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this is the first im hearing about hydra kate bishop…?? what on earth is that about.

A very unpopular and ill-advised decision, that’s what :D 

In the Ultimates Spider-man comic, where Miles was Spider-man in a non-616 universe, Kate Bishop showed up as a student at Miles’ high school. They started dating and she was almost immediately revealed (to the reader) to be a lifelong member of Hydra – ie, her parents were Hydra and she was raised in the culture. Her father ultimately tried to flip Miles to Hydra, which, LOL, and then Battleworld happened and the whole thing was rendered moot anyway. But because part of the goal of Battleworld was to seamlessly integrate what remained of the Ultimates line into 616, they obviously couldn’t bring a duplicate Kate Bishop with racist totalitarian politics along when they transferred Miles’ boarding school and BFFs and parents to the 616. So apparently his relationship with Kate now never happened.

I can’t wait until he meets Kate in this universe (it’s bound to happen sooner or later). I hope whoever writes it is aware of what happened and makes a huge injoke out of it. 

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what the FUCK is up with hawkeye’s wierd mask/face thing in Ults? Scared the crap out of me

That is the mask he chose to wear after someone posing as Steve Rogers slaughtered his wife and children. (Yay Ults *finger twirl*) If it’s any consolation, it’s totally meant to be double-plus creepy. For a while there was a subplot to the main comics where basically Clint disappeared into Hawkeye as a way of coping with the death of his family. Then quite suddenly he appears to have forgotten he ever had one and returns to normal.

Sidebar: I am 100% certain that the existence of Clint’s surprise family in the MCU was based on Ults and that Joss Whedon, who has a creepy raging boner for Ults, left the MCU after Disney let him introduce the family and then told him that no, he couldn’t murder an entire family in a PG-13 film because it would be “cool”.

Radioactive Grime inspired by @deladeso 💀💚
Hope you guys are diggin the series cuz I got about 3…mb 4 more looks comin atcha soon lol!

Hydra Liner in Dance Party as well as Kohl Eyeshadow for shading. For the eyes I used the shadows Papaya on the lid..a lil bit of Tiki Torch in the outer corners and Citrus for blending.
Liquid Lipstick in Black Cat.
@kryolanofficial Aqua Color UV Dayglow palette using the neon yellow to highlight.

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goodbyerps asked:

earth, vega, hydra and sunflower galaxy

Earth: Where’s your home?

i live in SC right now, but i dont see it as home u feel?

Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t? 

move across the country lol

Hydra: Favourite sound? 

heels or boots on hard floors ( concrete wood marble etc )

Sunflower Galaxy: Would you date/make friends with someone out of pity? 

absolutely not