Snarky Mugs For Those of Us Who Hate Mornings

There is no better delight than the perfect cup of coffee in your all time favorite mug. Usually, our favorite mugs are staples, we can’t live without or adorable ceramic ware, which instantly makes us happy. Manchester based designer Jenni Waldrop from Fuzzy and Birch decided to make snarky and hilarious mugs, along with t-shirts, pillows and other goodies for those of us who speak fluent sarcasm.

If you’re not a morning person and wished that work meeting was a simple email, you will give into Waldrop’s sense of humor and decide you can’t live without your morning tea or coffee in one of her clever written mugs. If you want to wake up and tell the world exactly what you’re feeling every morning, peak inside her Etsy shop.

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Hilarious Temporary Tattoos Make You Feel Awesome

Carolyn from Carolyn Draws has had an innate passion for doodling and funny skits since childhood. Her temporary handmade tattoos express her quirky and relatable sense of humor with a dose of inspiration and sarcasm. The FDA approved conceptions are safe for the skin and are applied with water like any other temporary tattoos. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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