Oh my god. I was just stalking Jade Thirlwall from from Little Mix (absolutely love her and Little Mix) and I found this old video, from over a year ago and never realized that she was one of these girls that also fancied Harry at bootcamp…

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So let's say we get proof Briana is pregnant. Then what? Everyone will believe she got paid millions to have someone else's kid and pretend it's Louis?

or one of his friends done fucked up and he’s covering (for now)? or she was already pregnant? or maxxxxxxx the ex bf is responsible. I literally have no way of knowing where they are going with this. 

(also, i wouldn’t just believe some random insidery anon that shows up in my inbox. most of them are full of shit LOL)

all this stuff with the bears has me pretty sure that this is a stunt and even if she really is pregnant…louis isn’t the father.

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Despite people saying that Taylor loves Calvin more (based on what she has posted on SM for fucks sake) I think Calvin loves her more, based on the effort hes putting into making it work and finding time for her. What do u think?

Well my mom also says that a man has to love a woman more. So there’s nothing wrong with that lol . This was me the feminist talking. Now me as simply Jess the 18 yr old girl, well i think shes on a god damn world tour and if she didn’t delete dates or postpone or anything cos of her sick mother, she isn’t going to do so just the spend time with her bf. So I love the fact that Calvin is understanding and supportive and when he has free time he goes and sees her. Well I guess even me the Jess was a huge feminist as well so yeah anon lol
( but the whole Taylor loves Calvin more cos she posted more photos on IG is that stupid I dont even want to talk about it LOL )

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Actually anon age has nothing to do with love or looks. I have dated the same younger guy since 2009. Six years now. Lots of older guys have approached me and I've said no because I love him. So stop saying she is dating him because no one else wants her because thats a fucking lie I could swear there are thounsands of boys who would love to be with Jenna but her current bf its just the lucky one

Lol yeah and honestly he’s not younger than me. We were born 8 months apart and were in the same high school graduating year. Chill

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Lol I live in Michigan and yeah that anon was right. Also there's a girl here that everyone knows (she's vine famous) that hooks up with Michael every time they're in Michigan. Not trying to sound rude but please get your facts straight because Detroit is a major city. Id be happy to tell you her name off anon because I don't want people looking for her. She has a bf now and I don't want her getting heat when she doesn't deserve it. Unless ya know she cheats on her bf tonight idk...

alright calm down

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I was creeping on Dave's Instagram and I found random Andy comments i'm laughing at one post he was like "i'm sick come in a hotel to eat chicken noodle soup with me". meanwhile hate blogs saying juju's too close with dave like lol andy literally called him "brotha"

im fucking crying that is honestly adorable andy has found himself a #squad and also i dont get it when people say that she was too close to him??? like have any of them been in a relationship bc ive been dating my bf for over 4 years now too and like ????? all of her behavior is perfectly normal???? i hang onto my dude friends like ????? because neither me or my bf is insecure enough to believe anything would happen…

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Does it bother that she has a new dude?

Lol nah, I mean if we were still together then I’d have a stern talk with her, but we’re not so its all good. I’m happy for her. I almost called her the other night, too, I’m glad I didn’t now. I don’t expect any girl I go out with or whatever to stay single for long. My first gf told me that girls don’t stay single for long when we broke up and she wanted to be friends and had already found a new bf like a month later. So that had been stuck in my head ever since. Not that it’s a bad thing, you know? Just time to delete her number.