Was tagged by @naesheiims !

name: zarifa or zifu 

zodiac sign: gemini

height: 5ft 1 inch (i’m fuckin short lol)

last thing you googled: 3 ways to get dimples naturally (OK AFTER WATCHING SANA SMILE I WANT DIMPLES SUE ME)

favourite music artist: too many, can’t choose

song stuck in my head: FY FAEN (listening non stop on repeat)

last movie you watched: Hidden Figures (AMAZING MOVIE)

what are you wearing now: Maxi

why did you choose your url: lol tbh accidentally deleted my last account and made a new one while listening to a sia song, that’s all 

do you have any other blogs: nope

what did your last relationship teach you: never been in one ~

religious or spiritual: religious

favourite color: red, especially deep maroon red ~

average hours of sleep: not enough

lucky number: 5? idk

favourite characters: Sana Bakkoush, Morgana Pendragon, Laila, Tareq and Mariam from a 1000 Splendid Suns…

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1

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So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 


exo’rdium in japan // junmyeon “taking pictures with his eyes” ft. sebaekchan’s extreme secondhand embarrassment