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  • some person:hey you free
  • some person:wot
  • some person:oh uh okay bye

tbh I think Reiji would make a really awesome swordsman 


I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire

Fire and Ashes: a ficlet for ask-tiny!cas

This fic takes place before this post. I felt inspired by what Jenna had said in her tags and had to run with it. Hope you enjoy! Follow ask-tinycas if you don’t already.

Ashes rained down like leaves as twisting fingers of flame clawed upwards. Part of the ceiling collapsed, a great boom rising above the noise of the fire. Dean threw an arm up to shield himself, but the heat still burned his face as the fingers of flame reached for him.

“Cas!” he cried out, his voice hoarse and lost in the sound of another part of the room falling. He coughed, choking on the smoke that was filling his lungs. “Cas!”

The flames were dancing higher, and he knew he only had a few precious moments. His mind began to shut down. All reasoning was cast aside and was replaced with an animalistic drive. He had to save Cas. He had to save Cas. Save Cas. Save Cas. Cas. Cas. Cas. The name beat like a drum in his head and fell in rhythm with his beating heart. Cas. Cas. Cas.

He sprang into the flames.

As soon as he did, the flames began to take shape. They twisted and contorted themselves into wicked faces. They bared their pointed teeth at him and laughed. Arms of flames shot forward and grabbed onto his body, holding him in place. He struggled against their grip, but he could not move. Suddenly, the flames in front of him parted, revealing a small, crumpled form in front of him on the ground. It was charred and half buried in ashes. Its raven wings were singed and tattered, and one was bent at an unnatural angle.

Dean’s heart stopped.


He let out a roar and tore himself from the clutches of the flames. He fell to his knees in front of his fallen angel and gently scooped him into his hands. The angel was so frail and fragile that he was afraid that even the smallest touch would shatter him like glass. His fingers ghosted over Cas’s wings and his hair.

“Cas?” he whispered, his voice as gentle as his touch. “Cas, buddy, are you alright? Come on, man, give me a sign. Don’t do this to me.”

Slowly, the angel lifted his head. Blood and ashes caked his face, and one of his eyes was swollen shut. He did not say anything, but only stared vacantly at Dean. A soft sigh escaped his lips and he lowered his head again. Slowly, his body began to turn into ashes, starting from his wings and eventually spreading to the rest of his body. Dean tried to clutch onto Cas as he slowly disappeared, but no matter how much he tried, he could not save his angel. The ashes fluttered upwards and into the flames until there was nothing left in his hands.

“No…” Dean whispered, staring at his empty hands. “No! Cas!” He whipped around and faced the flames behind him. “Cas! Come back! Cas!”

He lunged forward, but another hand of flame lashed forward and grabbed his right wrist. Another reached out and wrapped itself around his left wrist. Two more shot forward and grabbed his ankles. Dean struggled against his restraints, gnashing his teeth and shouting senseless profanity at his captors. As he struggled, the flames in front of him began to shift again. This time, they formed a person. As the person walked towards him, it began to take on sharper detail. It came to halt directly in front of Dean in its true form: Cas.

“You did this, Dean,” The flame-Cas hissed, embers falling out of its mouth as it spoke. “You failed.”

“No…I didn’t mean for this to happen!” Dean cried, fighting against his restraints again. The heat from the flame-Cas burned his face, and he tried to turn away. “I didn’t want this to happen. I am so sorry, Cas. I…”

“You what, Dean? You wanted to protect me? Wanted to save me from the fate of every person who gets too close to you?” Flame-Cas sneered and shook its head. “No, Dean Winchester. This is what happens to everyone you love, isn’t it? They become flames, ashes.”

“Please, don’t…”

“You didn’t deserve to be saved.”

Dean’s blood felt like it had become ice. “Cas…”

Flame-Cas frowned. “I will send you back to Hell myself.” He suddenly shot his arm forward and pierced it through Dean’s chest.

The pain was unbelievable. Every cell in Dean’s body screamed and fire burned him from the inside out. The flames around him rose higher as the hands grabbing him began to pull downwards…downwards…downwards…

He awoke with a gasp, his heart thumping in his chest and his breathing heavy. A thin layer of sweat covered his body and his hands shook. It had just been a nightmare. He turned to his right to the pillow next to his head, but it was empty.

Cas really was dead. The dream had been real.

No, Cas wasn’t dead. Cas was alive.

A wave of relief washed over Dean, but it was quickly overcome with sadness and isolation. Cas wasn’t there. Although his nightmares had been few and far between lately, Cas was always there to soothe him. He would sit next to his face and lovingly rub his forehead, or kiss his freckles and tell him that everything was alright. Sometimes, Dean would simply hold him in his hand, as if the tiny angel was the only thing anchoring him to reality and letting go of him would make him lose that grip.

But tonight, Dean was alone.

His fingers dug into the empty pillow next to his head. He had been an idiot and now he was alone. Of course Cas wasn’t useless. Of course Cas wasn’t weak. Cas was sometimes his only grip on reality. Cas was more than Dean would ever be able to put into words.

But Cas was so fragile. He couldn’t lose him.

A few tears ran down his cheeks of their own accord. He would talk to Cas in the morning. He would apologize. He would try to put into words what he felt. He would fix things.

But tonight, he was alone. Flames danced behind his closed eyelids. He could feel ashes fall gently on his face like snow. He could feel the weight of a broken angel in his hands. He could feel his mistakes crush his heart that continued to beat its mantra: Cas…Cas…Cas…

Sleep did not come again that night.

The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Title: The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean struggles to find the reader before time runs out and she’s lost to him forever

Word Count: 4,355

Warnings: none

POV: Dean’s, third person

A/N: ah okay so here’s part 3! Honestly thank you for your kind messages and being so sweet and supportive! This series will definitely have another part and that should be the last one. I hope you guys like it! :)

Read Part 1, Part 2

Dean stared into the bottom of his glass, watching the bronze liquor swirl around the reflective edges. It was the kind of generous golden beauty he knew would take away the burning ache in his chest if he just dove a little further down the bottle. It wouldn’t subdue the constant stream of shame and guilt clouding his mind, but it would make your absence a little less painful. He needed to take the edge off before it threatened to kill him.

He swallowed the last swig in one gulp, wincing as the burn passed his throat. His eyes caught the empty glass, wondering how, after spending hours drinking this crap, he could still feel so helpless.

Rage boiled over inside of him like a catastrophic thunderstorm on the brink of a shore until a scream left his lungs and he hurled the glass against the wall. Shards scraped against the cheap wall paper, the whiskey staining the carpet. Labored breaths left him light headed and sweat began to bead against his brow.

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i’m not much for shipping, like i just generally don’t have an opinion but damn this game.  damn it for succeeding at making me have opinions even though i also think anyone would look cute with anyone else