This is a test of the emergency FIESTA! system. This is only a test.

So I’ve been having an ongoing issue for a few years now, and it’s that my original website was constantly attacked by hackers and held for some fake ransom. Eventually, my site was taken down entirely. It sucks, BUT IT GOT ME THINKING! It’s 2015!! Time to stop hassling with my old and clunky site with trolls and just have a place to make and upload comics directly. So I’ve made a new Twitter for all your one stop LOL COMICS needs!

It’s gonna take me a while to properly get 15 years worth of comics back on track but I hope you give it a chance.

(Also, if anybody knows someone from Twitter that can help with an issue I have that’d make things a million times better)

Edit: I’ll still be posting them on Tumblr so don’t worry