a valentines comic i’ve been working on for days and ended up not finishing it in time for valentines day anyways :’> 

drew this to show off philip’s sweet side and to introduce his best friend paris and his older sister dalis!!

*jimin sending hobi a fingerheart*

Yoongi: “ yah, kookie, can you tell your boyfriend to leave my soul partner alone”

Jungkook: “no problem yoongi-hyung”

*jungkook creeps up on hoseok*

Jungkook: *whispers* “Yoongi-hyung has a crush on you”

a bit later

Hoseok: “Kookie told me you have a crush on me hyung!” *giggles*

*blushy, hella flustered yoongi*

Hoseok: “well, i like you too hyung!” *kisses yoongi’s cheek*

((( lmao i put way too much time into this and it didn’t even pay off;;.;.; NOICE)))

anonymous asked:

Any plans for Post Valentine's Discount Candy Day?

C: I go around buying all the discounted chocolate and eat them on my Post Valentine’s Day streams