on draco malfoy's patronus being a thestral

I AM HERE TO ANSWER YOUR CALLS thestral may seem like a badass / very strange choice of a patronus for draco but I am here to explain WHY I think it should be draco’s patronus!!! I’d love to hear your thoughts / have people elaborate on my thoughts so feel free to!

First off, I feel like a lot of people brush off the idea of him having a thestral patronus because heck, why should draco malfoy of all people have a mythical creature? But that’s one of the reasons why i love it. We all know that draco would absolutely LOVE having a mythical patronus ( you know, being special ) but I stand strongly behind the idea that the ONE mythical patronus he would have never wanted is a thestral.

A patronus is suppose to be a representation of yourself, and why the hell would he like it if he had patronus that reminds him of the war? of him being a death eater? of what he had to do and what it ended up causing? it’s an irony i love to indulge in & think about. Rather than being stuck up and proud i personally think draco would have wished for anything else. I’m pretty sure draco would be the type who would pull a disgusted face if he saw a thestral rather than be happy by it. He wouldn’t want to show this patronus off. Like, can you imagine? Pansy pestering him to show her, “wow i bet it’s a fucking ferret, isn’t it”, and when she actually sees it everything goes to shit because of fucking course, draco malfoy out of all people would have a thestral patronus, that even the embodiement of his happiest memory and his soul would link back to the horrors of the war and what he’s done.

Thestrals as you all know are considered to be dangerous, omens of misfortune and only visible to those who have seen death. They are quite literally representative of death. It spells out /evil/ and /bad/ no matter how you look at how the world portrays them.

This is where I’m grateful for Luna Lovegood. We’ve all seen a different side to the thestrals in the films, with Luna stating that “they’re quite gentle, really, but people tend to avoid them because they’re a bit…different.” Thestrals externally look ghostly, grim with them being dark & skeletal all the way through ( this could be another reason why draco = thestral but i’m not making that connection LOL ) if we place in on a canon timeline, the only place where draco would /really/ be trying to conjure a patronus would be after the war, and keeping that in mind it makes a lot of sense. It’s not a big stretch to say that post-war draco became an image of the war, with him being a death eater. His past haunts him, with people only seeing into his image of a death eater without acknowledging him trying his best to redeem himself.

The whole idea of a thestral being a creature that is representive of death & misfortune but also having the ability to be a person’s patronus, basically the opposite of what a thestral is known for, is SUCH a good way of describing draco. The image of post-war draco malfoy is like the image of a thestral in a flowerfield, they stand out too much for their setting of peace despite them not doing anything but being themselves. People fear/hate thestrals and they can’t help it, just as people can’t help but slap “death eater” on draco.

BUT! despite their external appearances thestrals are gentle, extremely loyal…and cutting away at the war and everything else we know draco is loyal. He is so loyal to his family, and even if its /bad/ he wouldn’t hesitate to defend them even if it’s by taunting / mocking the person. He loves them, and this goes both ways - maybe it’s him being prideful of his blood heritage because of how he was raised, or maybe he truly really loves his family ( which i definitely think he goddamn does ). Thestrals can be representative of both, they are attracted to the smell of blood but will also become aggressive if they view someone as a threat to themselves, their friends or even their owner.

It makes sense that draco’s patronus would be a gentle, misunderstood being who sometimes does the wrong thing out of love, or fear, but for a reason that isn’t purely “ because i wanted to”. I just really like the idea of a thestral both symbolising draco’s deeper, hidden parts that he’s too scared to show to the world while also simultaneously being able to represent his life and what he experiences.

I also do think it’ll be a nice way to make draco get over the horrors of war and let go of his past and just live. Draco coming to terms with him having a thestral patronus would practically be him coming to terms with who he is and the mistakes he’s made.

And just to add onto everything above : draco was owner of the elder wand at a point ( thestral hair core ), and thinking about when he was the owner and what was happening at the time, i think everything works out nicely.

All in all i just think thestral is a really clever choice for draco, and clever just so happens to work perfectly for him.


Fun Fact

This otako with freckles shares the same voice actor

With this “boiled octopus rainbow idol”

Who also shares the same voice with this “Faillen Angel”

Who also shares the same voice actor with the girl who loves books so much to the point she wishes to devour them

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 4

I absolutely wanted to post this within today because this evening I want to work on the Pash interview with Sayo Yamamoto… This BD volume has lots of choreography footage so that will take a while to translate, and I’m going to give priority to the interview.

This commentary is different from the others because it’s not just Kubo with another person, there’s 4 of them. Luckily enough they don’t really talk over each other (except for one part, lol), but in the second half I translated most of what they say as dialogue because I felt it was more fitting. In the dialogue parts my notes/comments are in brackets.

The commentary is only for episode 7. Episode 8 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and some parts are almost completely translated. Fans of Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo should definitely read it as it’s a rare chance to get comments from these voice actors. Also, their reactions to the last scene are hilarious, that’s a must read too.

The commentary is by:
-Mitsurou Kubo
-Kenshou Ono (Phichit)
-Yuutarou Honjou (Guang-Hong)
-Shunichi Toki (Leo)

Translation under the cut because it’s long. Enjoy!

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i was doing some readings the other night. my boyfriend’s best friend is a pisces. he actually told me about 3-4 times, i’m a pisces. and every time i saw him i made a comment about him being a taurus. he always corrected me, it was like i never listened to him. but in my head he was a taurus. and i would talk to my boyfriend about him like he was a taurus. 

when i did his chart it showed moon in taurus in the 1st house sitting on the taurus ascendent. ahh, thats why i just kept it in my head he was a taurus lol. and his wife, i went to have a look at her chart. anyway my computer tripped out. then their internet netgear disconnected and took ages to re-connect, i commented that, ‘i can’t do ur chart, u must have saturn in the 9th house… saturn stopping me lol’, and we connected the internet and restarted everything and sure enough, she had saturn in the 9th house lol

my boyfriend also has taurus rising like my daughter. when he met me transiting neptune was only just conjunct over his natal venus in pisces. neptune conjunct venus transit. he met an astrologer. but with a borderline history. the joker wages her neptune hand. hello i love u long time

Okok. Im in my Uber now and now i can tell you guys about KARD in Chicago!!
- BM got a fanboy paired with him and they took a selfie together
- Jiwoo did the cutest wake up call for her fan
- after the serenade jiwoo and somin were like that was weird because jseph is never that sweet
-but then BM was like jseph is so sweet and then somin and jiwoo was like “HES ONLY SWEET TO YOU”
-then bm and jseph like dabbed at each other or something (some weird bseph connection lol)
- They did Random Dance Play and the loser had to do sexy dance
- BM LOST! He sexy danced so hard and jseph said that he was very sexy
- BM and Somin did a special stage together and Jiwoo and Jseph did theres together
- for BM and Somins stage, BM said that it was fun teaching somin how to do american dance moves and he taught her how to properly dab (and then they did a clap into a dab)
- they covered side to side by ariana grande and KILLED IT [somin said shes inspired by ariana and it showed]
- the first time bm and jiwoo met each other, bm was wearing a chicago bulldogs jersey and he wore that jersey in the encore stage because this IS CHICAGO OMGGG

I cant think of anymore because im so spazzed out but omgggg i need to talk to somebody about this holy shakakajckdpfkeoaxnkx

Durring Let's Play Minecraft Episode 58 - King Geoff Part 2...
  • Ray: "what's your favorite beastiality film, Ryan?"
  • Ryan: "uhh, Mangobbler. It's about man fucking a turkey."
  • AchievementHunter: *Goes on to create Theater Mode in which the first episode is Thankskilling where a turkey fucks a man*

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Okay hi so I work entertainment for Disney and I've always been into zodiac garbage(my horoscope is actually the first thing I ever read) but a bunch of people have been asking me what signs I thought each princess' were and just being curious what's your opinion? Also you can answer this privately lolololol or not at all that's also super chill

hey! I love Disney so much and this ask too so no problem!!!

Mulan: Aries Sun & Libra Moon

daring, takes action, impartial, has a strong father figure, kinda insecure and clumsy, wants to be one way but needs to be another, needs acceptance, strong willed. Prone to feeling lost.

Jasmine: Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon

strong willed, arrogant, skeptical, sensual, independent and ride or die tbh there’s no other way to put it lol.

Tiana: Taurus Sun & Cancer Moon

temperamental, likes cooking (which is such a taurus/cancer thing), loves her mother and his dad made a long lasting effect on who she is, ambitious and strong willed. 

Snow White: Cancer Sun & Pisces Moon

Home oriented, loves taking care of others, innocent, very sensitive, optimistic, passive and gentle.

Merida: Leo Sun &  Scorpio Moon

stubborn, independent, strong father and mother figure, has a controlling and powerful mother, makes bad decisions concerning emotions. 

Aurora: Virgo Sun & Libra Moon

gentle, pure, romantic, practical, responsible (more than those in charge of her lol), has a connection with nature, is useful and likes to help others.

Pocahontas: Libra Sun & Aquarius Moon

open minded, fair, indecisive but her decisions once made are final, created (and is open to) change, always felt “different” but didn’t talk about it. Has a loving but sometimes unsupportive father figure. Doesn’t feel very attached to her homeland. 

Megara: Scorpio Sun & Libra Moon

untrusting after being hurt by love, romantic, cold, sensual, conceited, compassive, flirty, acts like nothing affects her but she’s actually quite sensitive.

Kida: Sagittarius Sun & Pisces Moon

näive, curious, open minded, gentle, loves exploring, fiery, bold, has a blurry image of her mother. 

Moana (I love her soooo much): Capricorn Sun & Aries Moon

responsible, determined, funny, näive, was pretty restricted by her father, brave, desires adventure and to experience new things, cheerful, a bit unrealistic. 

Belle: Aquarius Sun & Libra Moon

eccentric being and father figure, inventive, rebellious, fair, romantic, accepting, well mannered and expects the same from others.  

Ariel: Aquarius Sun & Pisces Moon

immensely interested in people and their customs, romantic, easily falls in “love”, smart, innocent, self sacrificial and out of the norm. 

Rapunzel: Pisces Sun & Gemini Moon

indecisive, näive, artistic, sensitive, witty, lively, funny, influentiable, peacemaker, dreamy, restless, does a million things a day lol and romantic. Easily hurt.

Cinderella: Pisces Sun & Virgo Moon

motherly in a “taking charge, finding solutions” mode, likes to serve others, knows how to do almost anything, gives up pretty easily, passive, daydreams away instead of taking action.

What in the world is ‘Vanitas’

This meta is long overdue lol my connection sucks Im sorry

First thing first, Im not familiar on MochiJun’s writing, meaning this meta is solely based on the things I noticed so far in the series from a first-timer’s point of view.

Im pretty sure that the whole VNC fandom is aware of how much Vanitas lies, heck we’re not even sure when is he saying the truth or which among all the things he said is real. But among these, what I want to bring up the most is this:

How sure are we that Vanitas is NOT a vampire? or doesnt have a vampire blood in his system, genes, cells, etc. 

“Borders are believed to have been generated all over the world by the experimental accident known as ‘babel’. Only vampires who were also created by babel are able to cross them” 

Notice how the second (and most important line) is in bold. Author way of telling us something? maybe. It was never stated that “a creature may it be a human or something who can grab a vampire on the way to Altus can cross the border” just like Vanitas did when he said he was able to cross it because Noe grabbed him. He also said he’s been to Altus countless of times before, well it would be pretty weird if he touched every single vampire he came across with going to Altus all those times? possible yes, but unlikely. Don’t tell me a vampire cannot tell he smells like a human? which he does. Vanitas always say he’s just an average human being but I call bullshit in all honesty, there is no way that the VOTBL and the crazy doctor would be interested in him if he’s just an average human  being. There must be something about him that is very special. I can only conclude that just like VOTBL, he’s a rare human or whatever. My first bet is that it’s possible that Vanitas is a dhampir. Dhampirs aren’t vampires per se, they are halflings or half breed of both and hence that would explain why dont he smell like a vampire and that he can cross the border. The possible counterargument about this is it can be because VOTBL shared his power to Vani, however, this is not the case because going back, he straightly told (obviously, a lie) Noe that he grabbed him so he was able to come with them when in fact he can just tell him ‘oh dont worry I got VOTBL’s power I can enter this place anytime’ but no..

Once again:

Only vampires who were also created by babel are able to cross them”

Fun Fact

This “Rabu U~” Bubbly Rainbow Idol who loves kittens and cute things

Shares the same voice actor with this ♫R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C Now!♫ Idol

shares the same voice with this cute nocturnal sniper loli who can only make pizza

Also shares the same voice actor with this big boobed airhead wind fairy

Who also has the same voice with this cute little sister who didn’t deserve all the suffering this series gave her

Who most surprisingly… Shares the same voice with the very gay and famous “Miss Eupho”

Sunflowers // Kim Myungjun


the prompt: Can you possibly write a soulmate!au (The one where you see color after you see your soulmate) with MJ from Astro? Like they’re having a public event outside and you’re passing by and you see each other? Thank you!

words: 1156

category: drabble, fluff

author note: i had no idea how to title this lol. this is connected to my jinjin soulmate!au, so be sure to read that one as well. it’s short but i hope you guys like it!

- destinee

Originally posted by grandpamj

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do you think dan and phil could be in an open relationship?

i’ve thought about that!!!!! maybe at some point, but it’s hard to imagine it now. i just feel like the way that they prioritize each other in so many different ways makes me wonder how they would or even could make space in their lives for other people, just for the purposes of sex. and i think their specific brand of anxious tendencies would make that a difficult ask anyway–they would probably be paranoid to like go out and try to pick someone up or be on dating apps or anything else? like i can’t even begin to imagine where they’d 1. find the time for that and 2. even go for that. and i think in terms of desirability, it’s probably just so much more appealing for them to be with each other!!!!! they have been together for so long and they value comfort and they obviously find each other attractive so i can’t see them even entertaining the desire for other sexual partners. basically they are the most co-dependent monogamous ppl i think i have ever seen in my life so it’s just incredibly hard for me to imagine them having other people for any level of intimate connection lol

“Star Witch.”

Happy Halloween/Diwali! Since I recently moved to India, I thought I’d draw something inspired by the local clothing (salwar kameez), also it’s around the same time as Diwali (festival of lights) and Halloween– so this happened XD

Thank you all who came to the partial stream and sorry for the technical issues >_<;;

Speedpaint here!