy shit. Y’all got aesthetic, great moves, damn good heals. Keep it up. 


Bad: You guys eat your fairies??? Problematic favs. 

Good: Your shields make me happy. So pretty. 



Good: Pop those cooldowns. I love you. 


Bad: I haven’t even unlocked this class. My only ish is that when you guys fuck up, there’s no way I can help you. I know 0 of your moves. Apologies.

Good: Your Ravana EX sword drop? Pretty as fuck. Super jealous. Also, you guys got great aesthetic too, keep it up.


Bad: You guys have such fucking annoying macros. I KNOW YOU WANT ESUNA. KNOCK IT OFF. 

Good: Y’ALL ARE FUCKING HEALTH JESUS. I feel blessed when I get a warrior with tank accessories on. God, I love high HP. 


Bad: Y’all wanna pull aggro? Die. I understand the jump animation is awful and it kills you a lot but YOU CAN DODGE ANY OTHER TIME. 

Good: If the tank dies, you’re my backup tank. 


Bad: Stop fucking ripping aggro.

Good: I like it when you guys draw chalk lines (Ley lines?) but then an aoe falls right on you so you have to run away. It’s not really a positive thing but it makes me laugh and I’m sorry. 


Bad: I’ve not played with a single decent ninja since I got White Mage to 60. IDK what Heavensward did to you all to make you so angry, but I’m sorry. 

Good: Your level 50 AF gear gives booty shorts and I think that’s cool. 


Bad: You guys think you’re DPS Jesus, but I’ve seen a lot of other Black Mages who actually ARE DPS Jesus. I’m sorry. 

Good: The fact that you guys can handle and understand what the fuck the stacking system is blows my mind. More power to you guys. (Literally, I might add.) 


Bad: Fuck you guys and your PVP shit. 

Good: No really, fuck you guys. (Your outfits are great, and you get Akh Morn and I love it. I just love it when it’s not being USED ON ME.) 


Bad: I heard at the beginning a lot of people kicked you guys out of raids and stuff. I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re awful. But if you use that fucking knockback move, you’re not getting healed. 

Good: You guys are sometimes more likely to give me mana than the bard is. Thank you. Bless. 


Bad: You guys never fucking listen when I say I’m out of mana, and then wonder why everyone is FUCKING DEAD. 

Good: The new bard AF gear gives really nice butt. Not to mention some of you guys make macros and shit for your songs and I really love it. Inspiring motherfuckers. 

Youngbae and Seungri during 2016 Fantastic Babys fanmeets in Japan

SR: SOL-san must really like me. I heard he listens to my songs every night before he goes to sleep.
YB: I do listen to them.

*Seungri guessed YB’s song right*
YB: I am surprised (that he got it right). I always think that V.I doesn’t pay attention to me/isn’t that interested in me.
SR *gestured because he was wearing the non-talking mask*: I love you.
YB: Thank you V.I. I love you too.

Fan: I like GD because he’s cute.
YB: I’m sorry but V.I is the cutest in BigBang.

SR: The movie High & Low has great cast. For starters, all the members from EXILE are really good looking…
YB *interrupts him*: I don’t care about that because you are in it (he meant Seungri is handsome enough for the whole movie and he’s the only one who matters for YB)

YB: SR’s Instagram is truly cool, it’s a one person’s world tour.

SR: BigBang’s SOL, I want you to stay with me.

YB: Seungri is really sexy today.

YB: Everyone please support V.I and take care of him (about Seungri’s film promotions)

YB: V.I is really working hard but fans will always tell him to work harder.

YB: Being in a team with V.I wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
SR: If we form a sub-unit, we will do really well.
YB: Let’s think about it.

YB hugged Seungri by the shoulder.
YB: You! You are famous! You’re a famous singer who has a popular song and a famous actor as well!

Seungri was talking about Top being Germany to shoot his movie. GD said that it was fine with just the four of them. Actually the three of them (him, Youngbae and Daesung) were fine too. Seungri was shouting to count him with them too. He wanted to go to their side since the three of them were far from him but they kept going to the opposite side. They kept doing that for a while with Seungri chasing them all over the stage. Then all of a sudden, Youngbae stopped following GDAE and stayed. When Seungri came to his side, he held him by the shoulder and said “Bullying is not good”.

What 3 years of hard work and dedication can do 😊😊😊.


For the anon who asked about my ONS collection. 

This is what i currently have in Japan, not including my massive collection of key chains/phone charms. I have the English versions of the manga and Japanese LN volumes 1+2 back in America. And yes, that is Guren perfume you see in the first picture lol.

Side note: I beat crazy odds (1 in 49) and won 3 of the tapestries at the cafe, scaring the poor worker with my mad luck. 1 Mika and Yuu one already has a home, so I have those 2 left. They’re like 1 meter long lol. The reason I don’t have pictures of the posters from the 1st+2nd DVD sets is because they were prizes in my giveaway from a while back. I’ll keep Guren, but probably won’t want the Ferid/Mika+Yuu one in the end haha.

 I will likely want to sell give away some of this. Especially most of the stuff from the cafe, considering its limited edition and I really don’t need all of that lol (all those cup coasterrrrrs). So if you guys would like first dibs when it comes time for me to to get some of this off my hands, let me know, and I can start on Tumblr and give you guys the first chance at it.