Had my best game as Symmetra thanks to my friend Vicky, who as Roadhog, just kept hooking enemy teammates into a microwave room I’d made. I stood back and watched my kill count rack up :P

I wish the sit emote was available on console, it would have been perfect :’D

[Image title: Devil Child. Three panel comic strip.

Panel 1 Description: A teacher stops two girls in wheelchairs down a hallway in high school, and says “Well hey there girls! What you up to?”. The girls reply with a nervous smile, “Oh hi miss teacher.”

Panel 2 Description: The girls, dragging something behind them, sweat slightly, and say to the teacher “We’re uh, going to the garden to bur - I mean - plant stuff for Jesus!”

Panel 3 Description: The teacher waves as they pass by dragging a dead body wrapped and tied to the back of their chair. She smiles and says “Oh that’s nice! You go - go - go!”. The girls drive by with evil smirks on their faces, and say “We will!”]

Probably important to note AT NO TIME IN HIGH SCHOOL DID WE MURDER ANYONE, but we totally could have. No one ever expected the girls in the wheelchairs to be up to no good.

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I'm not sure if this has been asked, but what do you think human!au genyatta's first interaction was like (like convo wise). I imagine Genji tried and failed at being casual


In any case- you are right. Genji tries every trick in the book and it all goes over Zenyatta’s cute little head and they go on a montage of cute dates and Genji embarrasses himself but Zenyatta barely notices or finds it endearing/cool. Human AU Zenyatta is still fairly young and inexperienced with making solid friendships bc he travels so often, so he’s just happy Genji is hanging out with him.

Mondatta watches Genji trip and act like he meant to do it by leaning on the wall and winking at Zenyatta, and doesn’t understand why his favourite pupil thinks the green boy is the greatest thing on the earth since pancakes.

Sans Hazard artist participate

Artists who participate my comic joke Sans hazard are

me metakakz

@wolf-wrathknight or @wolfwrathknight same person







it’s full

in order

1- me Metakazkz

2- Wolfwrathknight

3- Jakei95

4- hammie-heart

5- metalphoenixx 

6- rahafwabas

7 -youmnamito

8 - Jokublog ( next)


Let me know if you guys are busy or can’t at the moment.

Remember this isn’t a race. Take all your time you need to concentrate your stuff.

This is improvisation comic.,the point of this comic to be creative. make you guys laugh and feel with emotions moment.

What is Sans hazard?

advertisement. This comic is joke comic created by artistes not just one artist. don’t take to much serious of the joke.

it about Artistes a.k.a us have art block and wanted the do something new for change. Later, the group heard there is island for artistes who have artblock or don’t have inspiration. a place for vacation. the Artist decide to head to the island it’s exacly what they heard and see the image of the Iphone. the artist having a good time. The next day. they notice something strange is going. 

the story call  Sans hazard  

Objective survive on the island full of Sanses in different au. We the artiste are the survivor. if one of the sans throw the bone on the Artist heart soul. they become a sans. the leader the sanses Sans Classic will do everything to turn all Artists in the island into Sanses.

summary. ( sorry for my grammar error.)

The great artists island is been created by Ink!sans. The purpose of this island is the help the artists get they creativity and passion back. Everything  is perfect and succeed helping the artists get pass through the obstacles. One day  a group of people who are not artist come to steal and destroy the island. No one knows why those group did it. Rumors told that this island is curse for those who disturbed it will be severe punishment, it’s worst than dead.

Kaz and her groups of artist will have to discover what is going on in this island.

here is the beginning of SANS HAZARD

first part

second part