Fluffy as cotton candy Aus (Part 2!)

because Mod Karissa is in a fluffy mood for once (just ask my friends usually it’s ANGST SET TO ELEVEN)

  • “Hey my landlord just decided that I can’t have animals at the place anymore can you watch them pleaseeee i’m begging you”

  • bonus points if it’s a really strange animal

  • bonus bonus points if the person agrees but then has to google how to take care of said strange animal

  • *person A with long hair* “aw shit my hairtie just broke” *person b with short hair* “here you go” Person A: ????? Person b: “What? I’m prepared for anything at this point”

  • “ok I need access to your makeup please don’t ask I just need it and you’re the person I know with the best/most/easiest access to a lot”

  • “Why are you crying?” “my laptop broke” “oh you big baby give it here i literally do this for a living”

  • having a chill sleepover but then when they both wake up person A starts making breakfast while humming/singing and person B gets a sudden realization of “oh shit. I’m in love with them”

  • *watching a movie and sees an ugly character* “that’s you” “bitch where??? all I see is you”

  • friendly teasing is just my jam, okay? it’s what makes me w e a k

  • “are you guys dating?” “what no-” “yea.” “ummm, since when??” “since we made out at the movies on a DATE dumbass” “……..oh”

  • “Are you single?” “I mean I guess technically-” *person B slides over* “Nope. not single. Hi.” person A: ??? “okay you literally said you hated me yesterday what the fu c k I cried for an hour” not really fluffy but still fun

  • “look my rent is due and I need some cash I promise I’ll pay you back when I get paid next week just help me out please?”

  • “My lease is up next month and my roommate is leaving and I need a place to stay. Can I crash on your couch for a week or two until I find a place? I’ll help pay rent”

And that’s it for part two! Have fun! :D
~Mod Karissa


Here are some sketchy things I did of one of my other great loves, Levi! 

He’s such a grumpy baby, I just love him lolol

I did these kind of a while ago so they’re a little iffy lmao but I keep getting pressured into posting more of my stuff, so here u go 

  • some person: hey you free
  • some person: wot
  • some person: oh uh okay bye

wow look at that wonky arm placement!

i’m not much for shipping, like i just generally don’t have an opinion but damn this game.  damn it for succeeding at making me have opinions even though i also think anyone would look cute with anyone else


Everyday I think about how BigHit had to switch up all of BTS’s mics because Jungkook sweats too much and destroys them.


“all good things must come to an end.” - someone


“Putting the ‘Men’ in ‘Menstruation’”

The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Title: The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean struggles to find the reader before time runs out and she’s lost to him forever

Word Count: 4,355

Warnings: none

POV: Dean’s, third person

A/N: ah okay so here’s part 3! Honestly thank you for your kind messages and being so sweet and supportive! This series will definitely have another part and that should be the last one. I hope you guys like it! :)

Read Part 1, Part 2

Dean stared into the bottom of his glass, watching the bronze liquor swirl around the reflective edges. It was the kind of generous golden beauty he knew would take away the burning ache in his chest if he just dove a little further down the bottle. It wouldn’t subdue the constant stream of shame and guilt clouding his mind, but it would make your absence a little less painful. He needed to take the edge off before it threatened to kill him.

He swallowed the last swig in one gulp, wincing as the burn passed his throat. His eyes caught the empty glass, wondering how, after spending hours drinking this crap, he could still feel so helpless.

Rage boiled over inside of him like a catastrophic thunderstorm on the brink of a shore until a scream left his lungs and he hurled the glass against the wall. Shards scraped against the cheap wall paper, the whiskey staining the carpet. Labored breaths left him light headed and sweat began to bead against his brow.

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Me: wants to wear flower crowns and twirl around in a flowy skirt
Also me: wants to dress in all black and be feared by all

taekook fic (two-shot!!!)

Title: don’t let your love go to waste
Length: 18+k words (lmao what how did that happen)
Pairing: taekook!!
Summary: taehyung and jungkook meet on omegle. (college!au + some life after college)



I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire