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why do u hate ray? have u answered that? i just know u dont like him but idk why

I don’t think I hate him as much as a lot of other people but here’s why I dislike him. 

He doesn’t really have a sense of personal space and that bugs me, guys like that bug the shit out of me.

  •  Felicity told him that she didn’t want to speak to him so instead of taking that as an “ok she said she doesn’t want to talk to me, I need to respect that” he pinged her cell phone and found her location? That’s not only creepy to me but it completely invades someone’s privacy. 
  • Then he asked her to work for him and she basically said “hell no” and instead of once again accepting no as an answer he took it as “let me buy the company she works for, so she’s forced to work for me.”  It’s all really possessive and intrusive in my opinion. 
  • Also he as a tendency to be little Felicity’s intelligence (i.e. him saying “oh let me check i just want to make sure you did it right” instead of trusting that she’s pretty much a fucking genius and she probably did it right. He also said something very pretentious, it was along the lines of “i have a 140 iq and 3 phds it’s hard to insult my intelligence but you just did” which just sounded really douchey and it sounded like he was trying to make himself seem better than Felicity.) 
  • He also made the gross ass “most girls would be flattered” comment after he bought her company (i think it was after he bought the company she worked for but it could have been something else I know the comment was made in 3x02) 

Tbh if he wasn’t introduced by pinging Felicity’s phone and buying out  her company, I would have no problem with him, I just can’t get past how creepy that is. 

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why do you always have to mention ward youre literally obsessed with him lmao

because it’s a character in my favourite show?

you mean the mention of the Hydra sandwhich? lol excuse me for making a joke about the fact that Ward was spending all the episodes in season 1 secretly being a Nazi behind everybody’s backs. and also that making a sandwhich was pretty much the only thing Ward did in “Repairs”? It’s funny. I’m sorry if you don’t like people mocking NeoNazi villains. No, wait, I’m not sorry.

I’m indifferent towards Ward. I’m very interested in the way the AoS fandom has produced a large amount of Nazi-apologizing, Rape Culture-supporting, racist and misogynistic literature in defense of Grant Ward. I do admit to being fascinated (and disgusted and horrified) at the reactions this fandom has to his character. It’s a good enough reason to talk about him. Not that I needed one

Also a lot of people come to my inbox to talk about Grant Ward. Some of them are assholes like you trying to hate on me. Most are people who are just as worried as me about fandom excusing a NeoNazi murderer and sexual abuser and need a safe space to talk about their thoughts and feelings on the character and they vent them at me. Which, they are welcome to, by the way. Should I stop tagging my conversations about Agents of SHIELD because people like you are salty that not everybody in the world wants to suck Grant Actual Nazi Ward’s cock? I don’t see any reason to.

The general tag is for everything AoS related and if it includes stuff like Nazi apologia and Rape Culture advocacy and the bullshit of people who think things like reverse racism exists then it sure as fuck can include me calling those toxic assholes out.

And seeing how the Ward fandom has personally bullied, harassed and villified me I don’t think I need to have an excuse o talk about this stuff in my own blog.

So I’m sorry, brave anon, if me talking about a character of a show in the main tag of the show makes you salty. You could just block me, you know, instead of coming here with your absurd Wardstan complaints.


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Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. try not to repeat a song title, tag 15 blogs. No clever and no tagging here, if you wanna give it a shot, please do (and let me know so I can check out your answers!)

I choose: Captain America OSTs by Alan Silvestri and Henry Jackman. 

  • are you male or female? Natasha
  • describe yourself: Lemurian Star
  • how do you feel? Frozen in Time
  • describe where you currently live: Captain America (this is the truth, my friends)
  • if you could go anywhere, where would you go? The Smithsonian
  • what is your favorite form of transportation? Hydra Train (LOL NO NEVER)
  • your best friend(s)? The Winter Soldier
  • you and your best friend are? Training the Supersoldier
  • favorite time of the day? Unauthorized Night Flight
  • if your life was a tv show what would the title be? Factory Inferno
  • what is life to you? End of the Line
  • describe your relationship: Frozen Wasteland
  • your fear? Passage of Time

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You answer that other anon beautifully. I happen to like (more like love) your AOS fics. Mainly because I'm huge Skye fan and you write her so well. Ward is a complicated character on the show but your fic portrays the Ward we saw before the reveal even if was the canon one it's would still be your choice. Anyways just wanted to thank you for writing those Skyeward fics! I constantly re-read them.

I’m glad you enjoy them because it’s a fun writing exercise for me when I’m stuck on my own writing projects. To be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start writing Hydra!Ward lol. That’s the main reason I write AUs and just enjoy the crazy on the screen. He makes for a good story on the show, though. He was more interesting to me post-Hydra reveal.

And from your other message (re: the interrogation scene) - you’re welcome! I hope you guys like it when I get around to finishing/posting it. Have a great day! :)

  • some basic ass mcu fan:HAIL HYDRA LOL
  • me:hydra is a nazi organization and even though it is fictional it is an allegory for nazism and frankly that saying is equivalent to the phrasing it is parodying of 'heil hitler' so stop fucking saying it.

the augustine people sent devon to hydra people to be experimented on further because lol hydra trying to make supervamps or whatver
this is it
this is all i can think of for aos/marvel verse okay