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lol at the Friends connection. I think the old cast all said they were big fans in that Lydia after dark. But can you imagine hobrien like role playing as Richard and Chandler!! omg and Hoechs was compared to Tom Selleck in EWS many times! Does Dylan demand he grow a mustache for it! Mustache rides!


@datmycroft yeah lol I was referring to two of the things Ben’s said, the first one about how series 4 feels “complete” and like “the end of an era”, but he also said that once we see series 4 we’ll understand why s5 won’t be coming for a little while. I’m just trying to figure out how those two things connect lol because in my mind he’s telling us that there will be a significant time gap, both in the story and irl, between s4 and s5, which only really makes sense if it’s because of aging. And it sounded like there was a plot reason, not just that they’re all just. So it sounds to me like he’s saying s4 ends still in present time but for some reason it’ll be implied that we won’t see more until a significant time has passed.


Thomas Knox has been hitting up train platforms across the city with a table, two chairs, a simple vase of flowers and, occasionally, a game of Connect Four. Then, he waits for idling commuters to take a seat and, well, get to know him a little better. 

I wanted to do something fun in the subway due to all the negative things that happen,” says Knox. “I wanted to make people smile and enjoy the commute. I feel each date has been successful in its own unique way. The general reaction has been positive and hopeful.”


Fans really take to heart every look or every scene really has meaning, so we are incredibly careful with what we write and the actors are incredibly careful to really act those moments. Even just one or two little looks add up [and], when you get to that final scene, you feel this connection between the two of themx