Ryuji: dude, was that supposed to be your confession?
Futaba: I should’ve known Inari wouldn’t be able to pull this off…..
Yusuke: look! He’s so touched he’s speechless!!!


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fuckingspacequeen  asked:

just wanted to say that i ADORE your boundless enthusiasm and i'm also really, really impressed at how quickly you got out your otayuri madness response! damn!!! it's looking amazing btw! i'm looking forward to what's to come! <3

AHHHHHHHHH~!!! thank you so much!!! (-^   O ^-) you’re so kind! i can’t lie one bit! i’m pretty certain that unironic enthusiasm is one of my VERY favourite emotions! i would pass it around to others like a cold if i could! HAHAHA!!! X3 sorry~ lol! (O   w O);; i guess that’s kind of a gross way to put it! LOL! uhhh… i’d share it like those really, really big cakes they make on Canada day that serve like 1000 people! LOL! LOL! LOL!

as for the comic… again! you’re too sweet! (-^     O ^-) really~ there’s just no bigger motivator for me than when everybody is having fun!!! enjoying things with others is pretty much the heart of fandom! and when i get to share in an especially exciting moment with other people! HOT DAMN!!! it’s food for my artistic soul!!! <3 HEHEHE!!! i’m going to do my best to contribute this! and i hope people will enjoy it as much as i’m enjoying making it!!! <3 <3 <3