#HIDEWEEK - Day 04 [ ♠ ] Blue


“terra’s way too trusting around obviously evil people i mean who else does that”



“It was not an ideal situation, I’d ideally like to finish one film at the time and have them maybe just release six months apart at least, if not more. I guess it was inevitable, but it was a great year so I’m not complaining.”


Game of Thrones Season 4 One Week Challenge

↳ Day 5: Favourite relationship - Oberyn & Ellaria


inspired by this post. that stage play photoshoot thing is giving me feels I think I need help…

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Umm if you dont mind .. ' Could you also make a montage of all the official MikoRei && SaruMi official art ' you did for that one anon ? and I wanna hear your thoughts about it :D but if you don't like the pairings please disregard this thank you :)


I actually love these ships too <3

Ok, but consider: Future Selves episode

I just thought about this and I need to vent about it:

- Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir from the future (let’s say 10 years) to get help from the current Ladybug and Chat
- Mari and Adrien are still Chat and LB in this future
- In the future, something went wrong, like an akuma is causing major trouble and they get help from Fu to go back in time and they seek out their younger selves
- They are able to convince the present heroes to come with them to the future
- They form a plan and they each have their own respective duties to carry out and LB goes with LB and Chat goes with Chat
- Their younger selves start asking questions about their future. Both of them ask the same first question “do we have someone special?”
- They both respond “yes, I’m about to
get married” and then they tell them it’s their crime-fighting partner
- Present Chat is obviously over the moon, while LB is like “wtf?? What about Adrien?”
- Future LB decides to be a smartass and is like “oh, he’s in a happy, committed relationship. Don’t worry, it’s not with Chloe, but trust me, he’s fine. We’re still great friends, we talk and see each other on a regular basis”
- Present Chat asks if they know who’s behind the mask, and Future Chat is like “obviously but where’s the fun in telling you now?”
- They end up getting the job done, but present LB and Chat have to go back to their time
-Future LB and Chat end up kissing for like a second and the young heroes are both blushing furiously
- The last thing they tell them is “Don’t worry, everything turns out ok. We promise.”
- Once they get back, there is a little bit of an awkward scene between them and Chat wants to talk but starts stuttering
- LB starts giggling and says “Don’t stress kitty, a lot can happen in 10 years” and leaves without another word leaving a love-struck Chat alone on a rooftop


Kurotsuki Week 2016 | Day One | Age

This is late but I’m out of town unexpectedly so I won’t get the time to work on these submissions that I thought I would. I’m still planning on doing them all (or most) but they’ll all be late lol. Hope you guys enjoy this ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

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Here, have some Guren “I’m not paid nearly enough for this shit” Ichinose for your feed~ (aka: Kento Ono is real life Guren)

From the Owari no Seraph Musical

/One of the funniest parts was these 2 in this scene. (Mainly what happens after this lol)

  • Jungkook: *looking at jimin*
  • Jungkook's brain: tell him how pretty he is, tell him how much you love and apPRECIATE-
  • Jungkook: haHA, jiminnie-hyung you're so freaking short
  • Jungkook's brain: *facepalm*

MYTHOLOGY MEME » fancast || jasmine tookes as stheno ( Σθεννώ )
↴ requested by anonymous.

To Phorcys Ceto bore the fair-cheeked Graiae…then the Gorgons, who dwell beyond glorious Okeanos, at earth’s end, toward night, by the clear-voiced Hesperides, Stheno, Euryale, and ill-fated Medusa who was mortal; the other two were ageless and immortal.” (+more

Eldest of the three Gorgon sisters, Stheno was said to be the most vicious and murderous of the three, seeing as she was reported to have slayed more men than Euryale and Medusa combined.


I’m a  v e g e t a r i a n (video)