i almost forgot today was another kingsman meetup thing lol. last time i did this, i just half-assed it. but not this time!!!

hello, i’m gothiethefairy, mostly known as gothie. i’m 25 going on 26 (my bday is on sept. 7th!) i live in long island, new york.

i watched “kingsman: the secret service” back in 2015, but didn’t get involved with the fandom until the beginning of this summer lol. i’m very excited for “kingsman: the golden circle”.

the pairings i’m interested in are, well. hartwin is no brainer lol. i’m warming up to merlin/roxy. and a little to harry/eggsy/merlin. the sequel may give me new pairings to get into. (not a lot of people seem to think about agent tequila/agent whiskey? anyone else on board with that idea? lol)

uh. unfortunately, i haven’t started wiring any fanfics yet for this fandom. i’m still new and writing for new fandoms sometimes make me nervous lol.

but hey, i am responsible for some of these headcanon posts that has gotten a lot of notes lol. like this, or this one, annnnd this one, this cute hartwin headcanon, this stupid shitpost lol, and this funny headcanon.

i will start working on new fanfics, hopefully soon and hopefully before tgc comes out in the states!!

i do have, a handful of fanfics ideas, mostly for hartwin. some are aus, some are tied to what we know so far about the sequel. um, i’m a little shy about sharing them on this post but hey, if you’re interested enough, my inbox is always open!

right so, the blogs i have been following from the kingsman fandom (bunch of lovely people too, and very nice!) are: @paxdracona, @kingscunt, @notbrogues, @nahrky, @harryhartless, @missbeckywrites, @jbthedogblog, @hartwinorlose, @harttwin, @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin

thank you and may the sequel not hurt us that much lol.


don’t mess with The Pidge

(cue shiro in the background yelling at everyone to stOP PICKING ON PIDGE while she leers at the others bc she’s the favourite and. well. the favourite Cannot Be Touched™)

(based on requiemofhorror’s imgur post)