The King’s Kink

Fandom: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Characters: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1,313

Reader Gender: Female

This fic is based off of this amazing imagine from another one of my favorite blogs! ( imaginexhobbit) I loved the idea and I just had to write it haha It could’ve been better…but still, I hope you all enjoy it! :3 I’d love some feedback! I also take requests!

( btw I hope it doesn’t upset anyone that I hardly use my own gifs for this mess lol )

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“I want them to be perfect. Do you find this too difficult to understand? You are my royal servants for a reason, are you not?” Thranduil’s voice sounded impatient and exhausted as he scolded his servants. Groaning in annoyance, the King told his people to leave him and he pulled out his large seat at the end of the table, setting himself down. Thranduil leaned his forehead against his hands, rubbing his temples in aggravation.

“Is there something the matter, hir nín?” You asked with a slight giggle as you walked toward the stressed Elvenking. “Are you not pleased with how the decorations have turned out?” A teasing tone was laced into your voice, approaching him with a smirk.

Growling, Thranduil looked up at you, his piercing blue eyes burning through into yours. “You are finding this humorous, are you not?” He questioned you flatly then looked down to the end of the long table. “I just ask that my servants do the best they can and recently they have been slacking. It is quite irritating, they are like elflings!” The King hissed as his fists hit the table.

Finding his anger laughable again, another giggle left your lips, “They are elflings and you are their father.” You teased the upset elf again, raking your hands through his tangled silver blonde locks.

“Will you please just go speak with them and get them to understand that? You are my queen for a reason. You can speak with my ‘elflings’ in ways I cannot.” Thranduil said in an exasperated way, his eyes tired as they pleaded with you.

“As you wish, daddy.” Giving a low bow and a sarcastic tone, you giggled again and began to leave to fill your kings request. However, you were stopped when you felt Thranduil grip your wrist, pulling you back to his chair. Before you could say anything, the king looked up at you with a serious expression, his words even more firm.

“After you are finished, come back to our chambers, immediately. There is something I wish to discuss with you, privately.” Nodding slightly to answer, you tentatively pulled your hand away from him and left the room to speak with the servants. Quickly finishing your conversation with them, you began to walk back to your chambers nervously.

'I do hope that he is not cross with me for my teasing, I meant no offense with them…I was merely having a bit of fun.’ You thought to yourself, wringing your hands. Opening the door, you step into your shared room, seeing your husband sitting stoically in his chair in the corner waiting on you. “Y-You wanted to see me, meleth?” You spoke quietly as you entered further into the room.

Thranduil only nodded silently then beckoned you over with his long fingers, desiring for you to stand before him. “Tolo, (y/n).” He finally whispered to you without emotion, doing as he says you stand before him tentatively. “You said something earlier…it has…effected me. I want to hear you say it again.” You heard him say darkly, almost lustfully.

At a loss for words, you tried to think of everything you had said. “My lord…if it was my teasing, I do sincerely apologize, I meant no offense by my words-”

“Silence. That is not what I am speaking about, (y/n).” Thranduil ordered as he stood from the chair, looking down at you with his cool icy blue eyes. “It was something else. Before you left to speak with the servants you called me something…interesting.” His voice was deep and silky as his mind replayed your specific words.

After a moment of thought, it hit you. “Oh! You mean 'daddy’. I called you daddy. That is what you are referring to, yes?” You beamed at your memory, but was shocked when you saw Thranduil close his eyes and hold back his pleased noises. Smirking at your revelation, you giggled, “Thranduil, do you have a daddy kink?” You teased and stepped closer to him, your hands smoothing over his clothed chest.

“Absolutely not. I do not have…kinks. I am a king.” Thranduil denied quickly, his eyes avoiding any contact with yours. You shook your head at his stubbornness.

“So it does not bring you any joy with I call you daddy?” You asked innocently then began to undress him slowly, teasingly.

Shaking his head firmly, the king of Mirkwood tried his best to keep his cool as you continued to seduce him. “Of course…it does not. That is a mortal thing to find…pleasing. I find it…interesting.” He stubbornly explained, however you could easily tell he was turned on.

“Yes, of course you do…daddy.” You teased again, kissing his now exposed chest, causing him to quiver, a slight noise leaving his lips. “You cannot help but love the way it makes you feel when I call you daddy.” You laid kisses over his shoulder and along his neck, trying to seduce him even further.

“Sweet Vala…” Thranduil sighed out shakily, a low growl escaped his lips and he gripped your hips tightly. “You know not what you are causing a'maelamín.” He groaned as he dug his thumbs into you.

Giggling, you kissed up to his ear and you nibbled on it slightly, “So you do enjoy it, do you not, Thranduil?” You continued to tease him playfully, slipping his rob from his long body, allowing it to pool around his feet, leaving his chest bare after his shirt had been removed.

Thranduil stifled a moan as he pushed you backward toward the bed, laying you on it he crawled over you. “Perhaps I do…” He whispered shyly, his cheeks tinting just the slightest amount of pink as he kissed your neck a bit.

“Just tell me you love it, my beautiful king, and I can please you as much as you desire. Just say it…daddy.” You drew the last word out to taunt him as you reveled in his sweet kisses over your skin.

Thranduil finally broke at the way you said it against his ear, grabbing your legs and wrapping them around his hips. “Valar, (y/n). I love it so much, the way you say that is so tempting. I can hardly control myself when you say such things.” He growled against your shoulder, biting it gently.

Shivering under his tight grip on your thighs, you ran your nails up his back, “So you do have a kink, daddy.” You told him warmly, rolling your hips against his, causing the king to groan deeply in your ear. A warm wave flowed through your body at his masculine sound and you moaned slightly yourself. “If you continue making that noise, I will make certain I call you daddy more often.”

“If you do this, meleth, we will hardly ever be out of our chambers. That will not make for a very good king of me.” Thranduil explained to you as he began to hungrily undress you, fingers trailing over your sides causing goosebumps to fall over your skin. “However, I do not believe I would mind spending every waking moment making sweet love to you, melethril nin.” He said lustfully then pushed his hips against yours, digging your slim body into the soft bed.

You felt Thranduil’s kisses fall lower onto your chest causing you to moan sinfully. “I am quite enjoying your reaction to this kink melamin.” You told him breathlessly as he began to leave possessive marks on your chest. “You are like an animal…and I do ever so love it, daddy.” At that Thranduil bit you playfully, a sharp gasp escaping your mouth. You knew that this would be how you would forever make love to the King from now on and it caused you to revel in the sensation even more as he continued to please you in every possible way through the rest of the night.


Episode 3x5: Death and Hysteria

anonymous asked:

~ Do you know of times when Daesung was flustered? ~

Well, im not too knowledgeable on this but there are some pretty clear times when he becomes all hot on bothered on some things like:

*meeting Jiyoung face to face on FO

*having his first bed scene in Tonight MV

*Getting a wink from Fujii (from Flower)

So Basically, if there’s a girl, there’s a flustered Dae not far behind  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)